AccuRev Menu

AccuRev Plug-In for Visual Studio PE adds an AccuRev submenu to Visual Studio’s main menu. This submenu is also accessible through File > AccuRev. See Commands Available on the AccuRev Menu. The menu contains global AccuRev commands, which are not specific to any file selection.


The AccuRev submenu contains these commands:

If some commands on this menu are disabled, either you need to log in to the AccuRev Server, or your solution is not in an AccuRev workspace. If Login fails, check your connection to the AccuRev Server process.

Note: You can specify the path to the AccuRev executable in the AccuRev Executable field on the Configuration tab of the AccuRev Options page (Tools > Options > Source Control > AccuRev Options Page). The path to your AccuRev executable usually takes the following form: <AccuRev_install_dir>\bin\accurev.exe. If this field is left blank, AccuRev Plug-In for Visual Studio PE uses the value in your system PATH environment variable. If your system PATH environment variable contains multiple entries for AccuRev executables, ensure that the current path appears first.