IMS Option Technical Guide

Table of Contents


Part 1: IMS Technical Reference

Chapter 1: Advanced Customization
Chapter 2: IMS Fileshare Databases
Chapter 3: IMS Performance and Tuning
Chapter 4: IMS Syncpoint Coordination
Chapter 5: IMS Security
Chapter 6: For the Database Administrator (DBA)
Chapter 7: For the TM/MFS Expert
Chapter 8: DBD, PSB and MFS Statements
Chapter 9: DBUTIL - Interactive DB Calls
Chapter 10: EXEC DLI Statements
Chapter 11: Assembler Programs
Chapter 12: Product Summary
Chapter 13: IMS Problem Determination

Part 2: Remote IMS Technical Reference

Chapter 14: Introduction to Remote IMS
Chapter 15: How Remote IMS Works
Chapter 16: Requirements
Chapter 17: Guide to Installation
Chapter 18: Configure Requester
Chapter 19: Install Remote IMS Server
Chapter 20: Configure PC Communications
Chapter 21: Configure the Mainframe
Chapter 22: Testing Configuration - MFRMTTST
Chapter 23: Advanced Requester Configuration
Chapter 24: Advanced Server Configuration
Chapter 25: Technical Specifications
Chapter 26: Communication Details
Chapter 27: Syncpoint Considerations
Chapter 28: Problem Determination


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