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C header file Migration Cookbook2.3.1.24
CALL BY VALUE Language Reference12.1.4
Call convention Language Reference6.1.2.3
Call Name Resolution Migration Cookbook2.3.1.5
CALL Prototype Language Reference3.4
CALL prototypes Language Reference5.2 , , 12.1.4
CALL statement Language Reference12.1.4
Call-by-name routines Migration CookbookCh4
        CBL_CHANGE_DIR Migration Cookbook3.1.1.4
Call-by-Number Routine - x"91" function 69 Migration Cookbook3.1.1.2
Call-by-Number Routine - x"d0" Migration Cookbook3.1.1.3
Call-by-number routines Migration CookbookCh4
CALL-RECOVERY Compiler directive Distributed Computing11.1.1
Callable File Handler Getting StartedB.1.1.2
Callable Rebuild Getting StartedB.1.1.3
Callable Sort Getting StartedB.1.1.4
Calling Java from COBOL Distributed Computing6.1
Calling Object COBOL from Java Distributed Computing7.1
CANCEL Multi-threading3.5
CANCEL statement Language Reference12.1.5
Canceling a program Distributed Computing2.3.6
Canceling programs Multi-threading3.5
Canceling threads Multi-threading3.4.3
        in tutorial Getting Started4.2
CASE directive Internet Applications8.2.1 , 8.2.2
Case sensitivity UNIX Option User's Guide1.4
Catch, Java exceptions Distributed Computing6.3.5
Category Language Reference2.6
.cbl file Internet Applications4.6 , 5.2.1 , 6.4
Cbllink Getting StartedB.1.1.5
Migration Cookbook2.3.1.6
CBL_ALLOC_MEM Migration Cookbook4.1.1.1
CBL_CHANGE_DIR Migration Cookbook3.1.1.4
CBL_SCR_ALLOCATE_VC_COLOR Migration Cookbook3.1.1.5
CBL_SCR_CREATE_VC Migration Cookbook3.1.1.5
CBL_SCR_DESTROY_VC Migration Cookbook3.1.1.5
CCI filenames Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6
CGI Internet Applications1.1 , Ch7 , Ch8
        building Internet Applications4.4.1
CGI applications UNIX Option User's Guide2.7 , 7.2.5
        publishing UNIX Option User's Guide7.1.1 , 7.1.1
CGI program Getting StartedApC
Solutions Guide3.5.1
        publishing UNIX Option User's Guide4.3
CGI Support Getting StartedB.1.1.9
CHAIN statement Language Reference12.1.6
        Compiler directive UNIX Option User's Guide2.2
        folder Getting StartedA.2
Changing installation location of Samba UNIX Option User's GuideA.4.4
CHAR function Language Reference11.9.6
CHAR in SQL Migration Cookbook7.2.1
Character set Language Reference2.1
        converting Getting Started6.3.13
        Data File Editor Getting Started6.3.14
Character-mode Getting StartedApC
Character-mode applications Migration Cookbook2.1
Character-mode Dialog System Migration Cookbook8.2
Character-string Language Reference2.2.2
CHARACTERS phrase Language Reference13.1.12
Check box Internet Applications3.2 , 6.3.3
Checker Migration Cookbook2.3.1.14
        if DNS configured UNIX Option User's GuideA.2.2
        if NIS configured UNIX Option User's GuideA.2.2
Checking portability
        in UNIX Option Getting Started14.3.2
CHECKNUM Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7 ,
CHIP Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7
Class and category Language Reference2.6
Class Browser Getting StartedB.1.1.16
Migration Cookbook2.3.1.7
CLASS clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Class condition Language Reference10.
