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/d option Fileshare User's Guide3.2
Daemon Migration Cookbook12.2.3
.dat file IDE TG2.1
User's Guide11.8.4
adding in SQL Wizard Getting Started28.3.7
category Language Reference2.6
changing values Getting Started13.3.3
class Language Reference2.6
collating sequence Host Compat. Option TG18.3
compression Administrator's Guide4. ,
Fileshare User's Guide6.3
computer independent description Language Reference2.4
control block Assembler Option TG3.2 , 3.3
conversion IDE TG8.2
CICS Option TG9.4
Language Reference10.5.4
dead Getting Started13.3.7
downloading for database tables Host Compat. Option TG10.8
editing User's Guide11.8 , 11.8.1 , 11.8.2
exporting Getting Started22.3.10
Host Compat. Option TGCh12
importing Getting Started22.3.5
Host Compat. Option TGCh13
importing and exporting User's Guide39.4.5
in COBOL program Getting Started13.3.2
library User's Guide5.2.2
loading for database tables Host Compat. Option TG10.9
movement to report group LR - Additional Topics1.1.1.3
recovery Fileshare User's Guide4.2
restructuring User's Guide13.1
sharing Language Reference3.7.2
state Language Reference3.
unreferenced Getting Started13.3.7
Data capture exit IMS Option TG6.8
Migration Cookbook13.2.8
Assembler IMS Option TG11.2
DATA Compiler directive Migration CookbookCh6
User's Guide15.1.1
Data description entry Language Reference7.3.3 , 8.2
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.3.2
Data Division Language Reference3.8 , Ch7
creating record layouts for a data file User's Guide12.3 ,
creating segment layouts for an IMS database User's Guide38.3 , , 38.8.1
data description entry Language ReferenceCh8
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.14 , 5.10
DG I COBOL LR - Additional Topics12.2
entry Language Reference3.10.3
Microsoft COBOL LR - Additional Topics10.3
Object COBOL Language Reference17.9
Report Writer LR - Additional Topics1.4
RM/COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.2
Screen Section Language ReferenceCh9
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.4
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.3
Data entry
format Language Reference7.7
Data file User's GuideCh10
access to CICS Option TG6.1
adding to the Files View Getting Started5.3.6
backing up User's Guide11.3.2 , 11.5
backup file User's Guide11.8.4
changing record length User's Guide13.4
computational fields User's Guide13.5
converting Getting Started12.3.1
User's Guide12.8 , Ch13
creating Getting Started12.3.13
Migration Cookbook9.3.2
User's Guide11.4
defining keys User's Guide11.4.4
EBCDIC/ANSI conversion User's Guide13.5
editing Getting StartedCh12
User's GuideCh11 , 11.3.1 , 11.3.4
editing multiple Getting Started12.3.12
file type User's Guide10.2 , 11.5.2
header information User's Guide11.5.1
in Assembler Option Assembler Option TGCh3
initializing User's Guide11.8.3
making read-only User's Guide11.3.3
navigating User's Guide11.7
opening User's Guide11.5
organization for mainframe-style User's Guide11.4.1
previewing User's Guide11.11
printing Getting Started12.3.11
printing fields User's Guide11.11.2
printing records User's Guide11.11
properties Getting Started12.3.2
record length User's Guide11.5.3
redefined fields User's Guide13.5
restoring data User's Guide11.8.4
searching Migration Cookbook9.2.7
User's Guide11.10
type for mainframe-style User's Guide11.4.1
