Micro Focus Premium Support

When you need the best possible care of your complex environment, turn to Micro Focus Premium Support.
Premium Support augments the underlying Business Support purchased with your product license, by providing named and dedicated support experts that understand your business — helping you to optimize even the most complex hybrid software environments and resolve issues quickly if they arise.
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Support that steps up to today’s business challenges. That’s Premium Support.
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Time is money, so business continuity is your first priority
When it comes to maintaining service availability for your customers, you need a team of support experts. Micro Focus Premium Support gives you access to a blend of technical and strategic support personnel, experts who will optimize your software configuration, proactively minimize downtime, and fast-track the resolution of your support incidents.
Time is money, so business continuity is your first priority
Learn about these dedicated resources
Named Support Engineer (NSE)
Named Support Engineer (NSE)
Personalized incident resolution. A named technical engineer with an understanding of your product configuration and environment.
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
Technical Account Manager (TAM)
Ongoing environment optimization and problem prevention. A senior engineer focused on optimizing your software environment for business continuity.
Solution Support Engineer (SSE)
Solution Support Engineer (SSE)
Ongoing environment optimization and personalized problem resolution. Integrates with your team to mitigate potential issues while ensuring rapid incident resolution.
Dedicated Support Engineer
Dedicated Support Engineer
On-site, fully dedicated technical coverage and 1:1 support. Strategically optimizes your product environment.
Enterprise Support Manager
Enterprise Support Manager
Reduces the complexity of support by advocating for your business. Manages onboarding, upgrades and the resolution of escalated incidents.

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Secure the services you need, when you need them

Micro Focus Flexible Credits provide you with an adaptable way to obtain additional short-term support, education, or consulting services when you need them most. You can purchase Flexible Credits upfront or as you go. Simply redeem them throughout the year, when you are ready for a service adapted to your individual needs.

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