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interfacing with COBOL PG to Writing Programs11.3
-C cob flag
pass syntax-check Compiler directive User's Guide6.5.1 , 11.1
-c cob flag
create linkable object module User's Guide10.2.5
create linkable object modules User's Guide11.1
C functions
cobcall PG to Writing Programs11.3.1
cobcancel PG to Writing Programs11.3.1
cobcommandline PG to Writing Programs11.3.2
cobexit PG to Writing Programs11.3.2
cobfunc PG to Writing Programs11.3.1
cobgetfuncaddr PG to Writing Programs11.3.1
cobinit PG to Writing Programs11.3.2
coblongjmp PG to Writing Programs11.3.9
cobsetjmp() PG to Writing Programs11.3.9
cobthreadtidy PG to Writing Programs11.3.3
cobtidy PG to Writing Programs11.3.2
-c Rebuild option File Handling9.3
C screen handling
cobaddch PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobaddstr PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobaddstrc PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobclear PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobcols PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobgetch PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobgetenv PG to Writing Programs11.3.5
cobkeypad PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
coblines PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobmove PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobprintf PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobputenv PG to Writing Programs11.3.5
cobrescanenv PG to Writing Programs11.3.5
cobscroll PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobtermmode PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
SYSTEM PG to Writing Programs11.3.8
C signal handling
cobpostsighandler PG to Writing Programs11.3.10
cobremovesighandler PG to Writing Programs11.3.10
substituting alternative version User's Guide11.1
C-ISAM file File HandlingCh12
Migration Guide3.4.4
converting File Handling9.3 , 9.3
IDXFORMAT Compiler directive File Handling11.1.6
Rebuild File Handling9.3 , 9.3
C-language header PG to Writing Programs12.1
calc.cbl Creating UIs7.3.6
CALL Database AccessApD
link implications User's Guide3.3.3.1 ,
used in CSI Utilities Handbook3.4.4
requirements PG to Writing Programs2.1.1
Call convention PG to Writing Programs10.2.1
efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.7
Special-Names paragraph Language Reference6.2.3
Call interface Dialog System Character11.2.2 , 13.1
compatibility PG to Writing Programs10.1.1
Call library
generate Dialog System Character12.2.4
Call prototype File Handling10.1
Language Reference3.4 , 4.2 , 5.2 , 8.24 , 12.4
Migration Guide3.2.4
Multi-threaded Programming5.1
PG to Writing Programs2.8
Debugging Handbook7.1
Creating UIs3.1 , 9.3.1 , 11.7.1
example LR - Additional Topics6.1 , 6.1.1
library routines PG to Writing Programs17.1
syntax PG to Writing Programs12.1
CALL statement Language Reference12.4
PG to Writing Programs2.1
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.15.4
DG I COBOL LR - Additional Topics12.3.1
Compatibility Guide3.2.5
efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.7
parameters PG to Writing Programs10.2.1
RM/COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.3.1
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.4
Call statements
counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Call-by-name routines
See CBL_routines
counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Call-by-number routines File Handling10.5
counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Callable file format
creating applications using User's Guide3.3.1
Callable File Handler Migration Guide2.4.16
substituting user-defined file handler User's Guide11.1
Callable Rebuild File Handling9.8
Callable shared object User's Guide1.2 , 3.2.1 , Ch8
creating applications using User's Guide3.3.1
tutorial Getting Started3.1.7
using in an application User's Guide3.3.1
Callable Sort Module File HandlingCh14
call interface File Handling14.1
FCD File Handling14.1.2
file definition block File Handling14.1.2.2
function code parameters File Handling14.1.1
key definition block File Handling14.1.2.1
CALLADIS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Callback frameworks OO ProgrammingCh19
creating Callback OO Programming19.2.1
creation OO Programming19.2.1
invoke OO Programming19.2.2
Called program not found OO Programming14.3.1
Called subprograms
listing Utilities Handbook3.4.4
querying in CSI Utilities Handbook3.4.2
CALLFH Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
File Handling7.6.1
Fileshare User's Guide2.1.1
