Mainframe Express User's Guide

Table of Contents


Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Developing Applications with Mainframe Express
Chapter 2: Files and Data Sets
Chapter 3: The Mainframe Express Interface

Part 2: IDE - Projects and Workgrouping

Chapter 4: Using Projects
Chapter 5: Workgrouping

Part 3: IDE - Editing and Debugging

Chapter 6: Editing Programs
Chapter 7: Navigating Source Code
Chapter 8: Debugging COBOL Applications
Chapter 9: Customizing Your Environment

Part 4: IDE - Working with Data Files

Chapter 10: Overview of Working with Data Files
Chapter 11: Editing Data Files
Chapter 12: Converting Data Files
Chapter 13: Using Record Layouts with Data Files
Chapter 14: Rebuilding Corrupt Indexed Files

Part 5: IDE - Mainframe Emulation

Chapter 15: Compatibility with the Mainframe Environment
Chapter 16: Running a TSO Session
Chapter 17: JCL Support
Chapter 18: REXX Support

Part 6: IDE - Testing

Chapter 19: Overview of Testing
Chapter 20: Fragments
Chapter 21: Initial Values
Chapter 22: Tests
Chapter 23: Baselines
Chapter 24: Analysis and Reporting

Part 7: IDE - Integration with Other Products

Chapter 25: Revolve and Mainframe Express Integration

Part 8: IDE - National Language Support

Chapter 26: National Language Support

Part 9: Assembler Option

Chapter 27: Overview of Assembler Option
Chapter 28: Debugging Assembler Programs

Part 10: CICS Option

Chapter 29: Overview of CICS Option
Chapter 30: The CICS Option Interface
Chapter 31: CICS BMS Screen Painter
Chapter 32: Developing CICS Applications

Part 11: IMS Option

Chapter 33: Overview of IMS Option
Chapter 34: The IMS Option Interface
Chapter 35: Developing IMS Applications
Chapter 36: Editing IMS Databases
Chapter 37: Defining Segment Layouts for IMS Databases

Part 12: SQL Option for DB2

Chapter 38: SQL Option for DB2


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