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/f option Fileshare Guide3.1 , 4.6.2
F RTS switch Language Reference10.5.7
FACTORIAL function Language Reference11.9.18
data OO Programming9.1.3
method OO Programming4.5.3 , 9.1.4
Factory method Language Reference3.6.5
Factory object Language Reference3.6.1
OO Programming2.3 , 4.2 , 9.1.3
data OO Programming4.5.1 , 4.5.2
data inheritance OO Programming4.3.2
life cycle Language Reference3.6.13.1
method inheritance OO Programming4.3.1
writing OO Programming4.5
Factory paragraph Language Reference5.4
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.2.4
"FactoryObject" method OO Programming5.3
FASTCALLS Compiler directive OO Programming7.1.1
FASTLINK Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7
FASTLINK Compiler directive OO Programming7.1.1
FASTREAD configuration option File Handling6.2
FCD File Handling7.1.2.1
accessing File Handling7.1.3
FCDREG Compiler directive File Handling7.1.3
FD entry Language Reference7.2
FDCLEAR Compiler directive Language Reference16.14
FETCH Database Access4.3 ,
FETCHBUFFER Migration Cookbook7.2.1
FHRdrPwd module Fileshare Guide5.1 , 5.1.3
FHREDIR configuration option File Handling6.2
FHRedir module Fileshare Guide1.2 , 2.1.2
fhredir.cfg file Fileshare Guide2.1.2
FI key type Migration Cookbook2.4.1.42
creating in Interface Mapper Getting Started7.5.6
initializing File Handling11.8.3
renaming in Interface Mapper Getting Started7.6.4
Field change
trap field Dialog System Character11.1.1.2
Field count
trap field Dialog System Character11.1.1.2
Field direction
Interface Mapper Getting Started7.5.6
Field entry attributes Dialog System Character7.3.2
Field format Dialog System Character5.1
user-defined Dialog System Character13.5
Field name Dialog System Character5.1
Interface Mapper Getting Started7.6.4
Field name parameter Dialog System Character10.1.2.2
Field naming menu Dialog System Character8.1
Field number
trap field Dialog System Character11.1.1.2
Field numbers
copyfile Dialog System Character12.3.1
Field Selection panel Dialog System Character3.1.5
Field size Dialog System Character3.1.2
Fieldname Distributed Computing31.3
Fields Dialog System CharacterCh3
alphabetic Dialog System Character5.1 , 5.1.7
alphanumeric Dialog System Character5.1
data Dialog System Character5.1
delete Dialog System Character5.1.3
format Dialog System Character8.1.1
group occurrence Dialog System Character9.3.4.1
insert Dialog System Character5.1.2
length Dialog System Character5.1
numeric Dialog System Character5.1.7
numeric signed Dialog System Character5.1
numeric unsigned Dialog System Character5.1
order Dialog System Character7.4.1
panel Dialog System CharacterCh8
properties Dialog System Character8.1.1
repeats Dialog System Character5.1
required Dialog System Character5.1.7
usage Dialog System Character8.1.1
validation Dialog System Character5.1
Fields instruction
mfsort File Handling9.2.1.1
Figurative constant Language Reference2.2.2.1 ,
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.10.3 , 5.8.4
File Language Reference3.5
access validation Fileshare Guide5.3
.cbl Distributed Computing29.6 , , 31.4
.cls OO Programming7.1.2 , 12.5.1
converting data file Getting Started5.3
.cpf Distributed Computing29.6 , , 31.4
.cpv Distributed Computing29.6 , , 31.4
.cpy Distributed Computing29.6 , , 31.4
hosts.equiv UNIX Option GuideA.1.1
.htm Distributed Computing30.2.1.1 , 31.4 , 34.1
I/O Language Reference10.6
.idy Distributed Computing31.1
.if OO Programming13.3
.ins OO Programming7.1.2 , 12.5.1
.js Distributed Computing35.2 , 36.3
label Language Reference8.12 , 12.7 , 14.7
location Fileshare Guide3.1
lock Language Reference10.6.5.3 , 12.7 , 14.7
locked Language Reference14.7
.mfenv UNIX Option Guide4.6
.mff Distributed Computing30.2.1.1 , 31.4 , 34.1 , 35.5.1 , 35.5.2 , 35.5.3
OO programs OO Programming4.4
organization Language Reference3.5.2.3
record layout Getting Started5.5
resource OO Programming19.2.1
.rhosts UNIX Option GuideA.1.1
sharing LR - Additional Topics12.3.4
Language Reference10.6.5
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.1.8
smbpasswd UNIX Option GuideA.3.2.2 , A.3.2.3
sstate.int UNIX Option Guide4.9
trace.log OO Programming7.3
File comparison utility (character) Migration Cookbook2.4.1.21
File connector Language Reference3.5.1 , 3.8.2 , 3.8.5
OO Programming4.4
sharing Language Reference3.7.3
File Control Description File Handling7.1.2.1
File control entry Language Reference6.3.2
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.3.2
File conversion
variable-length records File Handling15.3
File Converter
character set File Handling15.
