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Protect credit card data in retail point-of-sale, web, and mobile ecommerce environments to reduce audit costs, neutralize data breach, and build brand value. Voltage SecureData Payments delivers omni-channel PCI security compliance with end-to-end encryption and tokenization.

SecureData Payments

Radically cut audit scope and costs

Retailers and B2C enterprises face ongoing challenges securing credit card data from the point of capture through the transaction lifecycle. Replace live credit card data with format-preserving encryption and tokenization to reduce breach risk and PCI audit scope, cost, and complexity. SecureData enables compliance as it protects sensitive data end-to-end on mobile, web, terminals, and hosts.

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Protect payments data at global scale

Build customer trust and brand value by protecting your customers’ data and reducing risk of credit card breach. Voltage Secure Stateless Tokenization (SST) neutralizes the impacts of data breach, enables data to be used and analyzed in its protected state, and removes breach targets as it cuts primary account number data storage, audit scope, and costs. Patented SST technology is based on proven and published cryptographic research and validated by third-party qualified security assessors.

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Protect ecommerce transactions from web to host

Encrypt credit card data as it is entered in the browser window. Voltage SecureData Web reduces audit scope by removing live data from exposure at the source and protecting it persistently through intermediate web tiers to the trusted backend host. It provides a seamless user experience and deploys effortlessly.

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Protect credit card data at the point of sale

Neutralize data breach with end-to-end encryption from card-present point-of-sale terminals and PIN pads, through registers to host systems. SecureData Payments is integrated into payment terminal devices and point-of-sale systems. It encrypts sensitive credit card data immediately upon card swipe, insertion, tap, or manual entry, ensuring that cardholder data is protected throughout the transaction flow.

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Extend ecommerce PCI security to mobile browsers

Transform sensitive data captured on the mobile browser in native iOS/Android applications for PCI security throughout the payment data stream. Voltage SecureData Mobile encrypts sensitive customer information such as PANs (credit card numbers) and the CVV/CVC (3-digit security code). The merchant environment has no access to PCI data in-the-clear because it is encrypted at the point of capture.

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