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Host Integrator Components

The Verastream Host Integrator includes two core products:

  • The Development Kit provides developers with the tools to model and build applications that integrate host application information.

Contains all the Host Integrator components.

  • The Server Kit is used to deploy those applications.

Contains all the components, except the Design Tool and Web Builder. With a Server Kit installation you must manually start the Web server service as well as the Host Emulator service.

About Host Integrator Components

Design Tool

You use the Design Tool to model existing host applications for encapsulation and integration into client/server and web applications. When you deploy a model to the session server a WS-I compliant web service is automatically generated and saved to the session server along with the project files. The Design Tool runs on Windows platforms and requires the ability to connect to the host via a Telnet, Telnet Extended connection, or NS/VT for HP connections. You cannot run the Design Tool when logged on to Windows as a "guest".

Web Builder

With Web Builder you can quickly and easily generate and deploy a web application or component interface. Web Builder generates an HTML 5 web application and .NET and Java components based on the procedures of a host application model. Web Builder can auto-generate web pages that are not dependent on the appearance or flow of the host application.

Management Server

The Management Server handles authentication and authorization, as well as session pool scheduling and automatic failover support. Each Host Integrator server must be able to connect to a Management Server.

Administrative Console


The Administrative Console is only installed on the Windows platform but is used to manage both UNIX and Windows servers.

The Administrative Console takes advantage of the Eclipse workbench features to help administrators manage Host Integrator servers, security, directory services, and domains, as well as monitor sessions and pools in real time. The Administrative Console also provides access to complete logging capabilities and allows a user to manage both UNIX and Windows servers from a Windows-based installation.

Host Integrator Server

The Host Integrator Server is a session server that supports multi-tier client/server and web application architectures and provides access to host information systems to thousands of web application users.

Using Host Integrator Server, a single web or client/server application can concurrently access data on a variety of host systems, including IBM mainframes and compatibles using the 3270 terminal protocol; IBM AS/400 systems using the 5250 terminal protocol; VAX/OpenVMS, HP-UX, and other ASCII hosts using the VT-420 terminal protocol (including VT-52 and VT-100); HP 3000 hosts using the 700/92 terminal protocol via Telnet or NS/VT. Telnet Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) security protocols are available for 3270 and 5250 session types, and Telnet Extended SSL/TLS support is available for 3270 session types. SSH connections are available when you need secure, encrypted communications between a trusted VT host and your network.

The Host Integrator Server supports SHA-256 security certificates with 2048 bits keys. All certificates coming from the server, for example the HTTPS Verastream web services use this algorithm. SHA-256 security certificates are designed by the National Security Agency and meet the United States information processing standards.


Due to a vulnerability in the SSL 3.0 protocol, beginning in VHI version 7.7, SSL 3.0 is disabled by default. See Knowledge Base article 7021975 for information on the vulnerability.

Host Emulator

Use Host Emulator to run 3270, 5250, and VT models created with the Design Tool without having a live connection to a host. You can choose to install the Host Emulator as part of a custom installation when you select the Pacific Department Store component. The Host Emulator is managed in the Administrative Console.

Host Integrator Connectors

You use connectors to manage host connections and sessions, and read and write data to fields.

Verastream Host Integrator supports these connectors:

  • Java connector – this connector is used to create Java-based (compatible CORBA framework) applications.

  • JDBC connector – this connector is used to provide an industry standard Structured Query Language (SQL) interface to Host Integrator servers. Although the server is not a relational database system, the Design Tool's Table and Procedure feature provides access to the host application in a way that simulates traditional relational database tables.

  • .NET connector – this connector uses Microsoft’s .NET Framework. The Verastream .NET Class Library is a library of classes and interfaces that comply with the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK.

  • COM connector – this connector is used to create Visual Basic and ASP applications. When you choose this option from the main installation program Component Selection panel, both a 32-bit and 64-bit connector is installed.See Installation Use Cases for instructions.

  • C connector – this connector is used to create C or non-COM C++ applications for Windows- or UNIX-based development platforms that integrate host data into Web applications or client/server applications.

  • Web services provide reusable APIs for creating portals, web applications, and other business solutions. They are technology independent, and can run on any platform.

  • HLLAPI Adapters – These adapters provide a migration path from legacy APIs to a centralized server-based platform. These adapters look and feel like the legacy API, but provides an implementation that interfaces with the Host Integrator session server.

For information about working with Host Integrator connectors and adapters, see the Development Kit online help.