undoing edits User's Guide11.8.4
using record layouts User's GuideCh12
viewing Getting Started12.3.2 , 12.3.7
User's Guide11.6
viewing field data User's Guide11.2.2
viewing formatted data User's Guide12.9.3
viewing in hexadecimal Getting Started12.3.10
User's Guide11.2
viewing layout information User's Guide11.6
viewing records User's Guide11.2.1
writing to User's Guide11.3.3
Data File Converter Migration Cookbook9.1
User's GuideCh13
input file User's Guide13.2.2 , 13.3.2
non-IDE version Administrator's Guide4.2
Migration Cookbook9.2.2
opening User's Guide13.2 , 13.2.1 , 13.3 , 13.3.1
output file User's Guide13.2.3 , 13.3.3
tutorial Getting StartedCh12
Data File Editor Migration Cookbook9.1
User's GuideCh11
configuring User's Guide11.3
Fileshare support Migration Cookbook9.2.3
IMS database Migration Cookbook9.2.4
interface Migration Cookbook9.2.2
opening User's Guide11.2
overview User's Guide11.1
settings User's Guide11.3
starting Migration Cookbook9.3.1
status bar User's Guide11.2.4
toolbar User's Guide11.2.3
tutorial Getting StartedCh12
warnings User's Guide11.3.1
window User's Guide11.2
Data File Editor window
formatted view User's Guide11.2.2
left-hand pane User's Guide11.2.1
right-hand pane User's Guide11.2.2
unformatted view User's Guide11.2.1
Data File Filter Migration Cookbook7.2
Data File Structure Editor Migration Cookbook7.2
Data General Interactive COBOL LR - Additional TopicsCh12
Data item Language Reference3.8.2 , 3.8.5
alignment Language Reference2.6.2 , 2.6.3
changing User's Guide8.4
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.9 , 5.7
examining User's Guide8.4
finding Getting Started13.3.4
Migration Cookbook8.2.3
User's Guide7.1
incompatible Language Reference10.5.7
mixed characters LR - Additional Topics4.9.2 , 5.7.2
NCHAR LR - Additional Topics5.7.1
signed receiving Language Reference10.5.8
TouchPoint User's Guide20.1 , 20.2.1 , 20.2.2 , 20.3.2 , 20.3.4
Data mode Migration CookbookCh6
DATA RECORDS clause Language Reference8.6
Data representation
See Character set
Data set User's Guide2.4 , 3.2.3
allocating to COBOL file User's Guide16.6.1
allocating to file User's Guide17.3.1
allocation and disposition User's Guide16.2 , 17.1.5
catalog Administrator's Guide2.2.3
User's Guide2.4
creating on mainframe Getting Started9.3.3
dynamic allocation Assembler Option TG2.2
in-stream User's Guide17.2
Librarian Getting Started10.1
mapping Migration Cookbook10.2.4
mfextmap.dat Migration CookbookCh11
name Administrator's Guide13.2.4.1
Getting Started5.3.4
User's Guide16.3 , 16.3.3
organization Assembler Option TG3.1
Panvalet Getting Started10.1
partitioned Getting Started10.1
User's Guide2.4.1
temporary User's Guide17.2
uncataloged Migration Cookbook9.3.5
viewing via MFA Drag & Drop Getting Started9.3.5
workgroup Administrator's Guide2.2.3
DATA SIZE clause LR - Additional Topics12.1.3
Data Tools Getting Started1.2
User's GuideCh10
configuring User's Guide10.3
migration Migration CookbookCh9
tutorial Getting StartedCh12
Data-name Language Reference2.2.3.2 , 3.8.4
Data-name clause Language Reference8.7
Report Writer LR - Additional Topics1.4.14
administration IMS Option TGCh6
and CICS Option CICS Option TG5.4 , Ch8
catalog type IMS Option TG3.7
cataloging Host Compat. Option TGCh9
configuration Migration Cookbook12.1
connecting to Host Compat. Option TG11.4 , 12.5 , 13.5 , 14.5 , 16.5
creating Host Compat. Option TGCh7
