Press Release | 25 Jun 2020

Micro Focus Announces New Chapter of Modernization and Innovation for COBOL and Mainframe Systems


Visual COBOL 6.0 and Enterprise Suite 6.0 offer flexible modernization tools to build the next generation of core business systems

Santa Clara, Calif. – June 25, 2020   Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) today announced the general availability of Visual COBOL 6.0 and Enterprise Suite 6.0, providing versatile application, process and infrastructure modernization solutions for today’s enterprise developer. As companies undertake digital transformation projects and deliver on cloud strategies, Micro Focus Visual COBOL and Enterprise Suite 6.0 allow for IT teams to take proven business systems, and adapt, evolve and innovate to accelerate their business outcomes with new tools for the digital age.

“With Micro Focus Visual COBOL and Enterprise Suite 6.0, we are giving our customers the modernization solutions to innovate faster with less risk by building on the core strengths of their COBOL and mainframe applications,” said Neil Fowler, General Manager of Application Modernization and Connectivity at Micro Focus. “Through new insight-driven tools, API development capabilities and robust deployment options, these Micro Focus solutions give developers new ways to work with complex COBOL and mainframe systems while delivering on a cloud strategy.”

Highlights and enhancements to Visual COBOL 6.0 include:

  • Innovation: By leveraging the power of modern IDEs, Visual COBOL delivers even greater support for new API development.
  • Insight: New refactoring tools enable developers to quickly isolate and extract core business logic and data from exiting COBOL programs.
  • Integration: Build, deploy and manage COBOL applications using expanded support for Docker Containers, Kubernetes and the Cloud. 

“We can see the potential with Visual COBOL to deploy code, scale up to process a big job, and then scale back down again when it’s finished,” said Mark Atkins, Lead, Infrastructure and Solutions Architecture, APRA AMCOS. “A cloud strategy would make a lot of economic sense to us, and we are pleased that Visual COBOL supports the Docker container platform, increasing our application deployment flexibility.”

Highlights and enhancements to Enterprise Suite 6.0 include:

  • Superior Integration from Application Modernization: Execute important application changes to support SOA/API initiatives by identifying, exposing and integrating trusted functionality as new services.
  • Insight through Process Modernization: Rapidly understand, identify, execute and test critical business system changes as part of a modern delivery process using a modern delivery toolchain.
  • Innovation through Infrastructure Modernization: Seize upon the advantages offered by cloud computing and containerization to deploy new business services flexibly at scale using Docker, Kubernetes, Azure and AWS.

The Micro Focus Enterprise Suite of products improve application modernization for IBM mainframe PL/I and COBOL systems, extending Micro Focus’ contemporary analysis, development and testing tools, and robust deployment capabilities using scale-out technology to support deployments on premise and in the cloud.

Organizations can accelerate their digital transformation journeys by reusing and enhancing their unique and business-critical core applications and data for a more pragmatic, low-risk and low-cost approach. As modernization continues to drive strategic business change, Visual COBOL and Enterprise Suite are just two of the ways Micro Focus helps customers bridge existing and emerging technologies in the race for digital transformation.

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Learn more about Micro Focus Visual COBOL 6.0 and Enterprise Suite 6.0, as well as the Micro Focus Modernization Maturity Model.

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