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X character position symbol Language Reference8.16
x"84" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.3
x"85" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.4
x"86" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.5
x"87" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.6
x"88" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.7
x"94" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.8
x"95" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.9
x"96" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.10
x"97" Migration Cookbook4.1.1.11
X"A7" function 16 Character UIs7.4.1
X"A7" function 17 Character UIs6.5
X"A7" function 18 Character UIs6.5
X"A7" function 20 Character UIs7.4.1
X"A7" function 21 Character UIs7.4.1
X"A7" function 25 Character UIs6.5
X"A7" function 6 Character UIs7.4.1
X"A7" function 7 Character UIs7.4.1
function 44 Character UIs2.6.9.1
function 45 Character UIs2.6.10.1
function 46 Character UIs2.6.9.2
function 47 Character UIs2.6.10.2
function 64 Character UIs9.1.1
function 67 Character UIs9.1.3
X"AF" function 1 Character UIs6.5
X"AF" function 18 Character UIs6.5
X"AF" function 22 Character UIs6.5
X"AF" function 26 Character UIs6.5
conflict with Adis Character UIs2.6.2 ,
X"B0" function 0 Character UIs6.5
X"B0" function 2 Character UIs6.5
X"B0" function 4 Character UIs6.5
X"E5" Character UIs6.5
X/Open extensions Language Reference1.1
database Database AccessCh10
system catalog Database Access10.4.2
version compatibility Database Access10.13
XDB directive
SQL preprocessor Database Access10.11.7
XDB link
mainframe access GS - Additional Topics10.3.8
XDB Server Database Access10.3
security Database Access10.4.1
starting Database Access10.3.2
GS - Additional Topics10.3.4
stopping GS - Additional Topics10.3.7
XFH2BTR environment variable File Handling8.4
Xfh2btr utility File HandlingCh8
configuration File Handling8.4
XIF Dialog System Character10.1.1.16 , 20.2
XIF= Dialog System Guide6.3.6
Xilerator Migration Cookbook2.2
XM Migration Cookbook2.4.1.45
Web Services Distributed Computing6.3
accessing from COBOL Distributed Computing24.1.6
COBOL structures with Distributed ComputingCh24
convert information Database Access7.15.1
copyfiles Distributed Computing24.1.3
implementing in COBOL Distributed Computing22.1.1
instance documents Distributed Computing22.3.2
mapping COBOL data to Distributed Computing24.1.5
Net Express and Distributed Computing22.1
overview Distributed Computing22.3
schemas Distributed Computing22.3.1 , 24.1.3
special registers Distributed Computing22.2.1
tutorials Getting StartedCh15 , Ch16
validating Distributed Computing24.1.7
XML PARSE statement Distributed Computing22.2
XML files created
Interface Mapping Toolkit Distributed Computing2.4.5
XML mapping
Interface Mapper Getting Started7.6.2
XML PARSE statement Language Reference16.15
XML support Database Access7.15
XML syntax extensions
CGI-based applications Distributed Computing23.3
COBOL verbs Distributed Computing23.2.7
COUNT IN clause Distributed Computing23.2.5
generating Distributed Computing24.1 , 24.1.4
IDENTIFIED BY clause Distributed Computing23.2.3
IS ATTRIBUTE clause Distributed Computing23.2.3
NAMESPACE clause Distributed Computing23.2.6
overview Distributed ComputingCh23
PROCESSING-INSTRUCTION clause Distributed Computing23.2.4
SELECT paragraph Distributed Computing23.2.1
XD file description Distributed Computing23.2.2
XML tutorials
introduction to Getting StartedCh14
migrating to XML Getting StartedCh15
XML-enabling a legacy program Getting StartedCh16
XML-CODE special register Language Reference2.2.5
XML-enabled COBOL
basic tutorial Getting StartedCh14
brief description Getting Started1.2
building Distributed Computing23.4
compiling Distributed Computing23.4
XML-enabling COBOL Distributed ComputingCh22
XML-EVENT contents Language Reference2.2.5
XML-EVENT special register Language Reference2.2.5
XML-NTEXT contents Language Reference2.2.5
XML-NTEXT special register Language Reference2.2.5
XML-TEXT contents Language Reference2.2.5
XML-TEXT special register Language Reference2.2.5
XNIM Migration Cookbook6.2
XOPEN Compiler directive Language Reference12.1
XP Dialog System Character10.1.1.4 , 20.2
XPD Dialog System Character10.1.1.15 , 20.2
XPE Dialog System Character10.1.1.4 , 20.2
XPR Dialog System Character10.1.1.4 , 20.2

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