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N literal LR - Additional Topics4.10.4
N run-time switch Language Reference15.2 , 15.5 , 16.14
filename Fileshare User's Guide3.1
Fileshare Server Fileshare User's Guide2.2.1.1 , 3.2
NAME link file command Assembler Option TG1.2.6
NAMED option LR - Additional Topics10.4.4
Named pipes Configuring CCICh6
National function Language Reference11.6
National language support User's GuideCh27
and SQL Option User's Guide39.4.5.1 , 39.10
Host Compatibility Option Migration Cookbook15.3.1
NATIONAL-OF function Language Reference11.9.35
NATIVE Compiler directive Language Reference6.2.2 , 6.2.3
Assembler source code User's Guide28.3.2 , 29.5
COBOL source code User's GuideCh7
NCAL Linker directive Assembler Option TG1.2.2
NCHAR Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh5 , 5.6
NCHAR data item LR - Additional Topics5.1 , 5.7.1
rules LR - Additional Topics5.10.3
NCHAR literal LR - Additional Topics5.8.1 , 5.8.2
NCHAR-EDITED data rule LR - Additional Topics5.10.4
Negated simple condition Language Reference10.4.3.1
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.8.6
Net Express IDE TG1.5
User's Guide8.12 , 8.13
using with CICS Option CICS Option TG9.1 , 9.2.2
NetBEUI Configuring CCI4.1.2
NETBIOS Host Compat. Option TG8.4
NetBIOS CICS Option TG5.6.2
Fileshare User's Guide8.1
CCINETB configuration Configuring CCI4.1
NetWare Configuring CCI3.1
NetWare Requester Configuring CCI3.1.2
client in CICS Migration Cookbook12.2.6
communications CICS Option TG4.2
database Migration Cookbook14.2.3
fileshare database IMS Option TG2.2
link CICS Option TG5.6
load balancing IMS Option TG3.6
performance IMS Option TG3.1
sample settings IMS Option TG1.4
security IMS Option TG5.2
Next Assembler debugger command Getting Started18.3.5
NEXT GROUP clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.18
Next logical record Language Reference15.2
NEXT PAGE phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.17
NEXT phrase
READ statement Language Reference15.2
VALUE clause LR - Additional Topics6.9
Language Reference8.26
IF statement Language Reference13.10
SEARCH statement Language Reference16.1
NEXT SENTENCE statement Language Reference14.4
NFILES setting Fileshare User's Guide7.2
NI status code IMS Option TG13.3
See National Language Support
NLS setting Migration Cookbook14.2.1
No operation statement Language Reference12.10
NO REWIND phrase
OPEN statement Language Reference14.7
NO-ECHO clause Language Reference9.26
NO-ECHO option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2
NOASM Assembler compiler directive Migration Cookbook16.2.5
NOEXPORT Linker directive Assembler Option TG1.2.3
Migration Cookbook20.2.1
Non-mainframe application
debugging Getting Started31.3
User's Guide8.13
object-oriented syntax IDE TG1.5
Non-mainframe dialect
and addressing mode Migration Cookbook6.6
Non-scrolling form Language Reference7.7
Non-serial search Language Reference16.1
Non-text character Administrator's Guide4.1 , ,
Non-unique name Language Reference7.3
NONCAN Linker directive Assembler Option TG2.1.4
Noncontiguous data item Language Reference2.5.1 , 7.3.1 , 7.6.1
Nonnumeric literal Language Reference2.2.4.1
length of LR - Additional Topics11.2.2
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.1.4
Nonnumeric operands
comparison Language Reference10.4.2
NOT DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG18.5.2
Not found build status IDE TG2.3
STRING statement Language Reference16.7
UNSTRING statement Language Reference16.11
NOT ON SIZE ERROR phrase Language Reference10.5.2
NOT operator in REXX User's Guide18.7
NOTE statement Language Reference14.5
Novell NetWare Configuring CCI3.1
See Non-text character
NTC directive
MDECONV Administrator's Guide4.1.2.2
NTT Multivendor Integration Architecture LR - Additional Topics4.3
Nul special name Migration Cookbook11.2
Null filler
MFS IMS Option TG7.12
NULL predefined object identifier Language Reference2.2.4.7
NULL(S) figurative constant Language Reference2.2.4.3 , 8.26
NULLVAL comparison IMS Option TG6.4
Numeric data
format Language Reference2.6.4
rules Language Reference8.15
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.1.7
Numeric edited data rules Language Reference8.15
Numeric function Language Reference11.6
Numeric key pad CICS Option TG7.1.3
Numeric literal Language Reference2.2.4.2
Numeric operands
comparison Language Reference10.4.2
Special-Names paragraph Language Reference6.2.3
NUMERIC test Language Reference10.4.2.3
NUMVAL function Language Reference11.9.36
NUMVAL-C function Language Reference11.9.37

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