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Introducing Verastream Host Integrator

Verastream Host Integrator provides an innovative approach that encapsulates host data as a web service and makes it available to other parts of your enterprise. It requires no changes to existing host systems and causes no interruption to end-user operating environments.

  • Use the Design Tool to navigate through the application and select fields and screens to build a model. You can organize model data into tables that can be queried by SQL statements.

  • When your model is complete, Host Integrator generates a WS-I compliant Web service that is deployed and executed using the Host Integrator Session Server. Along with the auto-generated Web service you can also use Web Builder to generate a Web-based application and use connectors to create new applications that access host data.

  • The client/server or Web application is deployed in an enterprise production environment using Host Integrator’s multi-tier domain architecture with load balancing and failover support.

  • The Administrative Console is the central hub for all Host Integrator security, server, directory service, and network domain configuration. You can also monitor live sessions and query session logs using the Administrative Console.

  • The management server provides greater control over sessions and pools, logging of session information including activity, use and status as well as SNMP and JMX support for third-party consoles. It is also possible to configure a multi-server management cluster for scalable performance and redundancy.