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Smarter Access

Secure, automate, and access critical mainframe applications.

Drive greater mainframe application value in your organization, OpenText Host Connectivity provides enterprise-grade security, robotic process automation, and secure cloud host access. Giving today’s connected mainframe the needed tools for digital change. Modernization of host applications is a major strategic challenge for mainframe enterprises supporting secure application access with legacy systems.

Be protected and connected
Access the mainframe from the cloud.

Deliver secure, zero footprint access to mainframe applications whether on or off cloud. Increase your ability to scale, support high availability, and adapt with ease to changing security requirements.

Fortify applications with enterprise-level security
Extend enterprise security to the mainframe.

Protect your organization from cyber security threats by leveraging the security controls that are used in the enterprise with mainframe access - including multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Modernize terminal-based host apps
Automate mainframe initiatives with RPA.

Leverage the mainframe in automation initiatives, OpenText offers a range of options for enabling the integration of host data in automation initiatives, including UI-based and API based robotic process automation (RPA).

The Modern Mainframe: Automated, Protected and Connected

Take a closer look at the latest research from IDC on secure mainframe access, mainframe automation with RPA, and the challenges facing mainframe organizations.

The Modern Mainframe: Automated, Protected and Connected
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Mainframe Automation Gains Momentum
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Customer Success

  • “By partnering with Micro Focus (now part of OpenText™) we were able to extend our production management system to remote users, who can access it using a variety of devices, including Apple Mac and any smart mobile device. This saves us time and ensures the system is kept updated at all times, improving our response time to the business.”

    Maurizio Chiavazza
    IT Manager
  • “Users can easily move from one workplace to the next and continue their work in Host Access for the Cloud with just a couple of clicks; it has really improved our productivity. It is also helpful when working ‘on the move’ with an unreliable connection. If network connection is interrupted, Host Access for the Cloud will save everything and simply pick it up again when reconnected.”

    Kurt Gantner
    System Specialist
  • “Reflection Desktop and Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS) just make sense to us, especially when we looked at other solutions which were proving cost prohibitive. MSS’s ability to deliver config files securely and efficiently to end-users' devices saves us many man hours. We used to send our users their config files manually which complicated central control.”

    Jeff Richards
    Senior Manager of Virtualization and Cloud Platforms
    Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co.

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