OES 2018 SP3: OES AFP for Linux Administration Guide

  OES 2018 SP3: OES AFP for Linux Administration Guide
    Overview of AFP
      Understanding AFP
      AFP Features and Capabilities
      What’s Next
    What’s New or Changed in AFP
      What’s New (OES 2018 SP3)
      What’s New (OES 2018 SP2)
      What’s New (Update 2 - OES 2018 SP1)
      What’s New (OES 2018 SP1)
      What’s New (OES 2018)
    AFP Monitoring and Management
      Overview of AFP Monitoring and Management
      Using AFP Monitoring and Management
      Monitoring Connections
      Monitoring Files
      Monitoring Configuration Parameters
    Planning and Implementing AFP
      Supported Platforms
      Antivirus Support
      Unsupported Service Combinations
      What’s Next
    Installing and Setting Up AFP
      Installing AFP during OES Installation
      Installing AFP after OES Installation
      Installing AFP NMAS Methods
      Verifying the Installation
      What’s Next
    Administering the AFP Server
      Selecting a Server to Manage
      Configuring General Parameters
      Configuring Volume Details
      Configuring Context Details
    Migrating AFP to OES 2018 SP2
    Running AFP in a Virtualized Environment
    Configuring AFP with OES Cluster Services for an NSS File System
      Benefits of Configuring AFP for High Availability
      Volumes in a Cluster
      Configuring AFP in a Cluster
    Working with Macintosh Computers
      Administrator Tasks for Macintosh
      Macintosh End User Tasks
    Monitoring the AFP Server
      Understanding the Monitoring Process
      Enabling Monitoring
      Viewing Logs through iManager
      Understanding Performance Parameters
    Auditing the AFP Server
      Understanding the Auditing Process
      Enabling Auditing
      Viewing Auditing Information
    Troubleshooting AFP
      Known Issues
      AFP Login Issues
      Starting the AFP Server
      File Creation
      Displaying Volumes
      Log Messages
      AFP Server Responds Slowly
      Operation Fails When a Macintosh Client Mounts an NSS Volume and Opens Files
      Hard Links are Broken When Files Are Accessed from an AFP Mount Point
      AFP Subtree Search Fails
      Cannot Access an AFP Share by Using an Alias
    Security Guidelines for AFP
      Recommended Authentication Protocol
      Storing Credentials
      Intruder Detection
      Timeout Values
    Command Line Utilities for AFP
    Comparing AFP on NetWare and AFP on Linux
    Legal Notices