DB2 Migration Cookbook7.4.3 , 7.4.4
DEDB support IMS Option TG6.15
downloading Administrator's Guide3.2
dynamic attach IMS Option TG1.5.9
editing Migration Cookbook9.2.4
User's Guide36.11 , Ch37
field level sensitivity IMS Option TG6.19
Fileshare IMS Option TGCh2
GSAM IMS Option TG6.21
HDAM IMS Option TG6.20
host Migration Cookbook14.2.5
I/O User's Guide20.1.1
IMS Migration Cookbook13.2.1
IMSDBU utility User's Guide35.4.1
in CICS Option User's Guide30.2.5
initialization IMS Option TG9.6.1
integrity Fileshare User's GuideCh4
loading Getting Started24.3.6
IMS Option TG9.6.2
local Host Compat. Option TG7.5
Migration Cookbook14.2.7
location Migration Cookbook14.1
User's Guide36.9 , 39.4.2
logical IMS Option TG6.9 , 6.11 , 6.12 , 6.13 , 6.14
main storage IMS Option TG6.17
management User's Guide36.10
network Migration Cookbook14.2.3
on mainframe Host Compat. Option TG5.6
Oracle Migration Cookbook7.4.3
performance IMS Option TG2.7.1 , 3.4
record locking IMS Option TG2.7
reference file Fileshare User's Guide3.2 , 4.1 , 4.2.1 , 4.6 , 4.6.2
remote Host Compat. Option TG7.6
request module User's Guide39.9
secondary data structure IMS Option TG6.7
security User's Guide39.4.1
sequence numbering Fileshare User's Guide4.4
SQL Host Compat. Option TG5.5
SQL Option Migration CookbookCh14
SQL Server Migration Cookbook7.4.4
testing connection to Host Compat. Option TG9.6
TouchPoint User's Guide19.3.1 , 19.3.2
transaction User's Guide20.1.1 , 20.3.3
uncataloging Host Compat. Option TG9.5
user program exit IMS Option TG1.5.7 , 1.5.10 , 1.5.11
zeroloading Getting Started24.3.6
Database access
remote and local Migration Cookbook14.2.1
Database location
migration Migration Cookbook14.2.1
Database login ID
source control Administrator's Guide6.2.7
Database Migration Utility (Dimensions) Migration Cookbook22.4
Database Tree Getting Started26.3.2.1
User's Guide37.3.1.1
DATACLAS parameter User's Guide15.3
DATACOMPRESS Compiler directive Fileshare User's Guide4.6.2.3 , 6.3.1
DataConnect Getting Started1.2
Migration Cookbook10.2.3
User's Guide2.4
configuration Administrator's Guide3.1
tutorial Getting StartedCh10
DATASET statement
DBDGEN IMS Option TG8.3.2.2
changing User's Guide8.8.1
input variable User's Guide22.2.1
values User's Guide20.2.1
DATE Compiler directive Language Reference5.9
Date conversion function Language Reference11.7
Date-Compiled paragraph Language Reference5.1 , 5.9
DATE-OF-INTEGER function Language Reference11.9.10
DATE-TO-YYYYMMDD function Language Reference11.9.11
Date-Written paragraph Language Reference5.1
DateWarp Getting Started30.4
changing date User's Guide8.8.1
changing time User's Guide8.5
DAY-OF-INTEGER function Language Reference11.9.12
DAY-TO-YYYYDDD function Language Reference11.9.13
DB Catalog definition User's Guide36.8
DB character position symbol Language Reference8.15
DB DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG18.5.2
DB-EDIT Compiler directive Language Reference14.2
DB2 CICS Option TG8.1
Getting Started1.2 , 22.1 , 27.1
Host Compat. Option TG2.2 , 2.4 , 5.5 , 5.6
Migration Cookbook7.4.3 , 7.4.4
character set Migration Cookbook15.3.1
database CICS Option TG5.4.1
debugging Getting Started27.3.6
directive Host Compat. Option TG18.5
Migration Cookbook15.2.1
environment variable Migration CookbookCh4
error message Host Compat. Option TG18.6
External Compiler Module Host Compat. Option TG14.7 , Ch18
