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Secure Your Customers' Identities

Enhancing customers' digital experience

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is about meeting customers where they want to engage. This means delivering the right, frictionless digital experience securely, and providing low barriers of entry, Delivering an omni-channel experience starts with CIAM.

Unify customer identities

CIAM is a critical element to the strategic direction of your organization. Your platform needs to be resilient enough to tackle customer expectations, but secure enough to maintain customer privacy and your organization's reputation. CyberRes solutions easily identify customers across multiple channels and unify their data across all data platforms to unify the customer experience. You can also ensure that data is always protected through encryption, both at rest and in motion.

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Omni and cross channel

As digital transformation continues, customers expect the same experience no matter where they engage with you. It is important to learn from customer insights, in order to determine their next step in their journey with you and thus generate a greater share of wallet and improved customer relationships. CyberRes can deliver a centrally managed platform that is customized to your brand, where customers can manage their own privacy and consent through a self service module. You will also deliver a flexible and friction less experience through advanced authentication methods to ensure that your customer is who they say they are.

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Flexibility for the future

It is critical that organizations can easily adopt new technologies to avoid a technology gap. To do this, the CIAM platform will need flexibility through connectors, APIs, and other open and common interfaces. It is also essential that the CIAM ecosystem leverage these interfaces to integrate with marketing and master data management systems. CyberRes technologies are designed to meet these demands. Our platform can handle not only the complexity and scale required to manage all customer identities, but also connect to existing technologies in your stack. And it offers endless capabilities to connect to new technologies through APIs and connectors.

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    Customer identity and access management

    Turn digital business transformation into a competitive advantage.

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