data compression File Handling15.
profile file File Handling15.1.1.1
File description entry Language Reference8.1 , 8.1
Report Writer LR - Additional Topics1.4.1
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.4.1
File Finder Migration Cookbook2.4.1.22
File format
Btrieve File Handling15. ,
C-ISAM File Handling15. ,
Data File Converter File Handling15.1.2.1
ESDS File Handling15. ,
IDXFORMAT(4) File Handling15. ,
LEVEL-11 File Handling15. ,
Micro Focus File Handling15. ,
File Handler
calling File Handling7.1
component definition area File Handling7.
configuration File HandlingCh6
data structures File Handling7.1.2
FCD File Handling7.1.2.1 , 7.1.3
filename area File Handling7.1.2.3
global information area File Handling7.
key definition area File Handling7.
key definition block File Handling7.1.2.4
large indexed files File Handling6.3.1
operation codes File Handling7.1.4
overview File Handling1.2
performance File Handling6.3.5
record area File Handling7.1.2.2
recreating index File Handling7.1.7
relative byte addressing File Handling7.1.5
striping File Handling6.3.2
Migration Cookbook2.4.1.23
File handler
creating your own File Handling7.1.6
File handling
OO programs OO Programming4.4
File Handling Redirector module Fileshare Guide1.2 , 5.1 , 6.6.2
fhredir.cfg Fileshare Guide2.1.2
File maintenance
what to use Getting Started1.2
file management facility Distributed Computing25.11.8
File position indicator Language Reference10.6.1
OPEN statement Language Reference14.7
READ statement Language Reference15.2
START statement Language Reference16.5
File Section Language Reference3.8.1 , 7.2 , 8.2
File selection facility Dialog System Guide15.3
File sharing OO Programming4.4
File status File HandlingCh4
ANSI'74 File Handling4.3.2
ANSI'85 File Handling4.3.1
codes Language ReferenceApB
conventions File Handling4.3
defining File Handling4.2
extended File Handling4.4
IBM Mainframe COBOL emulation File Handling4.3.3
locking files File Handling5.3
Microsoft COBOL V2 emulation File Handling4.3.3
Ryan MacFarland COBOL emulation File Handling4.3.3
file control entry Language Reference6.3.2
FILE STATUS data item Language Reference10.6.2
DELETE statement Language Reference12.11
OPEN statement Language Reference14.7
READ statement Language Reference15.2
START statement Language Reference16.5
WRITE statement Language Reference16.14
File striping File Handling6.3.2
Migration Cookbook2.1 ,
examples File Handling6.3.2.4
Fileshare Fileshare Guide6.11
headers File Handling6.3.2.1
Migration Cookbook2.4.1.23
naming conventions File Handling6.3.2.3
options File Handling6.3.2.2
File Transfer Aid Migration Cookbook2.2
File-Control paragraph Language Reference6.3.1
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.13.4 , 5.9.3
Report Writer LR - Additional Topics1.3.2
File-name Language Reference2.2.3.2 , 3.8.4
DG I COBOL LR - Additional Topics12.1.2
FILEMAXSIZE configuration option File Handling6.2
Filename Fileshare Guide3.1
case sensitivity UNIX Option Guide1.4
filename patterns UNIX Option GuideB.4
HyHelp Character UIs11.2.1.3
Internet application File Handling3.1
mapping Fileshare Guide6.2
UNIX Option Guide3.1.1
Oracle database application File Handling3.1
UNIX File Handling3.1
Filename mapping
pipes File Handling3.4.1
Filename pattern
wildcards UNIX Option GuideB.4
Filenames File HandlingCh3
assigning File Handling3.2
conventions File Handling3.1
drive id File Handling3.1
format File Handling3.1
mapping File Handling3.3
pathnames File Handling3.1
Filenames for CCI Migration Cookbook3.1.1.6
FILEPOINTERSIZE configuration option File Handling6.2
corruption File Handling6.2
data File HandlingCh10
generated Distributed Computing29.6 ,
IDXFORMAT(8) File Handling11.4.3
indexed File Handling2.3
line sequential File Handling2.1.2
loading into memory File Handling6.3.5
lock File Handling6.3.5
mainframe report format File Handling15.1.2.3
merging File HandlingCh9
naming File HandlingCh3
organization File HandlingCh2
printer sequential File Handling2.1.3
rebuilding data file File Handling15.1.2.6
rebuilding index File Handling15.
