Character User Interfaces


Table of Contents


Part 1: Character Tools

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Enhanced ACCEPT/DISPLAY Syntax
Chapter 3: Configuring Adis Using Adiscf
Chapter 4: Keyboard Configuration Utility (Keybcf)
Chapter 5: Panels
Chapter 6: COBOL System Library Routines
Chapter 7: Windowing Support for Text-based Systems

Part 2: Writing On-line Help

Chapter 8: Introduction to On-line Help
Chapter 9: On-line Help Viewer (HyHelp)
Chapter 10: On-line Help System
Chapter 11: On-line Help Source File Format
Chapter 12: Directives for the On-line Help Builder
Chapter 13: Configuration Option Tags
Chapter 14: On-line Help Tags
Chapter 15: Ohbld Error Messages
Chapter 16: Glossary of On-line Help Terms

Part 3: Tutorial and Examples

Appendix A: Tutorial - ACCEPT/DISPLAY
Appendix B: Examples and Sample Programs


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