2. Activate Automated Sign-On for Mainframe

Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On is provided as an activation file, which must be uploaded and activated in Management and Security Server.


The activation file for your emulator also needs to be uploaded.

  1. Check to see which activation files are already installed.

    a. In the MSS Administrative Console, click About > Activated Products.

    b. In the list of Currently Installed activation files, look for

    • the Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On
    • your terminal emulator client

    c. For each activation file listed, check the version. To ensure compatibility with the latest features, be sure the <major>.<minor> version of each activation file is the same as the version of MSS.

  2. If the activation files for Automated Sign-On for Mainframe and your terminal emulation product are present for version 14.1.0, skip to Configure DCAS and RACF.

    If not, you must obtain and activate version 14.1.0. Continue with step 3.

  3. Download and install the 14.1.0 activation files for Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On and/or the terminal emulator client.

    a. On the Downloads site, from the list of product entitlements, locate Host Access Management and Security Server--Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On. Click Download and click the automated sign-on activation file: activation.automated_signon_for_mainframe-<version>.jaw

    b. Accept the terms and license to download both MSS and the activation file for your terminal emulator, such as activation.mss_for_windows_desktop_emulation-<version>.jaw. Note the download location.

  4. In the MSS Administrative Console, open Configure Settings - Product Activation.

    a. Click Activate New to open a list of available files and browse to the location where the activation files were downloaded.

    b. Click the activation file for automated sign-on: activation.automated_signon_for_mainframe‑<version>.jaw

    The list of Currently Installed products now includes Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On version 14.1.0.

  5. Repeat the Activate New steps to activate your terminal emulator client.

  6. Restart your browser to ensure that the Administrative Console is fully updated with the new set of activation files. You do not need to restart the MSS Server (service).

Once Automated Sign-On for Mainframe is activated and enabled, it's time to configure DCAS and RACF on your z/OS system.