record sequential File Handling2.1.1
relative File Handling2.2
sequential File Handling2.1
size File Handling6.2 , 6.3.1
sorting File HandlingCh9
striped File Handling11.4.3
structures File Handling2.5
type File Handling11.5.2
Files generated
by Dialog System Getting Started18.8
by Form Designer GS - Additional Topics3.3.5
by Form Express GS - Additional Topics5.3.3
by Internet Application Wizard GS - Additional Topics6.3.2
by UNIX Option Getting Started20.8
Files in project
nonexistent files Getting Started4.3
Files menu in HyHelp Character UIs11.2.2.2
Fileshare Getting StartedA.1.1.12
and Data File Editor Migration Cookbook10.2.3
byte-stream I/O call Fileshare Guide6.7
CCI configuration Configuring CCI7.2
communications Fileshare GuideCh8
Enterprise Server ES Config & Admin2.4.4
file striping Fileshare Guide6.11
monitoring Fileshare Guide6.5
overview Fileshare GuideCh1
performance Fileshare Guide6.10
related error messages Fileshare GuideCh9
Security Fileshare GuideCh5
single user mode Fileshare Guide6.1
UNIX Fileshare GuideCh7
using a fixed port server Configuring CCI7.
Windows NT service Fileshare Guide6.8
Fileshare Client Fileshare Guide1.2 , 2.1
CCI protocol Fileshare Guide2.1.2.2
configuration Fileshare Guide3.1
database integrity Fileshare Guide4.1.2
security Fileshare Guide5.1.1
Fileshare Manager Fileshare Guide6.6
call interface Fileshare Guide6.6.1
configuration Fileshare Guide6.6.2
linking applications Fileshare Guide6.6.3
UNIX Fileshare Guide7.1
Fileshare Server Fileshare Guide1.2
CCI protocol Fileshare Guide2.2.1.2
configuration Fileshare Guide2.2.1 , 3.2 , 6.8
database integrity Fileshare Guide4.1.3
database sequence number Fileshare Guide4.4.1
default Fileshare Guide3.1
error messages Fileshare GuideCh10
linking on Windows Fileshare Guide6.9
name Fileshare Guide2.2.1.1 , 3.2
security Fileshare Guide5.1.2
starting Fileshare Guide2.2.2
stopping Fileshare Guide2.2.3
FILETYPE Compiler directive File Handling8.6
Btrieve File Handling8.2.2
Filled shape
painting OO Programming19.2.3
Filler Character UIs2.3.2
FILLER clause Language Reference8.8
Filtering a database GS - Additional Topics6.3.7
FINAL phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.8
Java object Distributed Computing10.8
"finalize" method OO Programming3.7.1
Finalized object reference OO Programming3.7.2
Active proxy Distributed Computing16.6
FIRST DETAIL phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.9
First logical record Language Reference16.5
Fix File Index File HandlingCh14
Fixed data entry format Language Reference7.8
Fixed file attributes Language Reference14.7
Fixed format Character UIs2.1.3.1
Language Reference1.2.1
Fixed insertion editing Language Reference8.16
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.14.5.1 , 5.10.6
Fixed portion LR - Additional Topics3.1.1.2
Fixed TCP port server Configuring CCI5.2.2 , 7.1.2 ,
Fixed-length record Language Reference8.18
Fixed-length records File Handling2.4
Fixed-point numeric literal Language Reference2.