Mainframe Call Generator Administrator's Guide7.4 , 7.5.1
running application Getting Started22.3.9 , 27.3.5
server Migration CookbookCh14
using with SQL Option User's GuideCh39
versions in SQL Option User's Guide39.3.1
with Host Compatibility Option Migration Cookbook15.1
DB2 directive Getting Started39.3.3
DB2CSR directive Migration Cookbook15.2.3
See Double Byte Character Set
DBCS Compiler directive LR - Additional Topics4.1 , 4.8
Language Reference14.2
DBCS literal LR - Additional Topics4.10.1
DBD error message IMS Option TG13.1
.dbd file IDE TG2.1
DBD statement
DBDGEN IMS Option TG8.3.2.3
removing Administrator's Guide15.6
DBDGEN directive User's Guide36.4
DBDGEN statement IMS Option TGCh8
DBDGEN IMS Option TG8.3.2.4
.dbk file User's Guide11.8.4
DBMAUI format Host Compat. Option TG12.8 , 13.8
.dbr file User's Guide39.9
DBSPACE Compiler directive LR - Additional Topics4.8 , 5.6
Language Reference14.2
DBUDEMO sample program Administrator's Guide15.1
DBUPARMS system exit Administrator's Guide15.2
DBUTIL utility Administrator's Guide15.1
IMS Option TG6.14 , Ch9
User's Guide36.11.1
command line interface IMS Option TG9.4
control statement IMS Option TG9.5
database management IMS Option TG9.6
debugging IMS Option TG9.2
printing database IMS Option TG9.3
DBUTIL2 system exit Administrator's Guide15.2
DBUTILF sample program IMS Option TG9.6.2
DBUTILV sample program IMS Option TG9.6.2
DC CHNG system exit IMS Option TG1.5.8
DCB Assembler macro Assembler Option TG3.2 , 3.3
DCLGEN tool Host Compat. Option TGCh11
DD name
correlating Migration Cookbook10.2.4
mapping Migration CookbookCh11
DD statement
IDAEFT01 IDE TG3.6.1.2
Ddatabase password
source control Administrator's Guide6.2.7
See Dynamic Database Attach
DDE CICS Option TG5.6.3
Executing DDL from IDE Host Compat. Option TG10.12
file Host Compat. Option TG10.5
generating Host Compat. Option TG11.7 , 14.6 , 14.6.1
processing Host Compat. Option TGCh10
processing in DB2 ECM Host Compat. Option TG18.2
source Host Compat. Option TG10.7
statement Host Compat. Option TG18.2
syntax Host Compat. Option TG2.2 , 2.3
.ddl file IDE TG2.1
DDL Processor tool Host Compat. Option TGCh10
Dead data Getting Started13.3.7
Deadly embrace IMS Option TG2.11
Debug LR - Additional TopicsCh2
run-time switch LR - Additional Topics2.1.2
Debug file Host Compat. Option TG18.8
Debug server Migration Cookbook12.2.4
DEBUG-ITEM special register LR - Additional Topics2.1 , 2.3.3 , 2.3.3
Debugging LR - Additional TopicsCh2
Getting Started5.3.10
Migration CookbookCh2 , 3.1.8
Assembler program Assembler Option TG1.1
Getting Started16.3.4 , 17.3.3 , Ch18
User's GuideCh29
automatic User's Guide8.10
backward compatibility Migration Cookbook19.2.4
behavior User's Guide9.4
changing the date User's Guide8.8.1
changing the time User's Guide8.5
CICS application Getting Started19.3.10
COBOL program Getting StartedCh13
Migration CookbookCh8
User's GuideCh8
COBOL with Assembler Getting Started18.3.1
core dump User's Guide8.10
DB2 application Getting Started27.3.6
DBUTIL calls IMS Option TG9.2
distributed application User's Guide8.12
files needed User's Guide8.11
IMS application Getting Started24.3.8
in a TSO session User's Guide16.9
just-in-time User's Guide8.10
line LR - Additional Topics2.3.4
Language Reference1.2.1.2 , 1.2.2
method User's Guide8.9
non-mainframe application Getting Started31.3
User's Guide8.13
