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E character position symbol Language Reference8.16
E function Language Reference11.9.15
/e option Fileshare Guide4.6.1.3 , ,
EANIM Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7 ,
EBCDIC character set Language ReferenceApA
EBCDIC codepage
and SQL Option Database Access10.12
displaying Getting Started5.16
EBCDIC to ANSI conversion File Handling12.8 ,
converting Getting Started5.15
Data File Editor Getting Started5.16
eblksize Distributed Computing25.5.1
ECM Database AccessCh9 , Ch11
ECMLIST directive Database Access7.4 , 9.9
Edit action bar entry Dialog System Character6.3.1.9
basic tutorial Getting StartedCh4
data in SQL Wizard GS - Additional Topics11.3.7
form Distributed Computing31.6.2
forms Distributed ComputingCh34
generated application Distributed Computing31.6
generated CGI Distributed Computing29.6
HTML Distributed Computing34.1
multiple data files Getting Started5.13
server-side program Distributed Computing29.6
what to use Getting Started1.2
Editing a server-side program GS - Additional Topics4.3.1 , 4.3.1
Editing an associated program Getting Started19.3 , 19.3
Editing hexadecimal Migration Cookbook2.4.1.26
Editing registry entries Distributed Computing15.2
Editing rules Language Reference8.16
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.14.5 , 5.10.5
Editing sign Language Reference2.6.1
Editing sign control symbol Language Reference8.16
Editor Migration Cookbook1.1.1
EHTML Distributed Computing32.4.1
directive Distributed Computing32.4.1.2
preprocessor Distributed Computing32.4.1 ,
substitution marker Distributed Computing32.4.1.1
basic tutorial Getting StartedCh7
basic tutorial on deploying Getting StartedCh8
deleting Getting Started8.8
deploy ES Deployment Guide2.6.3
deploying ES Deployment GuideCh2
deploying data files Getting Started8.5
finding data files Getting Started8.5
locating data files Distributed Computing2.5.1
redeploying Getting Started8.8
setting environment variable Distributed Computing2.5.1
settings Distributed Computing2.5.2
EJB service
debugging repeatedly Getting Started13.6
EJB service debugging
basic tutorial Getting StartedCh13
ejb-jar.xml ES Deployment Guide2.3
EJECT statement Language Reference18.6.1
Element Language Reference2.3.4
Element of collection
comparison OO Programming15.3
Elementary data items Character UIs2.1 , 2.2
Elementary item Language Reference2.5 , 2.5.1
parameter conformance Language Reference10.7.1.2
returning item conformance Language Reference10.7.2.2
size Language Reference8.16
symbols Language Reference8.16
$ELSE statement Language Reference18.5.2
Embedded HTML Getting StartedA.1.1.10 , A.1.1.11
GS - Additional Topics2.4
See also EHTML
Embedded SQL Database AccessCh9 , 10.1 , Ch11
Distributed Computing30.2.1.1
OpenESQL Assistant Database Access8.13
Embedded SQL Toolkit Migration CookbookCh7
Empty transaction in SQL Migration Cookbook7.2.1
EMPTY-CHECK clause Language Reference9.24
EMPTY-CHECK option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2
EMPTY-DATE-BLANK configuration parameter Dialog System Character17.5
Emulating keyboard commands for COBOL for UNIX tools UNIX Option Guide1.3
Emulation Dialog System Guide12.3
Emulation in Panels Version 2 Migration Cookbook2.4.1.33
Emulation-mode Dialog System Migration Cookbook8.2
objects Dialog System Guide17.2.1
Enable enterprise server run-time environment Distributed Computing2.5.2.2
ENABLE-OBJECT Dialog System Guide6.3.1 , 17.2.1
Encapsulation OO Programming2.7
Encoding of the attribute byte Character UIs7.2.4
END CLASS-OBJECT Migration Cookbook2.4.1.30
End marker Language Reference4.3
END PROGRAM header LR - Additional Topics4.11.1
$END statement Language Reference18.5.3
END-EXEC Distributed Computing32.4.1
end-inline-cfg Distributed Computing25.11.6
End-of-file status Language Reference15.2
END-OF-PAGE phrase
WRITE statement Language Reference16.14
Enhanced ACCEPT/DISPLAY Character UIsCh2
Enter key Dialog System Character10.2.8
ENTER statement Language Reference13.1
Enterprise JavaBeans
publishing to UNIX UNIX Option Guide4.4
Enterprise run-time environment
configuring Distributed Computing2.5.2.2
Enterprise Server
basic tutorial Getting StartedCh8
brief description Getting Started1.2
deploy ES Deployment Guide1.2
for development testing Getting Started8.4
license Getting Started2.1
licensing Licensing GuideCh1
Enterprise server
performance ES Config & Admin2.5
Enterprise Server Administration ES Config & AdminCh3
for development testing Getting Started8.4
URL Getting Started8.4
Enterprise server name Distributed Computing2.5.2.1
Enterprise Servers ES Config & Admin5.4.1
Enterprise servers
configuration ES Config & Admin2.4
Entry field Distributed Computing28.2 , 31.3.1
Dialog System Guide5.1.1.2
defining Dialog System Guide18.1.3
definition Dialog System Guide18.1.1
display only Dialog System Guide5.
