Starting Character Animator in a Different Window

You can start Character Animator in a different terminal window, if the machine you're debugging on has X windows. This is especially useful for debugging threaded applications.

First, you must ensure that the DISPLAY operating system environment variable is set:

export DISPLAY=local_machine_name:0.0

Then, if you are debugging on a different machine, ensure that the remote machine is allowed to start X clients on the local machine (using the xhost command). Then use the cobanim command:

cobanim [switchparams] program-name [directives]


cobanim_t [switchparams] program-name [directives] 

Use cobanim_t if your program is multi-threaded.

The parameters are:

switchparams A set of switches. Each switch must be preceded by a plus sign (+) to turn it on, or a minus sign (-) to turn it off. Switches can be set in any order. The last setting of a switch specified multiple times is the one that is accepted.

See Descriptions of Run-time Switches for details on the switches available.

program-name The name of the file you want to animate. If you do not specify a path, the current directory is assumed.

If you do not specify an extension, a callable shared object is first searched for, followed by .gnt , .int, then .lbr files.

directives An optional sequence of one or more Character Animator directives. Each directive must be separated by at least one space and must not be broken across lines.

See Specifying Character Animator Directives for details on the directives available.