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.obj code
        migrating Migration Cookbook1.2
obj.conf file Internet Applications12.3.10.1
Object COBOL V3.4
        migration overview Migration Cookbook1.1.3
Object COBOL V4.0
        migration overview Migration Cookbook1.1.1
OBJECT paragraph Language Reference5.5
Object property Language Reference8.1.1.16
OBJECT REFERENCE Language Reference8.1.1.25 ,
Object references
        OLE automation Distributed Computing5.3
Object Request Broker Getting StartedB.1.1.17
Distributed ComputingCh3
Object toolbar Getting Started8.3.1 , 12.3.4
Object-Computer paragraph Language Reference6.1.2.2
Object-oriented COBOL Migration Cookbook2.3.1.29
Object-oriented COBOL syntax Getting StartedB.1.1.16
Objectcontext methods Distributed Computing10.1.5
        defining Getting Started12.3.4
Objects View Internet Applications10.3.1.1
OCCURS clause Language Reference8.1.1.14 , , , , 16.1.1 , 16.1.4
OCCURS DEPENDING ON clause Language Reference8.1.1.14 ,
ODBC Getting Started11.1
Internet Applications12.4.2
Solutions Guide4.1.1
ODBC Drivers
        brief description Getting StartedB.1.1.18
ODBC License agreement Getting StartedB.1.1.18
ODOOSVS Migration Cookbook6.4
ODOSLIDE Compiler directive Language Reference8.1.1.14
Offloading Migration Cookbook2.1
OLDCOPY Migration Cookbook6.4
OLDSTRSUB Migration Cookbook6.2
OLE Automation
        Data type identifiers Distributed Computing5.4.2
        server class Distributed Computing4.3.1
OLE automation
        client Distributed Computing4.2.1
        data type coercion Distributed Computing5.2
        data types Distributed ComputingCh5
        debugging servers Distributed Computing4.3.4
        event loop Distributed Computing4.3.4
        exception base number Distributed Computing4.2.6
        exceptions Distributed Computing4.2.6
        message type Distributed Computing4.2.3
        object references Distributed Computing5.3
        OLE error code Distributed Computing4.2.6
        properties Distributed Computing4.3.1
        registration Distributed Computing4.3.2 , 4.4
        sample program Distributed Computing4.1.1
        server class Distributed Computing4.3.1
        servers Distributed Computing4.3
OLE Automation Support Getting StartedB.1.1.19
OLE object Distributed Computing5.3
OLE objects
        SafeArrays Distributed Computing5.5.4
ole32.lib Distributed Computing4.3.1
OLEBase Distributed Computing4.3
olesafe.cpy Distributed Computing5.5.1
olesup Distributed Computing5.3
olesup class Distributed Computing4.2.3 , 4.2.6
        "getBaseOleException" Distributed Computing4.2.6
        "getLastSCode" Distributed Computing4.2.6
        "setDispatchType" Distributed Computing4.2.3
OLEVariant Distributed Computing5.4
        before using Distributed Computing5.4.1
        creating Distributed Computing5.4.2
        read data Distributed Computing5.4.3
        sample program Distributed Computing5.4
OMG Getting StartedB.1.1.17
        LABEL RECORD Language Reference8.1.1.10
ON EXCEPTION phrase Language Reference12.1.1
ON OVERFLOW phrase Language Reference16.1.7 , 16.1.11 , 16.1.11
ON SIZE ERROR clause Language Reference10.1.5.2
ON SIZE ERROR phrase Language Reference10.
ON-counter Language Reference14.1.6
Online books Getting StartedCh3
Online Help System Getting StartedB.2.1.3
OO Browser Migration Cookbook2.3.1.7
OO CLass Browser Getting StartedB.1.1.16
OO Class Library Getting StartedB.1.1.16
Migration Cookbook2.3.1.8
OO class library Migration CookbookCh5
OOCTRL Compiler directive Language Reference17.1
        directive Distributed Computing4.3
OOCTRL(+p-f), compiler directive Distributed Computing6.2.2
        dialog box Getting StartedA.2
Open Database Connectivity Getting Started11.1 , B.1.1.18
Solutions Guide4.1.1
OPEN statement Language Reference3.5.5 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7
OpenESQL Getting StartedB.1.1.20
Solutions Guide4.1
        managing transactions Migration Cookbook7.2.1
OpenESQL Assistant Getting StartedB.1.1.21
Solutions Guide4. ,
Opening shared files Language Reference3.5.5 , 14.1.7
        maximum size Language Reference10.1.5.4
        composite of Language Reference10.1.5.4 , 12.1.2 , 12.1.14 , 14.1.3 , 16.1.8
        overlapping Language Reference10.1.5.5
Optimizing program performance using Compiler directives Multi-threadingCh4
OPTIONAL clause Language Reference15.1.2
Optional headings Language Reference3.1
OPTIONAL phrase Language Reference6.1.3.1 , 12.1.7 , 14.1.7 , 14.1.7
Optional words Language Reference2.2.2.1
OPTIONAL-FILE Compiler directive Language Reference14.1.7
        setting in IDE Getting Started5.2.6
OPTSIZE Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7
OPTSPEED Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7
Oracle Solutions Guide2.2.2
        and COBSQL UNIX Option User's Guide6.2.1
Oracle ESQL Migration CookbookCh7
ORB Getting StartedB.1.1.17
        See Object Request Broker
Orbix Getting StartedB.1.1.17
ORD-MAX function Language Reference11.9.39
ORD-MIN function Language Reference11.9.40
ORGANIZATION clause Language Reference6.1.3.1 ,
Organizer Migration Cookbook1.1.2 ,
        Advanced Migration Cookbook2.3.1.1
OS/VS COBOL Language Reference1.1
OSVS Language Reference10.1.5.5
Migration Cookbook6.4 , 6.5.1
OSVS Compiler directive Language Reference2.6.5.5 , 10.1.4
Out-of-line PERFORM Language Reference15.1.1
        server-side program Internet Applications7.4
        server-side program syntax Internet Applications7.4.1.1 , 7.4.2
Output field Language Reference9.1.1 ,
Output file Language Reference12.1.7 , 12.1.7
OUTPUT phrase Language Reference14.1.7
Overlapping operands Language Reference10.1.5.5
OVERLINE clause Language Reference9.1.1.21
Overloading methods Distributed Computing7.3.3

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