refreshing Dialog System Guide5.1.1.2
validating Dialog System Guide17.1.1
with other controls Dialog System Guide5.
Entry fields Dialog System Character3.1.5
Entry point
creating callback OO Programming17.1
duplicate Distributed Computing37.3.9.3
finding Migration Cookbook2.4.1.5
NSAPI Distributed Computing33.5 ,
Entry points
Interface Mapper Distributed Computing2.4.1
Getting Started7.5.3
ENTRY statement Language Reference13.2
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.7
EntryCallback class OO Programming17.1
Entry_point_mapper Migration Cookbook2.4.1.5
Environment Dialog System Guide12.1
configuring for service Distributed Computing2.5.2.2
Environment Division Language ReferenceCh6
COBOL debug LR - Additional Topics2.2
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.13 , 5.9
DG I COBOL LR - Additional Topics12.1
Microsoft COBOL LR - Additional Topics10.2
Report Writer LR - Additional Topics1.3
RM/COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.1
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.3
Environment variable
CCITCP configuration Configuring CCI5.2.2.2
CCITCP2 Configuring CCI5.
Fileshare Guide8.2
CCITCPS_ Configuring CCI5.
CCITCPT_ Configuring CCI5.
CCITRACE Configuring CCI8.2.1
CLASSPATH Distributed Computing7.2
UNIX Option Guide4.4
COBCPY UNIX Option Guide4.4
COBDIR Fileshare Guide2.2
COBJVM Distributed Computing7.2
DSDIR Dialog System Character17.1
Enterprise Server ES Config & Admin2.4.4
FS Fileshare Guide2.2
FSCOMMS Fileshare Guide6.1
OOSW OO Programming7.2.1 , 7.2.3 , 7.3 , ApA
PATH UNIX Option Guide4.4
setting for a service Distributed Computing2.5.1
Environment variables
BTRMAXREC File Handling8.3.2
BTRPAGE File Handling8.3.1
COBCONFIG File Handling3.5 , 3.5.3
COBDIR File Handling3.5 , 8.4
COBHNF Character UIsCh15
EXTFH File Handling6.1
HELPFILES Character UIsCh15
MFCSCFG Distributed Computing25.5.3
.mfenv file UNIX Option Guide4.6
MFEXTMAP File Handling3.5
MFLOGDIR Distributed Computing25.5 , 25.11.1
TMP File Handling9.4
UNIX system UNIX Option Guide4.6
XFH2BTR File Handling8.4
Environment variables:ISAPI programs Distributed Computing33.3
ENVIRONMENT-NAME mnemonic-name Language Reference12.13
ENVIRONMENT-VALUE mnemonic-name Language Reference12.13
environment_mapper tunable File Handling3.5.3 , 3.5.4
EOP phrase
WRITE statement Language Reference16.14
Equality comparison OO Programming15.3.1
ERASE clause Language Reference9.10
ERASE phrase LR - Additional Topics10.4.3
Character UIs8.3.3
ERR Dialog System Character19.5
message definition Dialog System Guide3.2.8
Error Checker Dialog System GuideCh16
Error code
COM automation Distributed Computing16.7
trap field Dialog System Character11.1.1.2
Error codes
DB2 Database Access9.8
ERROR declarative Language Reference16.12
Error field attributes Dialog System Character7.3.2
Error handling OO ProgrammingCh18
Error key Dialog System Character19.5
Error message
CCI Configuring CCICh10
Error Message File
alternative Dialog System Guide15.2.1
direct access Dialog System Guide15.2
Error message file
creating OO Programming18.2
registering OO Programming18.3
Error Messages
check digit validation Dialog System Character5.