programs PG to Writing Programs2.5
Calling C functions PG to Writing Programs11.1
Calling program
writing Dialog System CharacterCh13
Calling program function Dialog System Character10.1.1.6
CALLMCS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CALLOUT Dialog System Character10.1.1.7
Dialog System Distributed Computing6.11.4
Callout function Dialog System Character10.1.1.7
CSI toggle Utilities Handbook3.6.1
CALLSORT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference14.1 , 16.4
CANCEL Multi-threaded Programming3.5
Cancel library
generate Dialog System Character12.2.5
CANCEL statement Language Reference12.5
PG to Writing Programs2.1
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.15.5
Canceling non-COBOL programs PG to Writing Programs11.1.2
CANCELLBR Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Utilities Handbook10.4
programs Multi-threaded Programming3.5
threads Multi-threaded Programming3.4.3
Carriage Return
Adis function Creating UIs6.5
CASE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference5.2 , 12.4
Case conversion Creating UIs4.8.2
CBL_TOLOWER routine PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_TOUPPER routine PG to Writing Programs17.4
in Adis Creating UIs6.5
in National Language Support PG to Writing Programs8.7 , 8.7.5
Case sensitivity
Java Distributed Computing1.2.2
Case sensitivity and portability PG to Writing Programs7.4.4
Case sensitivity off/on
dialog Dialog System Character10.2.6
Category of data Language Reference2.6
cblksize configuration parameter Distributed Computing6.5.1
cblproto.cpy file File Handling10.1
Multi-threaded Programming5.1
PG to Writing Programs17.1
Debugging Handbook7.1
Creating UIs3.1 , 9.3.1 , 11.7.1
cblt TYPEDEF name PG to Writing Programs17.1
cblte TYPEDEF name PG to Writing Programs17.1
cbltypes.cpy file PG to Writing Programs17.1
CBL_ABORT_RUN_UNIT PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_ALLOC_DYN_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_ALLOC_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.8
CBL_ALLOC_SHMEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_ALLOC_THREAD_MEM Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_AND PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_CANCEL_PROC PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_CBL_RENAME_FILE File Handling10.4
CBL_CFGREAD_EXTFH File Handling10.5
CBL_CHANGE_DIR File Handling10.5
CBL_CHECK_FILE_EXIST File Handling10.4 , 10.5
CBL_CLEAR_SCR Creating UIs3.3
CBL_CLOSE_FILE File Handling13.2.2
CBL_CLOSE_VFILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_COPY_FILE File Handling10.4 , 10.5
Migration Guide4.1.1
CBL_CREATE_DIR File Handling10.5
CBL_CREATE_FILE File Handling13.2.2
CBL_CULL_RUN_UNITS PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_DEBUGBREAK library routine Debugging Handbook1.1 , 2.2.5 , 7.3
debugging tutorial Debugging Handbook5.7
CBL_DEBUG_START library routine Debugging Handbook2.2.6 , 2.7.3 , 2.8.3 , 7.3
CBL_DEBUG_STOP library routine Debugging Handbook2.2.6 , 2.7.3 , 2.8.3 , 7.3
CBL_DELETE_DIR File Handling10.5
CBL_DELETE_FILE File Handling10.4 , 10.5
CBL_EQ PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_ERROR_PROC PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_EVENT_CLEAR Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_EVENT_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_EVENT_OPEN_INTRA Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_EVENT_POST Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_EVENT_WAIT Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_EXEC_RUN_UNIT PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_EXIT_PROC PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_FFND_REPORT Migration Guide3.1.2
CBL_FFND_REPORT library routine Debugging Handbook7.3
CBL_FLUSH_FILE File Handling13.2.2
CBL_FREE_DYN_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_FREE_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_FREE_RECORD_LOCK File Handling13.2.2
CBL_FREE_SHMEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_FREE_THREAD_MEM Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_GET_CSR_POS Creating UIs3.3
CBL_GET_CURRENT_DIR File Handling10.5
CBL_GET_EXIT_INFO PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_GET_KBD_STATUS Migration Guide4.1.2
Creating UIs3.3
CBL_GET_OS_INFO PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_GET_PROGRAM_INFO PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_GET_RECORD_LOCK File Handling13.2.2
CBL_GET_SCR_SIZE Creating UIs3.3