passing parameters User's Guide8.9
REXX program User's Guide18.6
section LR - Additional Topics2.3.3
shortcut Migration Cookbook8.2.4
subprogram User's Guide8.11
test User's Guide22.6
with CICS Option User's Guide30.2.2 , 31.5 , 33.7
with IMS Option User's Guide35.5 , 36.6 , 36.11.2
year 2000 application Getting Started30.2.3 , 32.2.2
DEBUGGING MODE clause Language Reference6.2.1
DebugTrace setting in rmtims.ini IMS Option TG18.2.7
DEC DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG18.5.2
DECDEL DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG18.5.2
Decimal point alignment Language Reference10.5.4
Decimal point symbol Language Reference8.15
Decimal scaling position symbol Language Reference8.15
Special-Names paragraph Language Reference6.2.3
Declaration Generator utility User's Guide39.7
Declarative procedure LR - Additional Topics1.5.1 , 1.5.8
Language Reference3.10.4 , 10.1 , 10.6.4
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.5.1
USE statement Language Reference16.12
DECLARATIVES header LR - Additional Topics2.3.3
Declaratives Section LR - Additional Topics11.3.14
DEDB IMS Option TG6.15
AREA statement IMS Option TG8.3.2.1
addressing mode Migration Cookbook6.2
character set User's GuideCh27
DEL format Host Compat. Option TG12.9
DMBAUI format Host Compat. Option TG12.8
Fileshare Server Fileshare User's Guide3.1
Host Compatibility Option Host Compat. Option TG6.2 , 6.3 , 6.4
initial values User's Guide21.1 , 21.3
record layout Getting Started12.3.4
User's Guide12.2
segment layout User's Guide38.2
terminal Administrator's Guide12.3.4.3
XDB Server User's Guide39.3
Default EBCDIC lcoation Migration Cookbook14.2.1.2
Default Product and Workset Administrator's Guide6.2.2
Default record locking Language Reference10.6.5.3
Default trace Assembler Option TG4.4.1
DEFAULT-BYTE Compiler directive Language Reference5.2 , 7.5
DEFAULTCALLS Compiler directive Language Reference10.2 , 12.4
Defined condition Language Reference18.2.4
DEGREE DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG18.5.2 , 18.5.2
DEL format Host Compat. Option TG12.9 , 13.3.2
DELETE command
DELETE FILE statement Language Reference12.12
DELETE statement Language Reference12.11
BASIS mechanism Language Reference18.3.2
EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1
DELETE TSO command IDE TG6.2
Delete warning
Data File Editor User's Guide11.3.1
IMS database User's Guide37.4.1
Deleting behavior User's Guide9.2.2.1
STRING statement Language Reference16.7
UNSTRING statement Language Reference16.11
Delimited scope statement Language Reference3.9.2.8
UNSTRING statement Language Reference16.11
application IDE TG8.3
Demonstration application Getting Started5.1.2
CICS Option CICS Option TG9.3.1.3 , ,
IMS Option Administrator's GuideCh14
Dependency IDE TG2.1
library Administrator's Guide2.2.1 , 2.2.2
User's Guide5.2.2
parsing file for Getting Started5.3.3
updating User's Guide4.7
DEQ statement
EXEC DLI IMS Option TG10.1
DESCENDING KEY clause Language Reference8.14
MERGE statement Language Reference14.1
SORT statement Language Reference16.4
phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
report group LR - Additional Topics1.1.2.2 , , 1.4.22 , 1.5.3
Detailed trace Assembler Option TG4.4.2
DEV statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.3.1
DEVELOPER role Administrator's Guide6.2.5
Developing applications User's GuideCh1
