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/m option Fileshare User's Guide3.2
.mac file IDE TG2.1
User's Guide28.3.1
Machine Name
CCIAPPC configuration Configuring CCI2.3.2
CCIIPX configuration Configuring CCI3.4.2
CCINAMPU configuration Configuring CCI6.2.2
CCINETB configuration Configuring CCI4.3.2
CCITCP configuration Configuring CCI5.3.2
Macro Assembler Option TG2.2 , 3.1
Migration Cookbook16.2.6
assembler Migration Cookbook16.2.5
pre-compiled Assembler Option TG1.1
stub Assembler Option TG2.2
Main storage database IMS Option TG6.17
FLD call IMS Option TG6.18
application Migration Cookbook7.2
compatibility with User's GuideCh15
configuration for Remote IMS IMS Option TGCh21
contacting Getting Started9.3.1
data set Getting Started9.3.3
database Migration Cookbook14.2.5
exporting resource definitions to Administrator's Guide13.3
file Getting Started1.2
importing resource definitions from Administrator's Guide13.2
pointer CICS Option TG2.1
Migration CookbookCh6
User's Guide15.1
print file conversion Administrator's Guide4.2.3.1 ,
utility IDE TGCh3
User's Guide16.5
Mainframe Access Administrator's GuideCh3 , 13.2.7
Getting Started1.2
Mainframe Access GuideCh1
Migration Cookbook7.5.2
User's Guide1.2
and CCI Administrator's GuideCh5
CCI configuration Configuring CCI7.1
configuring Administrator's Guide3.1
Drag & Drop Migration Cookbook10.2.3
fixed port server Configuring CCI7.1.2
tutorial Getting StartedCh9 , Ch10
Mainframe access
XDB link Getting Started27.3.8
Mainframe Call Generator Administrator's GuideCh7
alias Administrator's Guide7.5.2
creating stubs Administrator's Guide7.3
DB2 Administrator's Guide7.5.1
Mainframe Call Generator dialog box Administrator's Guide7.3.1
MCGAdmin environment variable Administrator's Guide7.2
overview Administrator's Guide7.1
preparations Administrator's Guide7.2
running stubs Administrator's Guide7.4
stub source code Administrator's Guide7.5.3
tailoring Administrator's Guide7.5
target name Administrator's Guide7.5.2
Mainframe Express
and Revolve User's GuideCh25
CICS IDE User's GuideCh31
closed by Alt+F4 Migration Cookbook8.2.4
closing Getting Started5.4
IMS IDE User's GuideCh35
installation Administrator's GuideCh1
interface User's GuideCh3
starting Getting Started5.3.1
using with Component Generator CICS Option TG9.2.1
using with EnterpriseLink CICS Option TG9.1
using with EnterpriseLink Component Generator CICS Option TG9.1
using with Net Express CICS Option TG9.1 , 9.2.2
version 1.1 Getting StartedCh3
Mainframe Express 1.1
migrating from Migration CookbookCh19
Mainframe Express 1.1 INTL Migration Cookbook14.2.1
Mainframe Express 2.0
migrating from Migration CookbookCh20
Mainframe Express 2.5
migrating from Migration CookbookCh21
Mainframe file
converting User's Guide13.1
transferring to PC User's Guide13.6
Mainframe Pointer Manager Migration CookbookCh6
Mainframe report file
converting User's Guide13.6.2
Mainframe-style file User's Guide10.2.1
Maintain! compatibility Migration Cookbook14.2.2 , 14.2.6
Mantissa Migration Cookbook16.2.7
Manual definition
initial values User's Guide21.1 , 21.3
Manual record lock Language Reference10.6.5.1 ,
Microsoft COBOL LR - Additional Topics10.5.1
See BMS map
MAPATTS operand CICS Option TG1.1
MAPNAME Compiler directive Language Reference5.2 , 12.4 , 17.1
Mapping file User's Guide27.4
See BMS mapset
Margin behavior User's Guide9.2.2.1
Mass storage file Language Reference3.5.3 ,
Master Index Getting StartedCh3
Master project
template project Getting Started15.3.1
MATP abend code CICS Option TG2.3
MAX function Language Reference11.9.29
Maximize button Getting StartedA.1
MBLL abend code CICS Option TG2.3
MCG Build tab on Output window Administrator's Guide7.3
MCG DB2 Connection Status tab on Output window Administrator's Guide7.4
MCGAdmin environment variable Administrator's Guide7.2
environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
migrating from Migration CookbookCh12
MCOM abend code CICS Option TG2.3
See Communications Module
.mdb file User's Guide19.5