FIXING Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7
FIXOPT Compiler directive OO Programming7.1.1
FLAG Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh8
Language Reference3.1 , 10.5.5
Flag functions Dialog System Character10.1.1.18
FLAG-CHIP Migration Cookbook3.1.1.7
FLAGMIG Migration Cookbook6.4
FLAGSTD Compiler directive Language Reference5.1
float data type Database Access3.4
FLOAT-LONG usage Language Reference2.6.4.3
FLOAT-SHORT usage Language Reference2.6.4.3
Floating insertion editing Language Reference8.16
Floating-point format File Handling15.1.2.1
converting File Handling13.1
Floating-point item Language Reference2.6.4.3
Floating-point numeric literal Language Reference2.
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.1.5
Flow mode editing Distributed Computing29.2.2
FOLD-CALL-NAME Compiler directive Language Reference12.4
FOLD-COPY-NAME Compiler directive Language Reference18.1.1
painting OO Programming19.2.3
setting Dialog System GuideA.1
system proportional Dialog System Guide12.3
Font object OO Programming19.2.3
multiple resolutions Dialog System Guide15.1.2
Footing area LR - Additional Topics1.1.2.1
FOOTING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.9
Language Reference8.14
FOREGROUND-COLOR clause Language Reference9.11
FOREGROUND-COLOR option LR - Additional Topics10.4.2 , 10.4.3
Language Reference12.13
Form Distributed ComputingCh28
action property Distributed Computing37.3.7
adding controls GS - Additional Topics3.3.3
creating GS - Additional Topics3.3.1
creating in Form Express GS - Additional Topics5.3.1
event Distributed Computing35.1
overview Distributed Computing26.2
painting Distributed Computing29.3
positioning Distributed Computing28.4
scripting Distributed Computing35.1
testing GS - Additional Topics3.3.4 , 3.3.6
validation Distributed Computing35.1 , Ch36
Form Designer Distributed Computing27.2.1 , Ch28 , 29.2
brief description Getting Started1.2
editing output Distributed ComputingCh34
generated files GS - Additional Topics3.3.5
output options Distributed Computing28.4
Form Express
basic tutorial GS - Additional TopicsCh5
generated files GS - Additional Topics5.3.3
Form painting utility Migration Cookbook2.4.1.24
Form processing
basic tutorial GS - Additional TopicsCh4
Format Character UIs2.2
field Dialog System Character5.1
of fields Dialog System Character3.1.2
panel field Dialog System Character8.1.1
Formatted mode Character UIs2.1.3.1
Formatted view File Handling11.2.2
printing File Handling11.11.2
Forms Migration Cookbook2.4.1.24
FP-ROUNDING Migration Cookbook6.4
FRACTION-PART function Language Reference11.9.19
Framework OO Programming14.4 , 14.5
Callbacks OO ProgrammingCh17
collections OO ProgrammingCh15
component OO ProgrammingCh20
exception handling OO ProgrammingCh18
GUI classes OO ProgrammingCh19
FREE Database Access6.3.2
Free data entry format Language Reference7.8
Free format Character UIs2.1.3.2
Language Reference1.2.2
FROM clause Language Reference9.12
FROM phrase
REWRITE statement Language Reference15.5
WRITE statement Language Reference16.14
FS environment variable Fileshare Guide2.2
/fs option Fileshare Guide4.6.3
filename mapping Fileshare Guide6.2
fs.cfg file Fileshare Guide2.2.1
fsclose utility Fileshare Guide7.1
FSCOMMS environment variable Fileshare Guide6.1
fsmgr module Fileshare Guide6.6
fsmgr.ctl file Fileshare Guide6.6.1
fsscreen.lst file Fileshare Guide6.1
FSSecLog module Fileshare Guide5.2
FSSecOpn module Fileshare Guide5.3
user-ID Fileshare Guide5.5
FS_JOIN_FILENAME Fileshare Guide6.7.2
FS_LOCATE_FILE Fileshare Guide6.7.1
FS_SPLIT_FILENAME Fileshare Guide6.7.2
fs_status Fileshare Guide4.1.2
field property Dialog System Character8.1.1
FULL clause Language Reference9.13