Error messages Dialog System Character5.2 , Ch22 , Ch24
Distributed Computing25.6 , 25.11.1
COBOL run-time Fileshare Guide9.1
communications Fileshare Guide9.2
Data File Converter File Handling15.1.3
date validation Dialog System Character5.
definition time Dialog System Character22.2
DFCONV utility File Handling15.1.3
dialog definition Dialog System Character22.2.6
display with Adis Character UIs3.2.1.12
error message definition Dialog System Character22.2.3
field Dialog System CharacterCh5 , 18.1
file Dialog System Character13.3 , 13.3.1
Fileshare Server Fileshare GuideCh10
import Dialog System Character22.4
log Distributed Computing25.11.1
mfsort File Handling9.5
null validation Dialog System Character5.
On-line Help Builder Character UIsCh17
panel Dialog System Character18.2
panel field definition Dialog System Character22.2.4
panel group definition Dialog System Character22.2.5
range/table validation Dialog System Character5.
related to Fileshare Fileshare GuideCh9
run-time Dialog System Character22.1
screen painting Dialog System Character22.3
transaction processing Fileshare Guide9.3
validation definition Dialog System Character22.2.2
ERRQ On-line Help Builder directive Character UIsCh14
ES license Licensing GuideCh1
installing Licensing GuideCh3
monitoring use Licensing Guide3.5
Escape characters for metacharacters UNIX Option GuideB.3
Escape key Dialog System Character19.2
ESDEMO Getting Started8.4
ESQL Migration CookbookCh7
ESQL Assistant Distributed Computing30.1
ESQLVERSION Migration Cookbook7.2.1
EVALUATE Compiler directive Language Reference18.2.5
EVALUATE statement Language Reference13.3
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.8
Evaluation rules
arithmetic expression Language Reference10.3.3
condition Language Reference10.4.3.1
Event Dialog System Character10.3.1
Distributed Computing35.3.1.1 ,
Dialog System Guide6.1 ,
ANY-OTHER-EVENT Dialog System Guide6.
BITMAP-EVENT Dialog System Guide23.2
BUTTON-SELECTED Dialog System Guide17.1.1 , 17.2.1 , 17.3.1
CLOSED-WINDOW Dialog System Guide6.3.2.10
handling OO Programming19.3
ITEM-SELECTED Dialog System Guide17.4.1
LOST-FOCUS Dialog System Guide17.1.1 , 17.1.1
mapping OO Programming19.3.3
OTHER-SCREENSET Dialog System Guide11.2.8
Sequence Dialog System Guide11.2.9
SLIDER-MOVING Dialog System Guide17.5.1
SLIDER-RELEASED Dialog System Guide17.5.1
trapped by Window Managers Dialog System Guide6.4
VAL-ERROR Dialog System Guide17.1.1
Event Block Dialog System Guide13.3.2
Event handler Distributed Computing35.1 , 35.3 ,
ActiveX control Distributed Computing35.
cross-platform compatibility Distributed Computing35.4
HTML control Distributed Computing35.
Event handler view Distributed Computing35.3.1.6
Event ID format OO Programming19.3.1
Event key define/undefine Dialog System Character10.3.1
Event mask Character UIs9.2.2.4
querying Character UIs9.2.2.4
setting Character UIs9.2.2.4
$EVENT-DATA Dialog System Guide6.2 , 17.5.1
Event-pointer Language Reference16.3
EVENT-POINTER usage Language Reference8.26
EventManager OO Programming19.3 , 19.4
Events Dialog System Character3.3
Migration Cookbook5.1
Events view Distributed Computing35.3.1.2
EXAMINE statement Language Reference13.4
Examining data Getting Started4.6
creating an OLEVariant Distributed Computing18.4.2
mapping data to input controls Distributed Computing32.3.2
mapping output data to HTML Distributed Computing32.4.1.1
Example data access application
generating Distributed Computing30.2.1 , 30.2.3
modifying Distributed Computing30.2.4
running Distributed Computing30.2.2 ,
Example Internet application
adding functionality Distributed Computing29.6.1
asymmetric application Distributed Computing29.5.1
painting forms Distributed Computing29.3.1
running Distributed Computing29.4.4
Example legacy Internet application Distributed Computing31.5
extending Distributed Computing31.6.3
running Distributed Computing31.5.1
COBOL language LR - Additional TopicsCh6
connecting your client Distributed Computing25.6
connecting your server Distributed Computing25.7
demonstration programs Distributed Computing25.1
running an application Distributed Computing25.8
