3.0 Getting Started Checklist for Administrator Users

Administrator users can use this checklist to get acquainted with the tasks in the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Web Interface that require privileges for the System Administrator role. Administrator users include:

  • System Administrator user account configured for the PTM Server application.

    This user has privileges for the System Administrator role. The account cannot be deleted. It is a default member of the Administrators group. See Administrative Users for the Web Interface in the PTM 2 Appliance Guide.

  • Members of the Administrators group, which is assigned the System Administrator role.

    The members of the Administrators group inherit privileges for the System Administrator role.

Table 3-1 Getting Started Checklist for Administrator Users



For information, see

Log in to the Web Interface using the System Administrator user account that you created during the initial PTM Server setup.

See Initial PTM Server Configuration in the PTM 2 Appliance Guide.

Accessing the Web Interface

Changing a User Password

Activate a PTM license by adding the license key.

License blocks are not required until you begin configuring workloads for migration or tracking manual migrations.

Adding a License Key

How Workloads Consume Licenses

Adding a License Block

Familiarize yourself with the Web Interface.

Web Interface Toolbar

Global Project Selector

Bulk Actions

Show Link for Navigation URLs


Custom Display and Filters for Lists

Multiple Item Selection in Lists

(Optional) Create an account for a trusted user and add the user to the Administrators group.

NOTE:Administrator users have global access to all features, options, and data throughout the Web Interface, including adding users to and removing users from the Administrators group.

To ensure secure access, Administrator users should modify their passwords in PTM, and then log in using their custom passwords.

System Administrator Role

Creating a User

Changing a User Password

Create one or more organizations.

PTM automatically creates one organization called My Organization.

About Organizations

Creating an Organization

(0ptional) Uploading an Organization Logo

Create one or more projects.

PTM automatically creates one project called My Project.

About Projects

Creating a Project

(Optional, recommended) Create a user account to use for each PlateSpin Migrate Connector instance for the project, and assign it to the Project Architect role at the Project level.

NOTE:We recommend that you dedicate this account to the Connector instance.

Creating a User for Connector Login

(Optional) Use the Project ID and User account username and password to configure a PlateSpin Migrate Connector dedicated to a Project.

Configuring a Connector Instance for PTM

Create user accounts for the Project, and assign each user to project roles as appropriate.

A user assigned as the Project Manager can also assign roles to users at the Project level.


Creating a User

Creating a User