Function Dialog System Guide6.1 ,
Language Reference11.1
BRANCH-TO-PROCEDURE Dialog System Guide6.1.3.3 , 6.3.6 , 17.2.2
BUTTON-SELECTED Dialog System Guide6.3.3
COPY-PAGE Dialog System Guide17.6
CREATE-WINDOW Dialog System Guide6.3.2.1
DELETE-LIST-ITEM Dialog System Guide17.4.2
DELETE-OCCURRENCE Dialog System Guide17.4.1
DELETE-PAGE Dialog System Guide17.6
DELETE-WINDOW Dialog System Guide6.3.2.6 , 7.3.3
dialog Dialog System Character10.2
DISABLE-OBJECT Dialog System Guide6.3.1 , 17.2.1
ENABLE-OBJECT Dialog System Guide6.3.1 , 17.2.1
EXECUTE-PROCEDURE Dialog System Guide6.1.3.3 , 6.3.6
IF= Dialog System Guide6.3.6 , 17.3.1
INCREMENT Dialog System Guide17.3.1 , 17.4.1
INSERT-LIST-ITEM Dialog System Guide17.4.2
INSERT-MANY-LIST-ITEMS Dialog System Guide17.4.3
INSERT-OCCURRENCE Dialog System Guide17.4.1
INVOKE-MESSAGE-BOX Dialog System Guide15.2 , 17.1.1 , 17.1.1
limit Dialog System Guide6.1.3.2
MOVE Dialog System Guide17.3.1 , 17.5.1
MOVE-OBJECT-HANDLE Dialog System Guide13.4.2 , 23.2
MOVE-WINDOW Dialog System Guide6.3.2.8
prototype Language Reference4.2
REFRESH-OBJECT Dialog System Guide6.3.8 , 17.4.1 , 17.5.1
REPEAT-EVENT Dialog System Guide11.2.8
RETC Dialog System Guide6.3.7 , 11.2.8 , 23.2
SCREENSET-INITIALIZED Dialog System Guide6.3.1
SET-BUTTON-STATE Dialog System Guide6.3.1
SET-DATA-GROUP-SIZE Dialog System Guide6.3.1 , 17.4.1
SET-DESKTOP-WINDOW Dialog System Guide6.3.2.5
SET-FIRST-WINDOW Dialog System Guide6.3.2.2
SET-FOCUS Dialog System Guide6.3.2.2 , , 17.1.1 , 17.2.2
SET-LIST-ITEM-STATE Dialog System Guide17.4.1
SET-OBJECT-LABEL Dialog System Guide6.3.2.9 , 17.2.2
SHOW-WINDOW Dialog System Guide6.3.2.2 ,
state Language Reference3.8.3.1
UNSHOW-WINDOW Dialog System Guide6.3.2.4 , 7.3.3
UPDATE-LIST-ITEM Dialog System Guide17.4.2
VAL-ERROR Dialog System Guide6.3.5
VALIDATE Dialog System Guide6.3.5 , 17.1.1
XIF= Dialog System Guide6.3.6
Function code list Dialog System CharacterCh20
Function definition Dialog System Character3.3.1
Function detail menu Dialog System Character10.2.5
Function key
pulldown Dialog System Character6.3.5.7
Function keys Character UIs2.6.1.1 ,
Dialog System Character19.2
Adis keys Character UIs2.6.2
detecting Character UIs2.6.3
Function overloading in Java Distributed Computing10.4
Function signature OO Programming13.2.2
Function-ID paragraph Language Reference5.8
Function-identifier Language Reference2.6.5.4 , 11.3
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.1.6
Function-prototype-name Language Reference2.2.3.6
Functions Dialog System Character10.1.1
attribute Dialog System Character10.1.1.1
calling program Dialog System Character10.1.1.6
callout Dialog System Character10.1.1.7
clear field Dialog System Character10.1.1.21
conditional Dialog System Character10.1.1.16
cursor Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
data manipulation Dialog System Character10.1.1.17
flag Dialog System Character10.1.1.18
HyHelp Character UIs11.2.3
Interface Mapper Getting Started7.5.3
keyboard scan Dialog System Character10.1.1.9
move panel Dialog System Character10.1.1.20
panel view Dialog System Character10.1.1.19
path control Dialog System Character10.1.1.3
procedure Dialog System Character10.1.1.4
refresh Dialog System Character10.1.1.8
screen group array size Dialog System Character10.1.1.13
screen group data positioning Dialog System Character10.1.1.12
screen group insertion and deletion Dialog System Character10.1.1.14
selection bar Dialog System Character10.1.1.11
sound Dialog System Character10.1.1.24
stack Dialog System Character10.1.1.5
terminate Dialog System Character10.1.1.23
timeout Dialog System Character10.1.1.25
validate Dialog System Character10.1.1.22

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