CBL_GET_SHMEM_PTR PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_IMP PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_JOIN_FILENAME File Handling10.5
CBL_LOCATE_FILE File Handling10.5
CBL_MONITOR_BROWSE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_BROWSE_TO_READ Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_BROWSE_TO_WRITE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_OPEN_INTRA Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_READ Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_RELEASE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_UNBROWSE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_UNREAD Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_UNWRITE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_WRITE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MONITOR_WRITE_TO_BROWSE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MUTEX_ACQUIRE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MUTEX_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MUTEX_OPEN_INTRA Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_MUTEX_RELEASE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_NLS_CLOSE_MSG_FILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_NLS_COMPARE PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_NLS_INFO PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_NLS_OPEN_MSG_FILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_NLS_READ_MSG PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_NOT PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_OPEN_FILE File Handling13.2.2
CBL_OPEN_VFILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_OR PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_PUT_SHMEM_PTR PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_READ_FILE File Handling13.2.2
CBL_READ_KBD_CHAR Migration Guide4.1.2
Creating UIs3.3
CBL_READ_VFILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_RENAME_FILE File Handling10.5 , 10.5
CBL_SCR_ALLOCATE_COLOR Creating UIs11.2.3 , 11.7.2
CBL_SCR_CREATE_VC Creating UIs11.7.2
CBL_SCR_DESTROY_VC Creating UIs11.7.2
CBL_SCR_GET_ATTRIBUTES Creating UIs11.2.4 , 11.7.2
CBL_SCR_GET_ATTR_INFO Creating UIs11.2.2 , 11.7.2
CBL_SCR_NAME_TO_RGB Creating UIs11.2.2 , 11.7.2
CBL_SCR_QUERY_COLORMAP Creating UIs11.2.3 , 11.7.2
CBL_SCR_RESTORE Creating UIs11.7.2
CBL_SCR_SAVE Creating UIs11.7.2
CBL_SCR_SET_ATTRIBUTES Creating UIs11.2.4 , 11.7.2
CBL_SCR_SET_PC_ATTRIBUTES PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_SEMAPHORE_ACQUIRE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_SEMAPHORE_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_SEMAPHORE_OPEN_INTRA Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_SEMAPHORE_RELEASE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_SET_CSR_POS Creating UIs3.3
CBL_SPLIT_FILENAME File Handling10.5
CBL_SUBSYSTEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_TEST_RECORD_LOCK File Handling13.2.2
CBL_THREAD_CREATE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_CREATE_P Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_DETACH Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_EXIT Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_IDDATA_ALLOC Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_IDDATA_GET Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_KILL Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_LIST_END Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_LIST_NEXT Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_LIST_START Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_LOCK Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_PROG_LOCK Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_PROG_UNLOCK Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_RESUME Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_SELF Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_SLEEP Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_SUSPEND Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_UNLOCK Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_WAIT Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_THREAD_YIELD Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_TOLOWER PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_TOUPPER PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_TSTORE_CLOSE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_TSTORE_CREATE Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_TSTORE_GET Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CBL_WRITE_FILE File Handling13.2.2
