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Java Distributed ComputingCh2
        adding COBOL methods Distributed Computing7.3.3
        by content Distributed Computing2.3.3 , 2.3.4
        by reference Distributed Computing2.3.3 , 2.3.4
        by value Distributed Computing2.3.3 , 2.3.4
        calling COBOL Distributed Computing2.3.4
        calling from COBOL Distributed Computing6.1
        calling Object COBOL Distributed Computing7.1
        compiling programs Distributed Computing6.2.3
        data type coercion Distributed ComputingCh8
        declaring classes Distributed Computing6.3.1
        demonstration programs Distributed Computing2.6 , 7.5
        domain Distributed ComputingCh6
        exception handling Distributed Computing6.3.5
        exception thrown from COBOL Distributed Computing2.5.1
        multi-threading Distributed Computing2.3.1
        overloading methods Distributed Computing7.3.3
        Set up COBOL Support Distributed Computing6.2
        static functions Distributed Computing7.3.3
        String Distributed Computing2.4
        StringBuffer Distributed Computing2.4
        throwing exceptions from COBOL Distributed Computing7.3.4
        unsupported JVM Distributed Computing7.2.1
        wrapper Distributed Computing7.3.2
Java applet Internet Applications3.3 , 10.2 , 10.4
Solutions Guide3.3
Java Native Interface Distributed Computing2.5
Java package Distributed Computing6.3.1
Java wrapper functions Distributed Computing7.3.3
JavaScript Internet Applications10.1 , 10.2 , 11.3
Solutions Guide3.3.2
        format of function Internet Applications10.
JNI Distributed Computing2.5
.js file Internet Applications10.2 , 11.3
JScript Internet Applications10.1 , 11.3
JUSTIFIED clause Language Reference8.1.1.1 , ,
jvm.dll Distributed Computing6.2.1

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