Configuration Workflow

Automated Sign-on for Mainframe requires configuration to be done in different places, most likely by different people. Some tasks can be done in parallel.

Follow the flow of tasks and note what needs to be configured where. After the Initial Setup is configured, you can run a simple test to prepare for production.

Workflow Configuration task
Initial setup 1. Install or upgrade MSS on a server that meets the system requirements
2. In MSS: Activate Automated Sign-On for Mainframe
3. On z/OS: Configure DCAS and RACF
4. In MSS: Configure authentication and authorization
5. In MSS: Establish trust between the MSS Administrative Server and the DCAS server
6. In your emulator client: Enable the emulator for automated sign-on. The steps are specific to your emulator and session type.
7. In MSS: Create an IBM 3270 session with an automated sign-on macro
Simple test 8. In MSS: Assign access to one user for testing
9. In MSS: Run a test
Production 10. In the data store: Map enterprise IDs to mainframe user names
11. In MSS: Assign access to the automated sign-on for mainframe sessions
12. Using your typical deployment method, deploy automated sign-on sessions to users