General Guidelines

After having installed Silk Central, you should consider the following guidelines to set up Silk Central in a secure environment.
  • First of all, change the default password of the sysadmin user. For detailed information, see System Administrator.
  • Configure LDAP authentication to enable Silk Central logins through an LDAP server. For detailed information, see LDAP Authentication.
  • If multiple groups will be working with Silk Central, ensure that your users can only access the data they are supposed to see by creating instances or clients. For detailed information, see Managing Instances and Managing Clients.
  • To ensure that running reports with advanced queries will not change any data in the database, consider creating and using a read-only database user. For detailed information, see Database Page.
  • Configure your firewall so that only the ports that are required by Silk Central are open. For detailed information on which ports Silk Central uses, see Silk Central Architecture.
  • Backup your database regularly.
  • Use the most current and supported operating system versions and ensure that updates are being applied regularly.
  • Use the latest versions and hotfixes of Silk Central. Register to Micro Focus SupportLine at for up-to-date support news and access to other support information.