15.0 List of Collector and Fulfillment Target Templates

Identity Governance provides the following templates.

IMPORTANT:Work with your integration account and network administrators to ensure that you have the minimum rights to the connected systems and that your system has the required security certificates. After initial configuration, you must always update credentials and other service parameters in each template as needed. For example, when connecting to applications that use access tokens for authentication, such as SCIM-compatible applications, you must change tokens when they expire, then reconfigure the template to use the current access token.

Data Sources and Fulfillment Systems

Identity Collector Templates

Account Collector Templates

Permission Collector Templates

Fulfillment Target Templates

Active Directory

  • AD Identity

  • AD Identity with Changes

  • AD Account

  • AD Permission

  • AD Hybrid Permission

  • Active Directory LDAP Fulfillment

Azure AD

  • Aure AD MS Graph Identity

  • Azure AD MS Graph Account

  • Azure AD MS Graph Permission

  • MS Azure AD Fulfillment


  • CSV Identity

  • CSV Account

  • CSV Permission

  • CSV Fufillment


  • eDirectory Identity

  • eDirectory Identity (W/O IDM) with Changes

  • eDirectory Account

  • eDirectory Hybrid Permission

  • eDirectory Permission

  • eDirectory LDAP Fufillment

Google Apps

  • Google Apps User Identity

  • Google Apps User Account

  • Google Apps User Permission


Identity Manager

  • Identity Manager Identity

  • IDM with Changes

  • IDM Entitlement Account

  • Identity Manager AE Permission (only for Identity Manager AE systems)

  • IDM Entitlement Permission

  • Identity Manager Dxcmd Fulfillment for Active Directory

  • Identity Manager Automated (system)(only for Identity Manager AE systems)

  • IDM Entitlement Fulfillment


  • JDBC Identity

  • JDBC DB2 Account

  • JDBC Generic Account

  • JDBC MySQL Account

  • JDBC Non-specific Account

  • JDBC Oracle Account

  • JDBC PostgreSQL Account

  • JDBC SQL Server Account

  • JDBC Sybase Account

  • JDBC DB2 Permission

  • JDBC Generic Permission

  • JDBC MySQL Permission

  • JDBC Non-specific Permission

  • JDBC Oracle Permission

  • JDBC PostgreSQL Permission

  • JDBC SQL Server Permission

  • JDBC Sybase Permission

  • JDBC Generic DB Fulfillmemt

  • JDBC Oracle Fulfillment

  • JDBC PostgreSQL Fulfillemt

  • JDBC SQL Server Fulfillment

MS Teams



  • MS Teams Permission

  • MS Teams Fufillment


  • RACF Identity

  • RACF Account

  • RACF Permission




  • REST GitHub Account

  • REST GitHub Organization Permission

  • REST GitHub Repository Permission

  • REST GitHub Team Permission

  • REST GitHub Fulfillment


  • Salesforce Identity

  • Salesforce Account

  • Salesforce Permission

  • Salesforce Profile Permission

  • Salesforce Role Permission

  • Salesforce Fufillment

SAP (Not supported in Identity Governance as a service environments)

  • SAP HR Identity

  • SAP User Management Identity

  • SAP User Management Account

  • SAP User Management Permission



  • SCIM Identity

  • SCIM Account

  • SCIM Permission

  • SCIM Fufillment


  • ServiceNow Identity

  • ServiceNow Account

  • ServiceNow Permission

  • ServiceNow Generic Fufillment

  • ServiceNow Incident Fufillment

  • ServiceNow Request Fufillment

  • ServiceNow Task Fufillment


  • Sharepoint Identity

  • Sharepoint Account




  • Workday Identity

  • Workday Account

  • Workday Permission


All systems




Any system reachable via http/https (excluding systems that use SOAP and REST service)




  • Generic Http Fulfillment

BMC Remedy systems




  • BMC Remedy Incident Fulfillment (Deprecated)

SOAP systems




  • SOAP Service Fulfillment