with Assembler Option User's Guide28.3
with CICS Option CICS Option TGCh2
User's Guide30.2 , Ch33
with IMS Option User's GuideCh36
Development Environment
See Integrated Development Environment
DFCONV utility Administrator's Guide4.2
DFH0CBDC utility Administrator's Guide13.2 , , ,
DFHCNV macro CICS Option TG9.4.2
DFHCSDUP utility Administrator's Guide13.2 , , , 13.3.5
DFHEISTG CICS Assembler macro Migration Cookbook20.2.1
DFHMDF BMS macro User's Guide32.1
DFHMDI BMS macro CICS Option TG1.1
User's Guide32.1
DFHMFSET utility CICS Option TG2.4
DFHMO2 sample program Administrator's Guide15.1
DFHMSD BMS macro User's Guide32.1
dfhpbms Migration Cookbook12.1
dfhpcbcu Migration Cookbook12.1
Dfhpcryp utility Administrator's Guide10.5.3
DFHRDTUX user exit program Administrator's Guide13.2.3.3 , 13.2.5
DFHTERM group Migration Cookbook12.3.1
dfhtx.cfg Migration Cookbook12.2.2
dfhtxdev.cfg Migration Cookbook12.2.2
dfhtxp command Migration Cookbook12.2.3
dfhtxs command Migration Cookbook12.2.3
DFHUESM program CICS Option TG3.3.1
DFHURDEX program Administrator's Guide13.3.1 , 13.3.2
DFHUSYNC exit program CICS Option TG8.2
Dfhzai CICS program CICS Option TG6.4
DFLD statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.3.5
DFSME000 system exit Administrator's Guide15.2
IMS Option TG7.10 , 7.13 , 7.14 , 7.15
DFSME127 system exit Administrator's Guide15.2
DFSORT utility IDE TG3.2
DFSRRC00 utility IDE TG3.5
DG Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh12
See Data General Interactive COBOL
IMS Option IMS Option TG3.4
COBOL Getting Started29.2.3 , 30.1.6 , 32.1.6
Dialect Compatibility Tools Migration Cookbook7.2
Dialog box
Add Files to Project Getting StartedA.3
Open Getting StartedA.3
Dictionary file User's Guide8.11
Diff Workbench component Migration Cookbook7.2
source control User's Guide26.2.2
adding Mainframe Express Administrator's Guide6.2.1
overview Getting Started14.1.1
SCC Interface Option Administrator's Guide6.2.3
user ID for administrator Administrator's Guide6.1
Dimensions commands Administrator's Guide6.3
Dimensions Server
access permissions Administrator's Guide6.2.5
access to Administrator's Guide6.2.4
administrator permissions Administrator's Guide6.2.6
.dir file Migration Cookbook5.1
Direct TCP connection Configuring CCI5.2.2
Directing sentence
See COBOL system-directing sentence
Directing statement
See COBOL system-directing statement
Directing verb Language Reference3.9.2.3
See Compiler directive
ECHO system Administrator's Guide15.4.2
for MDECONV Administrator's Guide4.1.2
DIRECTIVES-IN-COMMENT Compiler directive IDE TG1.2.2
Directory Getting Started4.2
structure Migration Cookbook3.1.1
DISCONNECT DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG18.5.2
Disconnect Project from Source Control
source control User's Guide26.2.2
Disk file Language Reference14.7
DISP option
CLOSE statement Language Reference12.7
$DISPLAY statement Language Reference18.5.1
DISPLAY statement Language Reference12.13
DG I COBOL LR - Additional Topics12.3.3
Microsoft COBOL LR - Additional Topics10.4.3
RM COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.3.6
screen item Language ReferenceCh9
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.6
DISPLAY usage Language Reference2.6.4.1 , 8.25
DISPLAY-1 usage LR - Additional Topics4.14.8
DISPLAY-OF function Language Reference11.9.14
Distributed application
debugging User's Guide8.12
