Specifying Character Animator Directives

You can use directives when Character Animator is invoked to modify its behavior. Directives are usually specified after the program-name on the command line.

If you specify more than one directive, they must all be enclosed in quotation marks. This is necessary to inform UNIX that all the directives in them are grouped together. If you omit the quotation marks, second and subsequent directives are ignored although no warning to this effect is given.

You can also specify an Character Animator directive in a $SET statement or in a DIRECTIVES file, but the directive value cannot be preceded by an equals sign (=). It must be enclosed either in double quotation marks (" ") or parentheses ( ). Also, you must not include any spaces in a value, because UNIX treats the space character as a delimiter.

You can also specify directives using the COBANIMOPT environment variable.