MDECONV utility Administrator's Guide4.1
Migration Cookbook7.3
MEAN function Language Reference11.9.30
MEDIAN function Language Reference11.9.31
access to extended Assembler Option TG2.1
Memory allocation trace Assembler Option TG4.4.4
Object-Computer paragraph Language Reference6.2.2
Menu Getting StartedA.2
context Getting StartedA.10
panel User's Guide29.3
popup Getting StartedA.10
MERGE statement Language Reference6.3.3 , 7.2.1 , 14.1
segmentation LR - Additional Topics3.3.3
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.12
in Assembler debugger User's Guide29.9
Message Format Service IMS Option TGCh7 , 12.3 , 12.6
error message IMS Option TG13.1
Message queue IMS Option TG4.7.1
Method Language Reference3.6.4 , 17.7
invoking Language Reference3.6.5 , 13.13
state Language Reference3.8.3 ,
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.7.6
Method interface definition Language Reference17.8
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.7.7
Method-ID paragraph Language Reference5.6
Method-name Language Reference2.2.3.5
MF-OO Compiler directive Language Reference17.1
MF/370 Assembler
migrating from Migration CookbookCh16
mf370ctl.cfg Migration Cookbook16.2.1
MF370RST program Migration Cookbook13.2.5
See Mainframe Access
Configuring CCICh7
MFASTOAN utility User's Guide27.2
MFCODESET environment variable User's Guide27.2
MFCOMMENT Compiler directive Language Reference1.2.1.1 ,
MFCSDEXP utility Administrator's Guide13.2 , , , , 13.2.4 , 13.2.6
MFCSDLP utility Administrator's Guide13.2 , , 13.2.6
MFCVTPXC utility Migration Cookbook18.2
MFDAS error messages Mainframe Access GuideB.5
MFDEMO program Administrator's Guide14.1
mfentmap.dat Assembler Option TG1.3
User's Guide15.2.4
MFEXTMAP migration tool Migration CookbookCh11
mfextmap.dat IDE TG4.6
Migration Cookbook10.2.4 , Ch11
mfhco.ini file Host Compat. Option TG6.1
MFHCOCDS tool Host Compat. Option TG19.1
MFHCOEBC tool Host Compat. Option TG19.3
mfhcolib.lbr file Host Compat. Option TGCh19
mfhcosql.lbr file Host Compat. Option TG18.1
migration from Migration CookbookCh13
MFIRXJCL utility IDE TG3.7
MFJAMS utility Administrator's Guide13.1
Getting Started5.3.5
User's Guide33.2.4.2
MFJBR14 utility IDE TG3.4
User's Guide16.7 , 16.8 , 17.1.1
MFJGENER utility IDE TG3.3
MFJIMS utility IDE TG3.5
MFJSORT utility IDE TG3.2
exit program IDE TG3.2.3
linkage area IDE TG3.2.3.1
program control statement IDE TG3.2.2
return code IDE TG3.2.3.2
MFLD statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.2.4
MFMIMSID setting in rmtims.ini IMS Option TG18.2.8
MFMNode setting in rmtims.ini IMS Option TG18.2.8
MFMPort setting in rmtims.ini IMS Option TG18.2.8
MFMSecurity setting in rmtims.ini IMS Option TG18.2.8
MFMServerName setting in rmtims.ini IMS Option TG18.2.8
MFPE abend code CICS Option TG2.3
See Mainframe Pointer Manager
MFREXX_NOT environment variable User's Guide18.7
MFREXX_OR environment variable User's Guide18.7
See Message Format Service
MFS field exit
Assembler IMS Option TG11.2
.mfs file IDE TG2.1
Mfs370.pre work file IMS Option TG7.6
MFSATTRS sample program Administrator's Guide15.1
MFSDISP system exit Administrator's Guide15.2
device definition IMS Option TG8.5.3
directive User's Guide36.4
input data set contents IMS Option TG7.1
member Migration Cookbook13.2.1
statement IMS Option TGCh8
MFSPREPR system exit Administrator's Guide15.2
mfuser folder Getting Started5.1.1
IMS Option TG1.1.2
MFXFER utility Migration Cookbook10.2.3
See Multivendor Integration Architecture
Micro Focus
contacting Getting StartedCh3
file format Administrator's Guide4. ,
Micro Focus CICS Option
migrating from Migration CookbookCh12
Micro Focus IMS Option
migrating from Migration CookbookCh13
Microsoft COBOL syntax LR - Additional TopicsCh10
Microsoft Common Source Code Control Interface Getting Started1.2
Microsoft Internet Explorer Getting Started1.3
Microsoft SNA Server v2.11 Configuring CCIApF
Microsoft SNA Server v3.0 Configuring CCIApE
MID statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.2
