To run a JCL job from the command line

  1. Make sure the enterprise server you want to use is running, and was started from the command line.
  2. At an command prompt, enter:
    start cassub -jpath\jcl-file

    where path and jcl-file specify the JCL file to run. -j is the keyword identifying this parameter. There must be no space after the -j. For example:

    cassub -jc:\jclbatch\jclbatch.jcl

    You can specify the –j parameter more than once, in order to submit several JCL files in the same command.

    If you are submitting the job to an enterprise server that is local to your machine, you can use the –r parameter to specify the enterprise server to run the job. If you omit it, ESDEMO is assumed.

    If you want to submit the job to a remote enterprise server, you need to specify the –s parameter:

    Submit the job to a remote server. address is the address of the listener associated with the server's MF JES service. The format is protocol:ip-address:port, where:
    • protocol is tcp, or tcpssl if you are using an SSL-enabled listener
    • ip-address is either the text host name or IP address of the server listener
    • port is the port value

    The job is run by the most recently started available initiator that can handle the class specified on the JOB card.