CBL_WRITE_VFILE PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_XOR PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_YIELD_RUN_UNIT Migration Guide4.1.3
PG to Writing Programs17.4
-CC cob flag
pass C Compiler directive User's Guide11.1
CCI Configuring CCICh1
Migration Guide2.4.10
and Fileshare Configuring CCI7.2
and Mainframe Access Configuring CCI7.1
client protocol Fileshare User's Guide2.1.2.2 , 3.1
communications Fileshare User's GuideCh8
configuration utility Configuring CCI5.1.3
configuring Distributed Computing6.1
error messages Configuring CCICh10
Fileshare User's Guide9.2
server protocol Fileshare User's Guide3.2
timeout Fileshare User's Guide8.4
trace Fileshare User's Guide8.3
cci.ini file Configuring CCICh9
CCIIPX configuration Configuring CCI3.2.1
CCINAMPU configuration Configuring CCI6.1.3
CCINETB configuration Configuring CCI4.2
CCITCP configuration Configuring CCI5.2.2.2
trace options Configuring CCI8.2.2
CCIAPPC configuration Configuring CCICh2
CCIINST.EXE support module Configuring CCI5.1.1
CCIIPX configuration Configuring CCICh3
CCINAMPU configuration Configuring CCICh6
CCINETB configuration Configuring CCICh4
CCITCP configuration Configuring CCICh5
cci.ini file Configuring CCI5.2.2.2
direct connection Configuring CCI5.2.2
environment variables Configuring CCI5.2.2.2
UNIX Configuring CCI5.1.4
CCITCP2 daemon process Configuring CCI5.1.5
debug option Configuring CCI5.2.1
NT service Configuring CCI5.2.1
ccitcp2 daemon process Fileshare User's Guide8.2
CCITCP2 environment variable Configuring CCI5.
User's GuideApA
Fileshare User's Guide8.2
ccitcp2 support module Configuring CCI5.1.1
CCITCP2.EXE support module Configuring CCI5.1.1
CCITCP32.DLL support module Configuring CCI5.1.1
CCITCPS_ environment variable Configuring CCI5.
CCITCPT_ environment variable Configuring CCI5.
CCITRACE environment variable User's GuideApA
ccitrace.log Configuring CCICh8
CEOF Dialog System Character10.1.1.21
.CFG Dialog System Character4.2.8
CFLD Dialog System Character10.1.1.21
CGI Internet Applications1.1 , Ch3 , Ch4
build Internet Applications4.1
environment variable Internet Applications3.6
programming restrictions Internet Applications3.3
CGI program
converting to NSAPI Internet Applications5.1
CHAIN statement Language Reference12.6
panels Dialog System Character18.9
Adis configuration Creating UIs5.3.6
Adis highlight Creating UIs5.3.7 , 5.3.8
Adis indicator position Creating UIs5.3.12
Adis indicators Creating UIs5.3.9
Adis message position Creating UIs5.3.12
Adis messages Creating UIs5.3.4 , 5.3.10 , 5.3.11 , 5.3.13
Adis options Creating UIs5.3.5
Compiler directive PG to Writing Programs7.3.2.2
CHANGE-MESSAGE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CHANGED option LR - Additional Topics10.4.4
Changing data Utilities Handbook4.1.2 , 4.5
char data type Database Access3.3.1
CHAR function Language Reference11.9.6
CHAR-NATIONAL function Language Reference11.9.7
appearance on screen Creating UIsCh11
attribute byte Creating UIs10.2
attribute description Creating UIs11.1.1
attributes Creating UIsCh11
finding line drawing code Creating UIs9.2.2
get Creating UIs3.3
graphic Creating UIsCh9
set Creating UIsCh8
Character attributes
assigning to generic attribute Creating UIs11.2.4
table of generic codes Creating UIs11.5.1
Character data types Database Access3.3
Character graphic Creating UIsCh9
library routines Creating UIs9.3
Character palette
panel painting Dialog System Character7.4.5
Character representation
selection Language Reference2.6.4
Character set Language Reference2.1 , ApB
DG I COBOL Compatibility Guide3.2.3
Character set supported on UNIX Dialog System Character16.3.2
Character sets Database AccessC.1.3
Utilities Handbook4.3
changing Utilities Handbook4.11
converting PG to Writing Programs8.11.4
extended character set and portability PG to Writing Programs7.4.6
Character user interfaces
creating Utilities Handbook2.4.9
Character-string Language Reference2.2.2
alternate set User's Guide16.4.3.4
CHARSET Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference6.2.3
PG to Writing Programs8.11.1
CHECK Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Utilities Handbook2.4.6
Check digit
example Dialog System Character5.1.7.3
validation Dialog System Character5.1.7.3
validation menu Dialog System Character5.1.7.3
check.vnn file User's Guide6.2
CHECKDIV Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference10.5.2.1
Checking for invalid pointers Utilities HandbookCh12
Checking program syntax User's Guide1.1.2
CHECKNUM Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Child run-unit PG to Writing Programs14.2
Chip-specificity User's Guide7.3
