This list includes brief definitions of terms used in this document.

  • Administrative Console: the user interface for the MSS Administrative Server, used to manage and configure terminal sessions.

  • Administrative Server (or MSS Administrative Server): component installed with Host Access Management and Security Server.

  • DCAS (Digital Certificate Access Server): a TCP/IP server application that interfaces with IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) to return PassTickets, which act as passwords in the automated sign-on process.

  • MSS: abbreviation for Host Access Management and Security Server.

  • PassTicket: a time-limited, encrypted substitute for a user’s password. PassTickets are generated per user for a one-time-only use.

  • RACF: IBM Resource Access Control Facility. RACF is a security system that provides access control and auditing functionality for the z/OS and z/VM operating systems.

  • Workspace Automated Sign-on: a specific session type that can be used with Reflection or InfoConnect Desktop 16.2 or higher.