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Use Cases

Host Integrator components are typically installed on multiple machines. This makes it necessary for you to carefully plan your installation before you install any components or modify an existing installation.

In a typical environment, you have separate installations for development, testing, and production. Within an installation environment, you can add servers for failover and load balancing capabilities.

The following use cases represent different installation scenarios:

  • Install all the components on a single machine. If you are installing a Developer Kit, use the Typical option during setup. This option installs all the necessary components, including a local Host Integrator Server system.

  • Install a subset of the components on a single machine. (ex: A developer who only needs the connectors to work with existing models that are hosted on existing servers)

  • The user’s intention is to have a single session server with failover management (1 session server with any number of management servers)

  • The user’s intention is to have multiple session servers grouped in a single domain (n session servers with 1 management server)

  • A combination of failover management and session servers grouped in a domain, a combination of the last two cases.


If you are installing session servers and management servers on multiple computers, it is important that you make sure that each server can communicate (either using IP addresses or machine names) with every other server. This is more important if you are not using Domain Name System (DNS). The machine names and IP addresses of both the local server and remote servers must be entered in your server machines' hosts files.

Installing a 32-bit COM Connector

Verastream Host Integrator is a 64-bit product, and from the main installation program both a 64-bit and 32-bit COM connector is installed. However if it is necessary to install on a 32-bit system, Host Integrator provides a separate installer that installs the COM Connector, the .NET Connector, and the HLLAPI Adapters.

  1. If you installed from the Micro Focus download site, follow the procedures described in the download instructions to start the Host Integrator setup program.
  2. After you run the .exe file, unpacked files are stored in a temporary directory prior to you running the setup.exe. From this temporary directory, open the x86 directory.