Adis configuration Creating UIs5.3.15
CICS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CICS-CPY Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CICSOPT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CICSOPTIMIZE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Class Language Reference3.6.1
OO Programming11.1
body Language Reference17.4
data OO Programming2.1.2 , 5.1.3 , 11.4.1
definition Language Reference17.2
definition syntax summary Language ReferenceA.7.1
extension Language Reference17.3
extension syntax summary Language ReferenceA.7.2
identification OO Programming5.1.1
inheritance Language Reference3.6.8
initialization OO Programming11.4.2
initialization time OO Programming11.4.2.1
load time OO Programming11.4.2.1
method Distributed Computing4.2.3
OO Programming5.1.4
methods OO Programming2.1.2 , 11.4.3
object Language Reference17.5
OO Programming11.1
overview OO Programming2.1.2
parameterized Language Reference3.6.10
programming behavior OO Programming11.4
registration OO Programming10.2 , 10.2
structure OO Programming11.2
CLASS clause
Repository paragraph Language Reference6.2.4
Special-Names paragraph Language Reference6.2.3
Class condition Language Reference10.4.2.4
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.15.1.2 ,
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.1
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.8.2
Class condition tests in National Language Support PG to Writing Programs8.7.2
Class data
ANSI OO Programming2.1.3
Class Library Migration Guide2.4.5
OO Programming16.1
Getting Started1.8
animating OO Programming16.4
documentation OO Programming1.2.2.1
exploring OO Programming1.2.2.1
private interface OO Programming16.1.2
public interface OO Programming16.1.1
reference OO Programming16.2
Class object
overview OO Programming2.1.2
program OO Programming5.1.3
Class of data Language Reference2.6
Class Wizard Distributed Computing1.2.3 , 4.2 , 4.3
CLASS-CONTROL paragraph OO Programming5.1.2 , 10.1 , 10.2 , 11.1
Class-id OO Programming5.1.1
Class-ID paragraph Language Reference5.3
Class-name Language Reference2.2.3.4
Classification of segments LR - Additional Topics3.1.2
CLASSPATH environment variable Distributed Computing1.2.1
CLEAR Dialog System Character10.1.1.21
Adis field Creating UIs6.5
CBL_CLEAR_SCR routine Creating UIs3.3
field in Adis (RM) Creating UIs6.5.1
panel Dialog System Character7.3.4
screen in Adis Creating UIs6.5
to end of field in Adis Creating UIs6.5
to end of screen in Adis Creating UIs6.5
Clear dialog
trap field Dialog System Character11.1.1.1
Clear events Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
Clear field functions Dialog System Character10.1.1.21
CLEARCMD Infomgr configuration option Utilities Handbook9.4.2
Clearing a screenset Dialog System Character3.1.4
connecting to mfclient Distributed Computing6.6
Fileshare Fileshare User's Guide1.2
maximum connections Distributed Computing6.6 , 6.10.3 , 6.12
starting Distributed Computing6.8
user written Distributed Computing6.2
Client identifier
allocate Internet Applications7.2
delete Internet Applications7.2
Client state
deleting information Internet Applications7.2
file Internet Applications7.2
purging information Internet Applications7.2
restoring information Internet Applications7.2
saving information Internet Applications7.2
Client-server Internet Applications1.1
Client/Server Binding Distributed ComputingCh6
Migration Guide3.4.2
Getting Started1.8
clierrprog configuration parameter Distributed Computing6.5.1
CLOSE Database AccessApD
event Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
monitor Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
NLS message file PG to Writing Programs17.4
semaphore Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
thread-storage area handle Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CLOSE REEL File Handling11.3
CLOSE statement Language Reference12.7
Report Writer LR - Additional Topics1.5.2
RM/COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.3.8
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.5
CLOSE WINDOW Creating UIs7.3.1 , 7.3.2
Closedown procedure registration PG to Writing Programs17.4
CLRF Dialog System Character10.1.1.18
.cls file OO Programming11.3.2.1
/cm option Fileshare User's Guide3.1 , 3.2 , 8.1
CMDDIR Infomgr configuration option Utilities Handbook9.4.2
CMPR2 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Co-Writer Migration Guide2.4.14
Cob command Migration Guide2.4.6
Getting Started1.8
cob command User's Guide5.1 , Ch10
COBOPT environment variable User's Guide10.