Class Library Getting StartedB.1.1.16
Migration Cookbook2.3.1.8
Class library Migration CookbookCh5
Class methods in Java Distributed Computing7.3.3
Class Object Migration Cookbook2.3.1.29
Class of data Language Reference2.6
Class Wizard Getting StartedB.1.1.19
Distributed Computing4.3 , 4.3.1
CLASS-ID paragraph Language Reference5.3
CLASS-OBJECT Migration Cookbook2.3.1.29
CLASSPATH environment variable Distributed Computing6.2.1
        in tutorial Getting Started4.2
Clicking a cross-reference Getting Started4.3
Client Getting StartedApC
        ActiveX Distributed Computing4.2
        thick Solutions Guide2.2.1
        thin Solutions Guide2.2.1
Client/server Getting StartedApC
        application Solutions Guide2.1.1 , 2.2.1
        architecture Solutions Guide2.1
        benefits Solutions Guide2.1.2
client/server Internet Applications1.1
Client/Server Bindings Getting StartedB.1.1.6
Close button Getting StartedA.1
CLOSE REEL Language Reference12.1.7
CLOSE statement Language Reference12.1.7 , 12.1.7 , 12.1.7 , 12.1.7 , 12.1.7
CLOSE UNIT Language Reference12.1.7
        a project Getting Started5.3
        a window Getting Started5.3
        can't close Application Output window Getting Started5.3
        Net Express Getting Started5.3
        Output window Getting Started5.3
CMPR2 Migration Cookbook6.4
Co-Writer Migration Cookbook2.3.1.16
Cob Migration Cookbook2.3.1.9
cobcall() function Distributed Computing2.3.3
COBJVM environment variable Distributed Computing6.2.1
cobload() function Distributed Computing2.3.2
cobloadclass() function Distributed Computing7.3.2
COBOL data files
        importing UNIX applications UNIX Option User's Guide5.2
COBOL Language Concepts Language ReferenceCh2
COBOL source format Language Reference1.2.1 , 3.10
COBOL Source Information Migration Cookbook2.1
COBOL Syntax
        getting help Getting StartedCh3
COBOL System Library Routines Getting StartedB.1.1.7
Migration Cookbook2.3.1.10
COBOL system library routines Migration CookbookCh4
COBOL words Language Reference2.2.2.1
COBOL Workbench
        interface to Data Tools Migration Cookbook10.2.2
COBOL370 Migration Cookbook6.4 , 6.5.1
COBSQL Getting StartedB.2.1.1
Migration Cookbook2.3.1.11 , Ch7
UNIX Option User's GuideCh6
        and UNIX UNIX Option User's Guide6.2
        command lines UNIX Option User's Guide6.2.1
        error messages UNIX Option User's Guide6.2.2
COBSW=+Z Migration Cookbook6.3
Code compatibility Migration Cookbook1.2
CODE-SET clause Language Reference8.1.1.4 ,
Collating sequence Language Reference10.1.4.2
COLLATING SEQUENCE clause Language Reference6.1.2.2 ,
COLLATING SEQUENCE phrase Language Reference14.1.1 , 16.1.4
Color Migration Cookbook2.1
Color, setting Internet Applications10.3.1.5
Column Getting Started11.1.1
COLUMN clause Language Reference9.1.1.8
Columns in list
        rearranging Getting StartedA.6
Combined condition Language Reference10.
Combined relation condition
        abbreviated Language Reference10.1.4.4
        postbuild UNIX Option User's Guide3.2.1.3
        prebuild UNIX Option User's Guide3.2.1.3
Command line
        Data File Converter Migration Cookbook10.2.2
Command prompt Getting StartedB.1.1.8
        function-name Language Reference12.1.1
COMMAND-LINE function-name Language Reference12.1.13
Command-line sort Migration Cookbook2.3.1.41
Comment lines Language Reference1.2.3 , 1.2.3 , , 3.10.5
Comment-entry Language Reference2.2.4.9 , 5.1
        in Dialog System Getting Started12.3.5.2
        in-line Language Reference3.10.5.1
COMMIT Migration Cookbook7.2.1
COMMIT in SQL Migration Cookbook7.2.1 , 7.2.1
COMMIT statement Language Reference12.1.8
COMMON clause Language Reference5.2
Common Communications Interface Migration Cookbook2.3.1.12
Common Gateway Interface Getting StartedB.1.1.9
Internet Applications8.1
Common gateway interface Solutions Guide3.5.1
Common program Language Reference3.7.1
Communication across networks Getting StartedB.1.1.6
Communications Module Migration Cookbook2.1 ,
COMP usage Language Reference2.6.4
COMP-3 Language Reference2.6.4.4
COMP-3 usage Language Reference2.6.4
COMP-4 usage Language Reference2.6.4
COMP-5 Compiler directive Language Reference2.6.4.5
