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NetIQ Universal Policy Administrator

Create, manage, and control all policies from a centralized console.

Consolidate policy consoles into a single pane of glass

Universal Policy Administrator provides administrators with a universal view of policies to perform policy management for devices throughout hybrid enterprise environments, including group policy objects, MAC, Linux, and non-domain-joined Windows machines.

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Centralize policy management across domains, cloud-based VMs, and workstations

Universal Policy Administrator helps you delegate and streamline device-specific access policies through a central console in a secure and compliant way. It does this using non-complex processes, including intuitive scripting methods that are secure, so you can delegate policy management with confidence.

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Robust auditing of all policy management within a single pane of glass

With Universal Policy Administrator, auditors and compliance teams can easily run policy control reports, including audit history and conflict analysis, so you can ensure compliance with internal and external regulations. It does this by helping IT risk and compliance teams decipher policy settings and logs in a visual way that enables them to focus on immediate risk challenges. It also tracks who makes changes to security policies so you can reduce insider risk and ensure compliance throughout the enterprise.

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Implement best practices that support your risk and compliance requirements

Universal Policy Administrator supports your zero trust strategy by helping you establish a way to manage internal and external regulatory controls across the entire enterprise. If security policy access and configuration policies are consistently implemented across IT system silos using Universal Policy Administrator, your organization can mitigate the chance of a failed audit or breach.

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