command line examples User's Guide10.2.5.1
creating dynamically linked programs User's Guide9.2.2 ,
creating dynamically loadable programs User's Guide9.2.5.1
default end of processing User's Guide10.2.3
error messages User's GuideCh12
file processing User's Guide10.2.3
file types User's Guide10.2 , 10.2.3
invoking User's Guide10.2.1 ,
specifying cob flags User's Guide10.2.1
termination User's Guide11.1
using the C compiler User's Guide11.1
cob flags User's Guide10.2.5 , Ch11
-a compile for animation User's Guide11.1
-A pass option to Assembler User's Guide11.1
-c create linkable object modules User's Guide11.1
-c create object module User's Guide10.2.5
+C pass C Compiler directive User's Guide11.1
-C pass syntax-check Compiler directive User's Guide6.5.1 , 11.1
-d dynamically load symbol User's Guide11.1
-e set initial entry point User's Guide11.1
-g create info for symbolic debugger User's Guide11.1
-i create dynamically loadable file User's Guide11.1
-I include symbol in executable file User's Guide11.1
-k use other file extension User's Guide11.1
+L change linker search algorithm User's Guide11.1
-L change linker search method User's Guide11.1
-l pass option to linker User's Guide11.1
+l pass option to linker last User's Guide11.1
-m map unresolved symbol User's Guide11.1
-N pass generate directives User's Guide6.5.1
-N pass generate phase directive User's Guide11.1
-O optimize performance User's Guide11.1
-o specify output filename User's Guide11.1
-p pass flag to C compiler User's Guide11.1
-P produce COBOL listing User's Guide10.2.5 , 11.1
-Q pass option to linker User's Guide10.2.5 , 11.1
specifying Utilities Handbook2.4.7.5 ,
specifying on cob command line User's Guide10.2.1
-t create multi-threading program User's Guide11.1
-u create dynamically loadable file User's Guide11.1
-U handle unresolved calls User's Guide10.2.5
-U handle unresolved reference User's Guide11.1
-V report version number User's Guide11.1
-v verbose module User's Guide11.1
-W set cob termination error level User's Guide11.1
-x create statically linked program User's Guide9.2.2
-X exclude symbol from output file User's Guide11.1
-x system executable file User's Guide11.1
-y create self-contained callable shared object User's Guide11.1
-z create callable shared object User's Guide11.1
-Z create libray file User's Guide11.1
cobaddch routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobaddstr routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobaddstrc routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
Animator directive Debugging Handbook2.2.9 , 4.4
environment variable Debugging Handbook2.2
COBAIF environment variable User's GuideApA
COBAIFNAME environment variable User's GuideApA
cobanim command Debugging Handbook2.2.1
COBANIMOPT environment variable User's GuideApA
Debugging Handbook4.2
Utilities Handbook2.4.4.4
cobanimsrv command Debugging Handbook2.2.1
COBANIMSRV environment variable User's GuideApA
Debugging Handbook2.7 , 2.7.1 , 2.7.3
COBATTR environment variable User's GuideApA
Creating UIs10.3
cobcall function PG to Writing Programs11.3.1
cobcall() method Distributed Computing2.2.3
cobcancel function PG to Writing Programs11.3.1
cobchtype PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobclear routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobcols routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobcommandline function PG to Writing Programs11.3.2
COBCONFIG environment variable User's GuideApA
cobconfig_error_report run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
COBCPY environment variable User's Guide6.6.2 , ApA
Distributed Computing1.2.1 , 5.2 , 6.1
Debugging Handbook2.2 , 2.11
COBCTRLCHAR environment variable Migration Guide6.4
COBDATA environment variable User's GuideApA
COBDIR environment variable User's Guide10.2.4 , ApA
Distributed Computing1.2.1
Fileshare User's Guide2.2
Getting Started2.1
COBDIR Infomgr configuration option Utilities Handbook9.4.2
$COBDIR/etc/cobconfig User's Guide14.2
$COBDIR/etc/cobopt User's Guide10.