COM automation Distributed Computing16.7
raising OO Programming18.4
EXCEPTION declarative Language Reference16.12
Exception handler OO Programming18.5
Exception handling OO ProgrammingCh18
tutorial OO ProgrammingCh23
Exception messages Migration Cookbook5.1
Java thrown from COBOL Distributed Computing11.3.4
Exceptions from Java Distributed Computing10.6
Excluded components Migration Cookbook2.2
Exclusive file lock Language Reference14.7
Exclusive open mode Language Reference10.6.5
EXEC HTML Distributed Computing32.4.1
GS - Additional Topics2.4
EXEC statement Language Reference13.5
EXECSP embedded SQL statement Database Access11.1
Executable files Dialog System Guide7.1.5 , 19.4
EXECUTE Database Access5.2.1.3
Execute a DOS Interrupt Migration Cookbook4.1.1.3
EXECUTE IMMEDIATE Database Access6.3.1
Migration Cookbook7.2.1
EXECUTE statement Language Reference13.5
EXECUTE-PROCEDURE Dialog System Guide6.1.3.3 , 6.3.6
Executing programs in other projects UNIX Option Guide5.3
Execution flow Distributed Computing26.3
EXHIBIT statement Language Reference13.6
Microsoft COBOL LR - Additional Topics10.4.4
Existing COBOL
basic tutorial GS - Additional TopicsCh5
what to use Getting Started1.2
field usage Dialog System Character8.1.1
Exit field
trap field Dialog System Character11.1.1.2
EXIT FUNCTION statement Language Reference13.7
EXIT METHOD statement Language Reference13.7
Exit modified
field usage Dialog System Character8.1.1
Exit on entry
field usage Dialog System Character8.1.1
EXIT PERFORM statement Language Reference13.7 , 15.1
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.9
EXIT PROGRAM statement Language Reference13.7
RM/COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.3.2
Exit regardless
field usage Dialog System Character8.1.1
EXIT statement Language Reference13.7
EXP function Language Reference11.9.16
EXP10 function Language Reference11.9.17
group size Dialog System Character9.2.4.1
EXPANDDATA Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7
EXPANDPOSITIONING configuration option File Handling6.2
EXPANDS phrase
Repository paragraph Language Reference6.2.4
EXPANDTAB configuration option File Handling6.2
Explicit attribute Language Reference2.6.6.3
Explicit Procedure Division reference Language Reference2.6.6.1
Explicit scope terminator Language Reference2.6.6.4
Explicit specification Language Reference2.6.6
Explicit transfer of control Language Reference2.6.6.2
Internet Getting Started1.3
Exponent Language Reference2. ,
Exponent symbol Language Reference8.16
Export Dialog System Character4.2.10
Export file UNIX Option Guide4.8
Export files
syntax Dialog System CharacterCh21
EXTEND phrase
OPEN statement Language Reference14.7
Extended ACCEPT/DISPLAY GS - Additional Topics2.4
Extended file status codes File Handling4.4
class OO Programming12.6
of screenset file Dialog System Character3.1.3
External Checker Module Database AccessCh9 , Ch11
EXTERNAL clause Language Reference3.8.5 , 8.2 , 8.9
OO Programming4.4
file description entry Language Reference8.1
Local-Storage Section Language Reference7.6
Thread-Local-Storage Section Language Reference7.4
External data item Language Reference3.8.5
External file connector Language Reference3.8.5
External File Mapper Migration Cookbook2.4.1.20
External file mapper File Handling3.5
activating File Handling3.5.3
disabling File Handling3.5.4
mapper file location File Handling3.5.2
mapper file structure File Handling3.5.1
External filename assignment File Handling3.2.3
external file mapper File Handling3.5
External floating-point data item Language Reference8.16
EXTERNAL INPUT-FORM Distributed Computing32.3
EXTERNAL On-line Help Builder directive Character UIsCh14
External program Language Reference8.25 , 12.4
example LR - Additional Topics6.1 , 6.1.1
EXTERNAL PROGRAM clause Language Reference5.2
External repository Language Reference3.3
OO Programming3.2 , 3.5
External switch Language Reference6.2.3 , 16.3
ExtFH Dialog System Character14.2
EXTFH environment variable File Handling6.1
EXTFH interface
WebSphere Distributed Computing21.3
extfh.cfg file File Handling6.1
EXTINDEX Migration Cookbook6.2

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