COMP-5 usage Language Reference2.6.4
COMP-X usage Language Reference2.6.4
Comparisons Language Reference10.1.4.2 ,
Comparisons involving index data items Language Reference10.1.4.2
Comparisons involving index-names Language Reference10.1.4.2
        UNIX Option UNIX Option User's GuideApC
Compatibility of code Migration Cookbook1.2
Compilation group Language Reference4.2
Compilation Group Concepts Language ReferenceCh3
Compilation Group structure Language Reference4.2
Compiler Migration Cookbook2.3.1.14
Compiler directive
        CHANGE-MESSAGE UNIX Option User's Guide2.2
        INTLEVEL UNIX Option User's Guide2.1
        LINKCOUNT UNIX Option User's Guide2.4
        multi-threading Multi-threadingCh4
        OOCTRL(+P) Distributed Computing4.3
        OOCTRL(+p-f) Distributed Computing6.2.2
        REENTRANT Multi-threading2.1.3 , Ch4
        SERIAL Multi-threading2.1.2 , Ch4
        setting for servers UNIX Option User's Guide3.2.5
        using to optimize performance Multi-threadingCh4
Compiler directives Language Reference18.2
Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7 , Ch6
        for ISAPI programs Internet Applications8.2.1
        for NSAPI programs Internet Applications8.2.2
        setting for specific project UNIX Option User's Guide3.1.2
Compiler directives for SQL Migration Cookbook7.2.1
Compiler Options Selection Aid Migration Cookbook2.3.1.15
Compiler-directing statements Language ReferenceCh18
        Java programs Distributed Computing6.2.3
        what to use Getting StartedCh1
Complex condition Language Reference10.1.4.3 , 18.2.3 , 18.2.3
COMPOPT Migration Cookbook2.3.1.15
Composite of operands Language Reference10.1.5.4 , 12.1.2 , 12.1.14 , 14.1.3 , 16.1.8
COMPUTATIONAL Language Reference2.6.4 , ,
COMPUTATIONAL-1 Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTATIONAL-2 Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTATIONAL-3 Language Reference2.6.4 , , ,
COMPUTATIONAL-4 Language Reference2.6.4 ,
COMPUTATIONAL-5 Language Reference2.6.4 , ,
COMPUTATIONAL-X Language Reference2.6.4 , ,
COMPUTE in SQL Migration Cookbook7.2.1
COMPUTE statement Language Reference12.1.9
Computer storage allocation Language Reference2.6.4.2 ,
Computer-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
Concurrency Migration Cookbook2.3.1.17
Concurrent Workbench Migration Cookbook2.3.1.18
Condition evaluation rules Language Reference10.
Condition-Name Language Reference2.2.2.1
Condition-name Language Reference2.6.5.7
Condition-name condition Language Reference10.
Condition-name rules Language Reference8.1.1.26
Conditional compilation Language Reference18.2.1 , 18.5
Conditional expression Language Reference10.1.4
Conditional expressions
        constant Language Reference18.2.3
Conditional record layout Getting Started6.3.5
Conditional sentence Language Reference3.9.2.2
Conditional statement Language Reference3.9.2.1
Conditional variable Language Reference8.1.1.11 , , 16.1.3
Conditions Language Reference10.1.4
Configuration Migration Cookbook2.3.1.3
        run-time Migration Cookbook3.1.1.10
Configuration section Language Reference6.1.2
        Samba UNIX Option User's GuideA.4
        SCP UNIX Option User's GuideA.2
        server UNIX Option User's Guide3.2.1 , ,
Configuring a Web server Getting StartedApD
Configuring the IDE Getting Started5.2.6
Conformance Language Reference10.1.7
CONNECT Migration Cookbook7.2.1
Connecting to a relational database Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
        explicit Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
        implicit Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
CONSOLE IS CRT clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
CONSTANT Compiler directive Language Reference18.5
Constant conditional expression Language Reference18.2.3
Constant-name rules Language Reference8.1.1.11 ,
Constant-Names Language Reference2.2.2.1
Constant-names Language Reference2.2.4.4
Constructor, Java Distributed Computing6.3.2
Contacting MERANT
        addresses and numbers Getting StartedCh3
        rearranging Getting StartedA.6
Contention Internet Applications7.2
Contents List
        returning Getting Started4.3
Context help Getting StartedCh3 , 5.2.8
