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Label Internet Applications6.3.1
LABEL declarative Language Reference16.1.12
LABEL RECORDS clause Language Reference8.1.1.10 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7
Language extensions Language Reference1.1
Language structure Language Reference2.2
Language Support Getting StartedB.1.1.15
Language-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
Last logical record Language Reference14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 16.1.5 , 16.1.5
LEFTLINE clause Language Reference9.1.1.17
Legacy COBOL Distributed ComputingCh2
        basic tutorial Getting StartedCh10
        what to use Getting StartedCh1
Legacy code
        extending Internet Applications6.6
        reusing Internet Applications2.2.2 , Ch6
        selecting a file Internet Applications6.2
        selecting data Internet Applications6.3
LENGTH function Language Reference11.9.24
LENGTH OF special register Language Reference12.1.4
LENGTH-CHECK clause Language Reference9.1.1.13
Level number Internet Applications6.3
Level-number 01 Language Reference2.5.1 ,
Level-number 66 Language Reference2.5.1 , , , ,
Level-number 77 Language Reference2.5.1 , ,
Level-number 78 Language Reference2.5.1 ,
Level-number 88 Language Reference2.5.1 , , ,
Level-numbers Language Reference2.5.1 , 2.5.1 ,
Levels Language Reference2.5
LIBRARIAN Migration Cookbook6.4
Library Migration Cookbook2.3.1.26
        Class Migration Cookbook2.3.1.8
Library routine Multi-threading3.3
        thread control Multi-threading3.3.1
        thread synchronization Multi-threading3.3.2
        thread-specific data Multi-threading3.3.3
Library Routines Migration Cookbook2.3.1.10
Library routines Getting StartedB.1.1.7
Migration CookbookCh4
License agreement
        ODBC Getting StartedB.1.1.18
LINAGE clause Language Reference7.1.3 , , , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14 , 16.1.14
LINAGE-COUNTER Language Reference7.1.3 , , ,
Line Migration Cookbook2.1
LINE clause Language Reference9.1.1.18
Line sequential files Language Reference3.5.2.2 ,
Link Getting Started4.3
Link type
        ACCEPT/DISPLAY Migration Cookbook1.3
Linkage Section Language Reference7.1.7
LINKCOUNT Compiler directive UNIX Option User's Guide2.4
Linked data item Internet Applications4.2.3
Linking Migration Cookbook1.1.1 , ,
        ISAPI Internet Applications8.2.3
        NSAPI Internet Applications8.2.3
        what to use Getting StartedCh1
Linking to a Web application Getting Started7.2.2
        in books Getting StartedCh3
        dropdown Getting StartedA.8
        multicolumn Getting StartedA.6
        selecting items Getting StartedA.7
List files as source files Language Reference3.10.1.1
List view Internet Applications5.1
Listing control statements Language Reference18.6
Literal Language Reference2.2.4
Literal field Language Reference9.1.1 ,
Litlinked calls Migration Cookbook3.1.1.8
Loading a project Getting Started5.2.2
Loading project
        in tutorial Getting Started4.3
Local dialog Getting Started12.3.5
Local name Language Reference3.8.4 , 3.8.4
Local-Storage Section Language Reference7.1.6 , 7.1.6
        troubleshooting UNIX Option User's Guide7.2.3
LOCK MODE clause Language Reference6.1.3.1
LOCK MODE IS AUTOMATIC Language Reference14.1.7 , 15.1.2
LOCK MODE IS EXCLUSIVE Language Reference14.1.7
LOCK MODE IS MANUAL Language Reference14.1.7 , 15.1.2 , 15.1.2
Locking build areas UNIX Option User's Guide3.2.3
Locking files on network Getting StartedB.1.1.11
Locking program Getting Started5.2.4
LOG function Language Reference11.9.26
LOG10 function Language Reference11.9.27
Logic error Language Reference10. , ,
Logical connectors Language Reference10.1.4.3
Logical directory UNIX Option User's Guide3.1.3
Logical operators Language Reference8.1.1.26 , ,
Low-level file-handling Getting StartedB.1.1.2
LOW-VALUE Language Reference6.1.2.3 ,
LOWER-CASE function Language Reference11.9.28
LOWLIGHT clause Language Reference9.1.1.19

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