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Extended Support

Once the Current Maintenance period ends for a product release, if a customer needs the ability to open a support request to receive technical support or needs critical defect support, Extended Support may be purchased for an additional fee to Support.

Extended Support provides continued access to technical support and Severity level 1 defect support for the first two years after a product release exits the Current Maintenance period. Extended Support is intended to be an interim solution for customers who are moving to the most current version of a product or supported platform but need additional time to make the transition. It allows customers additional time to plan, test and deploy new product versions or platforms, with the goal of migrating to the latest version or platform within a timeframe that best fits the needs of your business.

With Extended Support, you will be able to contact technical support and maintain your current product version or platform for a longer period of time, preserving the stability of your software as you transition from one version to the next.


Extended Support provides

  • Ability to open a support request with technical support for product releases in Sustaining Maintenance
  • Continued receipt of hotfixes for critical severity product defects beyond the published Current Maintenance period, to ensure compliancy and prevent unresolvable system outages.


Limited Extended Support

Once the Extended Support term ends, “Limited Extended Support” is available to provide commercially reasonable technical support for as long as your product release is in the Sustaining Maintenance period.


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