cobexit function PG to Writing Programs11.3.2
COBEXTFHBUF environment variable User's GuideApA
File Handling6.4
cobfflst command Debugging Handbook6.4.1
cobffnd command Debugging Handbook6.2.2
COBFSTATCONV Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
cobfunc function PG to Writing Programs11.3.1
cobgetch routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobgetenv routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.5
cobgetfuncaddr function PG to Writing Programs11.3.1
COBIDY Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
COBIDY environment variable User's GuideApA
Debugging Handbook2.2 , 2.11
Utilities Handbook3.6.3
COBINFDATA Infomgr configuration option Utilities Handbook9.4.2
COBINFDIR Infomgr configuration option Utilities Handbook9.4.2
COBINFMENU Infomgr configuration option Utilities Handbook9.4.2
cobinit function PG to Writing Programs11.3.2
cobjrun Java/COBOL application launcher Distributed Computing1.2.4
COBJVM environment variable User's GuideApA
Distributed Computing1.2.1
cobkeymp Creating UIs6.1
creating Creating UIs6.2
KEY_ values Creating UIs6.1.2
multiple Creating UIs6.1.2
cobkeymp file Creating UIs2.7 , 4.8 ,
multiple Creating UIs4.9.2.6
cobkeypad routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
COBKEYTIMEOUT Creating UIs4.9.2.6
COBKEYTIMEOUT environment variable User's GuideApA
COBLANG environment variable PG to Writing Programs8.7
coblines routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobload() method Distributed Computing2.2.2
cobloadclass() method Distributed Computing4.2.2
coblongjmp function PG to Writing Programs11.3.9
COBLPFORM environment variable PG to Writing Programs15.5
COBMAINSTACK environment variable User's GuideApA
Distributed Computing1.2.1
environment variable User's Guide4.3.1
cobmode command User's Guide4.3.2
cobmove routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
application development User's GuideCh1
call conventions PG to Writing Programs10.2.1
calling C functions PG to Writing Programs11.1
calling from Java Distributed ComputingCh2 , Ch4
calling Java Distributed ComputingCh3
concepts Language ReferenceCh2
dialect Migration GuideCh5
Enterprise JavaBean Distributed Computing4.3
examples LR - Additional TopicsCh6
fundamentals Language ReferenceCh3
interfacing environment PG to Writing ProgramsCh10
interfacing with C PG to Writing Programs11.3
introduction Language ReferenceCh1
language definition Language ReferenceCh4
object extensions Language ReferenceCh17
obsolete elements LR - Additional TopicsCh7
procedural Distributed ComputingCh2
run-time error messages Fileshare User's Guide9.1
source format Language Reference1.2 , 3.10
switch User's Guide13.
