To reply to an ACCEPT FROM CONSOLE statement

  1. Submit the job in the normal way, using Submit on ESMAC's JES Control page.
  2. The job begins and the first few lines of the job log appear on the Control page, ending with
    Processed jcl-filename

    where jcl-filename is the full pathname of the JCL file you submitted. The job pauses at this point.

  3. Now click Job at the bottom left-hand corner of the Control page to go to the Job page.
  4. Enter the text of your reply in Enter, below the line
    CASBJ0035I Console input request is pending.
  5. Click Reply.
  6. The job now continues.
Note: If you return to the Control page before you have entered your reply, you will see that a Pending Replies group has been added at the top of the page. There is a line of information for each pending reply, with a Reply button next to each line. If you click Reply on this page, you are returned to the Job page. The job remains paused until you enter a reply.