8. Assign Access to One User for Testing

To test the macro, choose one user who has a “literal value” mapped to a mainframe user name.

  1. In Administrative Console, click Assign Access.

  2. For testing, Search for the user with the mapped user name. (You can use * in the Search box.)

  3. For the selected user, check the session that you created with the logon macro.

  4. Next to the selected session, click Edit.

    In the Source of user name dialog, identify the method to use to derive the mainframe user name to automatically log on that user to that session.

    • For testing, choose Literal value, which is available only for individual users, not groups.

      (Literal value is not used in production.)

    • Enter a Literal value, such as the user’s mainframe user name, that conforms to these criteria:

      • up to eight alphanumeric characters

      • no spaces

      • no other characters

    • If you configured more than one DCAS server, select or verify the one to use for this assignment.

    • Click OK.

  5. Click Currently Assigned (on the left navigation) to confirm your entries.

  6. Run a test.

For production, access is assigned based on your data store of identity mappings. (Map enterprise IDs to mainframe user names.)