Middleware CICS Option TG9.3
MIDRANGE function Language Reference11.9.32
Migrate utility
SQL Option User's Guide39.5
code Migration Cookbook7.5.3
Data Tools Migration CookbookCh9
database environment Migration Cookbook14.2.7
database location Migration Cookbook14.2.1 ,
file handling Migration CookbookCh10
from Animator V2 Migration CookbookCh8
from COBOL Workbench IDE TG4.6
Migration CookbookCh7
from earlier version Getting StartedCh3
from Host Compatibility Option Migration CookbookCh15
from Mainframe Express 1.1 Migration CookbookCh19
from Mainframe Express 2.0 Migration CookbookCh20
from Mainframe Express 2.5 Migration CookbookCh21
from MF/370 Assembler Migration CookbookCh16
from Micro Focus CICS Option Migration CookbookCh12
from Micro Focus IMS Option Migration CookbookCh13
from MVS Workbench Migration CookbookCh17
User's Guide16.3.1
Migration CookbookCh18
User's Guide16.3.1
from SCC Field Developed Solution Migration Cookbook22.4
from XDB Database Technology Migration CookbookCh14
procedure Migration CookbookCh3
debugging for User's Guide8.8
MIN function Language Reference11.9.33
Minimize button Getting StartedA.1
Minus sign
in tree view Getting StartedA.5
Mixed data item LR - Additional Topics4.9.2 , 5.7.2
Mixed literal LR - Additional Topics4.10.2 , 5.8.3
Mixed outcome IMS Option TG4.2 , 4.6.2
Mixed-language application IDE TG2.4
.mlc file IDE TG2.1
Migration Cookbook16.1
User's Guide28.3.1
MLOD function
DBUTIL IMS Option TG9.6.3
Mnemonic-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
MOD function Language Reference11.9.34
MOD statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.2
MODCB Assembler macro Assembler Option TG3.4
MODS statement
Module exit
in Assembler debugger User's Guide29.6
COBOL program User's Guide8.4.3
Monitor-pointer Language Reference16.3
MONITOR-POINTER usage Language Reference8.25
button Getting Started4.2
column marking Migration Cookbook8.2.6
shape of pointer Getting StartedA.16
MOVE CORRESPONDING statement Language Reference14.2
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.13
MOVE statement Language Reference14.2
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.15.8 , 5.11.5
MQSeries CICS Option TG9.3.1
batch program IDE TGCh8
configuration for CICS Option TG9.3.1.1
data conversion CICS Option TG9.4.1
MRO region modeling Getting Started20.1
MS-DOS Getting StartedA.15
MS-DOS text file
exporting to User's Guide24.3.1
See Main storage database
MSG statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.2.5
MSGAREA DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG18.5.2
MSGEND statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.2.8
MSGS function
DBUTIL IMS Option TG9.6.7
Multi-column list
rearranging Getting StartedA.7
Multi-segment message IMS Option TG7.4
Multi-tasking CICS system User's Guide30.3.2
debugging User's Guide33.7.2
tutorial Getting StartedCh20
Multi-user server Migration Cookbook19.2.5.4
adapter Configuring CCI4.1.7
Assembler programs Getting StartedCh17
data file edit Getting Started12.3.12
debug servers Migration Cookbook12.2.4
file search User's Guide7.2
load library folders IMS Option TG1.2 , 3.8
repeat User's Guide11.9.1
I-O-Control paragraph Language Reference6.3.3
Multiple record locks Language Reference10.6.5.2
File-Control entry Language Reference6.3.2
Multiple results Language Reference10.5.6
File-Control entry Language Reference6.3.2
MULTIPLY statement Language Reference14.3
Multivendor Integration Architecture LR - Additional Topics4.3 , Ch5
MUSR abend code CICS Option TG2.3
Mutex-pointer Language Reference16.3
MUTEX-POINTER usage Language Reference8.25
.mvp file Getting Started5.1.1
User's Guide2.1 , 4.1
control block IDE TG5.2
emulation IDE TGCh5
external writer IDE TG5.4
MVS Workbench
environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
migrating from Migration CookbookCh17
User's Guide16.3.1
backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.2
MVSWBCNV utility Migration Cookbook17.2

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