with CICS Option CICS Option TG5.1 , Ch9
Distributed program linking CICS Option TG5.4
Getting Started20.1
User's Guide30.5.1
Distributed transaction processing CICS Option TG5.5
Getting Started20.1
User's Guide30.5.1
DIV statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.3.2
DIVIDE statement Language Reference12.14
Division by zero Language Reference10.5.2
Division header Language Reference3.10.2.1
call IMS Option TG12.2
Call Trace utility IMS Option TG3.4
DEDB POS call IMS Option TG6.16
error message IMS Option TG13.3
GSAM IMS Option TG12.5
interactive call IMS Option TGCh9
MSDB FLD call IMS Option TG6.18
packet size IMS Option TG22.1
Remote IMS IMS Option TG24.2
statement IMS Option TGCh10
terminating call IMS Option TG25.4.1
DLC over 802.2 Configuring CCIApI , ApJ
DLITCBL routine IMS Option TG1.5.3
DLITimeout setting in rmtims.ini IMS Option TG18.2.8
.dml file IDE TG2.1
DO statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG8.5.2.1 ,
Docked window Getting StartedA.16
User's Guide9.6.1
finding your way around Getting StartedCh3
DOS Getting StartedA.15
DOS/VS COBOL LR - Additional TopicsCh9
DOSVS Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh9
in filename Migration Cookbook18.3
Double-Byte Character Set LR - Additional TopicsCh4
Micro Focus extensions LR - Additional TopicsCh5
Double-precision floating-point item Language Reference2.6.4.3
DOWN clause
SET statement Language Reference16.3
DPAGE statement
MFSGEN IMS Option TG7.2 , 7.7 ,
Drag and Drop Mainframe Access GuideCh10
Drag and drop Getting StartedA.13
Drive Getting Started4.2
assigning Getting Started10.3.2.1
on another computer Getting Started8.1
Dropdown list Getting StartedA.9
DSA control block IDE TG5.2.3
DSATTS operand CICS Option TG1.1
See Data set name
DSN TSO command IDE TG6.2
DSNTIAR tool Host Compat. Option TG19.2
DSNTIAUL format Host Compat. Option TG13.9
DSNTIAUL utility Migration Cookbook15.3.1
User's Guide39.4.5
DTFCD Assembler macro Migration Cookbook20.2.1
Dtoldemo project Getting Started12.2
See Distributed transaction processing
Dummy program utility IDE TG3.4
Dump User's Guide8.10
in Assembler debugger User's Guide29.7.2
Dump Assembler debugger command Getting Started18.3.4
Duplicate record key Language Reference3.5.4.2 ,
DG I COBOL LR - Additional Topics12.1.5
DUPLICATES phrase Language Reference3.5.4.1
File-Control entry Language Reference6.3.2
SORT statement Language Reference16.4
Duplicating method
remote terminal definition CICS Option TG5.3.1.2
DYNAM Compiler directive Language Reference12.4
allocation Assembler Option TG2.2
database cache IMS Option TG3.10
linking Assembler Option TG1.2.2 , 1.2.3
member list for a partitioned data set IDE TG4.5
rollback IMS Option TG2.1
storage area IDE TG5.2.3
Dynamic access mode
indexed file Language Reference3.5.4.2
READ statement Language Reference15.2
relative file Language Reference3.5.3.2
REWRITE statement Language Reference15.5
WRITE statement Language Reference16.14
Dynamic bind utility Host Compat. Option TG19.1.1
DYNAMIC clause LR - Additional Topics13.4.3
Dynamic data allocation
example LR - Additional Topics6.3
Dynamic Data Exchange
Dynamic Database Attach IMS Option TG1.5.9
sample program Administrator's Guide15.1
syncpoint IMS Option TG4.7.5
DYNAMICRULES DB2 directive option Host Compat. Option TG18.5.2

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