Administrators' Task List

The configuration of Automated Sign-on for Mainframe typically requires assistance from more than one administrator.

This section takes the vantage point of each system administrator and the tasks that need to be done. Of course, one person may serve the role of more than one administrator.

The tasks are presented as checklists to ensure the Initial Setup is complete before you run a Simple Test and then deploy to Production.

MSS administrator

Perform these tasks in Management and Security Server, noting the dependencies. Refer to the Configuration Workflow for the full picture of what needs to be configured.


The Initial Setup requires a task to be done by the z/OS administrator.

Configuration steps Task
Initial setup 1. Install or upgrade MSS
2. Activate the Automated Sign-On for Mainframe Add-On
3. After the z/OS administrator has configured DCAS and RACF on z/OS, configure authentication and authorization.
4. Establish trust between the MSS Administrator Server and the DCAS server
5. Create an IBM 3270 session with an automated sign-on macro
Simple test 1. Assign access to one user for testing
2. Run a test
Production 1. Map enterprise IDs to mainframe user names
2. Assign access to the automated sign-on for mainframe sessions
3. Deploy automated sign-on sessions to users

Terminal emulation administrator

For each terminal emulation product, complete these tasks:

  • Enable the product to use automated sign-on.
  • For Reflection/InfoConnect Desktop, configure centralized management and then create an automated sign-on macro.

z/OS administrator

  • Configure DCAS and RACF on z/OS. See the detailed steps in Appendix A.