Context help button Getting StartedA.1
Context menu Getting StartedA.9
Context-sensitive words Language Reference2.2.2.1
Continuation of lines Language Reference1.2.3 ,
CONTINUE statement Language Reference12.1.10 , 14.1.4
        method Internet Applications10.3.1.3
        name Internet Applications7.3
        properties Internet Applications10.3.1.4
        style Internet Applications10.3.1.5
        type Internet Applications6.3
        value Internet Applications7.3
CONTROL clause Language Reference9.1.1.1 ,
Controls Getting StartedApC
        adding Getting Started12.3.4
Convert3 Migration Cookbook2.1
Convert5 Migration Cookbook2.1
        tutorial Getting StartedCh6
        character set Getting Started6.3.13
        data file Getting Started6.3.1
Converting C header file Migration Cookbook2.3.1.24
Converting existing COBOL
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh10
        what to use Getting StartedCh1
Converting out-of-process servers Distributed Computing4.3.1
CONVERTING phrase Language Reference13.1.12
Converting Windows GUIs to HTML Migration Cookbook1.5
CONVERTPTR Migration Cookbook6.2
CONVSPACE Migration Cookbook6.3
Cookie Internet Applications7.5 , 7.5.2
        example Internet Applications7.5.2.1
COPY statement Language Reference18.1.1 , 18.1.1 , 18.1.1 , 18.1.1 , 18.1.1 , 18.1.1
        compiling Migration Cookbook10.2.6
        creating record layout from Migration Cookbook10.2.6
        automatically generated Solutions Guide4.
        converting c header file Migration Cookbook2.3.1.24
        host variables Solutions Guide4.
        displaying Getting Started9.3.1
        system UNIX Option User's Guide4.6
        by cut and paste Getting StartedA.10
        by drag and drop Getting StartedA.11
Copying your project Internet Applications12.3.6
CORBA Getting StartedB.1.1.17
CORBA Wizard Getting StartedB.1.1.17
CORRESPONDING phrase Language Reference10.1.5.3 , 14.1.2 , 14.1.2
COS function Language Reference11.9.8
.cpf file Internet Applications4.6 , 5.2.1 , 6.4
.cpv file Internet Applications4.6 , 5.2.1 , 6.4
.cpy file Internet Applications4.6 , 5.2.1 , 6.4
CR Language Reference8.1.1.15 , ,
        applications Internet ApplicationsCh4
        asymmetric server-side program Internet Applications4.5
        conditional record layout Getting Started6.3.5
        data file Getting Started6.3.12
        default record layout Getting Started6.3.4
        file or folder Getting StartedA.3
        Internet application, overview Internet Applications2.2.1
        record layout file Getting Started6.3.3
        server-side program Internet Applications4.1
Creating a form Getting Started8.3.1
Creating a Form
        in Form Express Getting Started10.3.1
Creating a GUI application
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh12
Creating a project Getting Started8.3.1 , 12.3.1 , 14.3.1
Creating a screenset Getting Started12.3.1
Creating a Web application
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh7
        introduction Getting StartedCh8
Creating a Web database application Getting Started11.3.1
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh11
Creating threads Multi-threading3.4.2
        application Internet Applications1.1
        HTML Internet Applications3.4
Cross-platform HTML Solutions Guide3.3
Cross-reference Getting Started4.3
CRT STATUS clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
CRT status key 1 Language Reference6.1.2.3
CRT status key 2 Language Reference6.1.2.3
CRT status key 3 Language Reference6.1.2.3
CSI Migration Cookbook2.1
Ctrl+C Getting StartedA.10
Ctrl+V Getting StartedA.10
Ctrl+X Getting StartedA.10
CURRENCY directive Language Reference8.1.1.15
Currency sign Language Reference6.1.2
CURRENCY SIGN clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
CURRENT-DATE function Language Reference11.9.9
Cursor declaration Migration Cookbook7.2.1
Cursor declaration in SQL Migration Cookbook7.2.1
Cursor in SQL Migration Cookbook7.2.1
Solutions Guide4.1.1.1
CURSOR IS clause Language Reference6.1.2.3
Cut and Paste Getting StartedA.10
        EXIT PERFORM Language Reference13.1.3

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