IDC Infobrief: Turning Data into Action

Analyst: Christopher Kissel


Executive Summary

The story of data traces the development of mankind. As people created new ways to communicate, commerce and arts followed.

Data is not just flat files – data includes video, voice, Internet of Things (IoT), images, and soon 5G telemetry.

COVID-19 has changed the ways that employees can access data. At the same time, the constraints of data handling cannot be compromised, even as new means to access and then use data are developed.

Enterprises fear that disjointed data systems cause impractical latencies (at best) and significant security gaps (at worst) in information flow.

The implementation of a formal information management and governance (IM&G) program addresses the data handling challenges of scope and scale, access and collaboration, and strategic utility.

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Turning Data into Action – IDC Infobrief
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