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Installing on Windows

There are two installation options available when installing for the first time; Typical or Custom.

  • Typical

This option quickly installs the product using the default configuration values, installing all Host Integrator components on the local machine and registering the session server with the local management server.

  • Custom

Select the components you want to install. To install a Host Integrator Server without installing a management server, you must join an existing installation, which supports failover and load distribution.

To do this, you need to supply the necessary credentials, the existing server address, and port number. Login credentials include either the user name and password created when the first server was installed or the credentials of a user added to the administrator profile in the Administrative Console.

You can also register a management server with an existing installation forming a management server cluster. When you combine this option with the registration of the session server, you attain automatic replication to the management server cluster.|

Install steps

  1. Download the product from the Micro Focus download site, following the instructions to start the Host Integrator setup program.
  2. Run the install setup, read and accept the license agreement, click Continue and then select an installation type; Typical or Custom.

    • Typical - All components are installed and configured to the local machine and all services will be automatically started when the install is complete.

    The default installation directory is: C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Verastream

    Specify a password for the administrative account of the management server. For example, “admin”. This password is important. You need this password when you first log in to the Administrative Console.

    • Custom - If you select Custom, you can select an installation directory, choose the components you want to install, join an existing installation, or configure advanced installation options available from the tabbed menu pages.

    To join an existing installation in Custom mode you are prompted for the credentials of the existing management server described on the Join Installation tab. When you join an existing installation you are either registering the session server with an existing management server or a new management server with an existing management cluster.

    Click Install Now to continue the installation. By default, all services start automatically.


If the configuration fails for either the management cluster or management server, you cannot re-enter the information. If your installation fails, an error message displays asking you to either retry the install, stop the uninstall, or to ignore. The Ignore option leaves the system installed, but not configured. If any of the installation steps fail, check the addmsrvr.log, addssrvr.log, or changepwd.log in the %TMP% directory for the reason.

About Windows services

The Management Server, Log Manager, Session Server, Web Server, and Host Emulator are installed as Windows services. For example, Management Server is listed as Verastream Host Integrator Management Server in the Services panel available from the Windows Control Panel. You can modify the Stop and Start settings for these services there.

Host Integrator servers and Host Emulators can be started from the Administrative Console.

Creating an unattended Windows install file

  1. To install VHI silently, you can specify all necessary installation and configuration options in a separate file.
  2. From the root of the CD, locate and open the setup.ini file.
  3. Depending on whether you want to join an existing management server cluster, add the appropriate code to the end of the file.
  4. To do an independent install:
  5. [VHI]
  6. JoinExisting=0
  7. MgmtAddress=localhost
  8. MgmtUsername=admin
  9. Password=secretpassword
  10. To join an existing installation:
  11. [VHI]
  12. JoinExisting=1
  13. MgmtAddress=<address of management server>
  14. MgmtUsername=<user name existing installation>
  15. Password=<password of management server>

After you save the file, from the command line run setup/install.

You can add these options:

Option Command
Run in unattended mode displaying only the progress bar without a Cancel button. /passive
Run in quiet mode which requires no user interaction. /quiet
Optional. Specify the components you want to install. These are described on the component install panels. ADDLOCAL=componentID, componentID, componentID For example, setup /install ADDLOCAL=HostIntegrator, COMConnector, Server

If necessary, you can change the installation location during a silent install using the property, INSTALLDIR. The value must be quoted if it contains spaces. For example: setup /install INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Verastream"

Removing Host Integrator from Windows

Use the Add/Remove Programs option from the Windows Control Panel. If you want to remove a session server with security enabled, you will be prompted to supply a User ID and password. The credentials must be those that you specified in the Administrator profile in the Administrative Console when the server was registered.

The uninstall program removes all installed Host Integrator components, but does not remove log files, user-supplied model files, or Web Builder projects.

Adding or removing Host Integrator Components in Windows

  1. If you installed from the Micro Focus download site, follow the procedures described in the download instructions to start the Host Integrator setup program.

  2. To start the installation program, click Start > Run, type the path to the installation program (for example, D:\Setup.exe), and then click OK.

  3. When the maintenance screen displays, select Modify from the available options. Click Continue.

  4. From the Select Components screen specify the components you want to add or remove. Components that are currently installed are selected. Clear the check box to remove a component. Continue to use the check boxes to specify the components you want to add or remove, and then click Continue.

  5. If Setup is adding or removing a Host Integrator Session Server with security enabled from an existing installation, it will prompt you for the user ID and password for an Administrator found in the Authorization panel of the Administrative Console with which the management server is registered. Enter the user ID and password that belongs to the administrator specified in the Authorization panel of the Administrative Console, click Continue.

  6. As Setup adds and removes components, it may encounter a locked file. To ensure that you have no unnecessary files remaining on your machine after the installation completes you may be prompted to re-start the computer.