syntax summary Language ReferenceApA
throwing exceptions Distributed Computing4.2.4
word Language Reference2.2.2.1
COBOL dialects
and CSI Utilities Handbook3.4.4
keyboard emulation Creating UIs6.1
COBOL Editor Utilities Handbook2.4.2
See Editor
COBOL language
advanced features PG to Writing ProgramsCh3
COBOL library routine
See library routines
COBOL Profiler Utilities HandbookCh11
See also Profiler
COBOL program Dialog System Character3.2
canceling Distributed Computing2.2.6
COBOL protection violations PG to Writing Programs5.2.2
COBOL Source Information Utilities HandbookCh3
Getting Started1.8
COBOL switch User's Guide15.3
COBOL syntax
not implemented PG to Writing Programs4.2.1
TYPEDEF PG to Writing Programs2.8.3
used for interfacing PG to Writing Programs10.2
COBOL system
See System
COBOL system components
accessing User's Guide10.2.4
COBOL system-directing sentence Language Reference3.9.2.4
COBOL system-directing statement Language Reference3.9.2.3
COBOL type definition PG to Writing Programs12.1
COBOL verbs
in CSI Utilities Handbook3.4.5
COBOL windowing
enabling Creating UIs7.2
overview Creating UIs7.1
cobol.dir Database Access9.3.1
cobol.dir file Utilities Handbook2.4.3
COBOL370 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference8.25
CobolComp5 class OO Programming18.2.1
CobolCompX class OO Programming18.2.1
COBOLDIR Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CobolPicX class OO Programming18.2.1
COBOPT environment variable User's Guide10. , ApA
Utilities Handbook2.4.3 , , 2.4.6
COBPATH environment variable User's GuideApA
Debugging Handbook2.2
cobpostsighandler routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.10
COBPRINTER environment variable User's GuideApA
PG to Writing Programs15.5
cobprintf routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
with windowing syntax Creating UIs7.3.3
cobprof command Utilities Handbook11.2
cobprt() routine Migration Guide4.1.4
cobprtscrn() routine Migration Guide4.1.5
cobprtstring() routine Migration Guide4.1.6
cobputenv routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.5
cobremovesighandler routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.10
cobrescanenv routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.5
cobrun command User's Guide5.3 , 13.2.2
Getting Started1.8
cobrun.c program Migration Guide2.4.8
cobrun.h program Migration Guide2.4.8
cobsavenv() routine Migration Guide4.1.7
cobscan64 command Utilities Handbook12.3
cobscreen.h header file PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
cobscroll routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.6
COBSES environment variable User's GuideApA
Utilities Handbook13.2
setting Utilities Handbook13.2.1
cobsetjmp() function PG to Writing Programs11.3.9
cobsetjmp() routine Migration Guide4.1.7
COBSQL Database AccessCh9
Migration Guide2.4.9
and Informix Database Access9.7.4
and Oracle Database Access9.7.2
and Sybase Database Access9.7.3
COBOL directives Database Access9.3.3
cobol.dir Database Access9.3.1
cobsql.dir Database Access9.3.1
common problems Database Access9.7.1
converting data types Database Access3.1.1
CP Database Access9.4
directives Database Access9.3.2
END-C Database Access9.3
ENDP Database Access9.3
error messages Database AccessApB
examples Database Access9.6
operation Database Access9.3
Oracle 8 Directives Database Access9.7.2.1
Oracle and Micro Focus COBOL Database Access9.7.2.3
Oracle migrating versions Database Access9.7.2.2
overview Database Access9.1
preparation Database Access9.2
specifying directives Database Access9.3.1
troubleshooting Database Access9.7
cobsql.dir Database Access9.3.1
COBSW environment variable LMF Admin Guide2.4.2
User's Guide13.2.2.2 , Ch15 , ApA
Utilities Handbook2.4.4.2 ,
cobtcp.so support module Configuring CCI5.1.1
COBTERMINFO environment variable User's Guide16.1.2 , ApA
and wide mode User's Guide16.5.3
PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
cobtermmode User's Guide16.5.3
cobtermmode routine PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
cobthreadtidy function PG to Writing Programs11.3.3
cobtidy function PG to Writing Programs11.3.2
CODE clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.7
Code compatibility Migration Guide1.2
Code generation error messages Error MessagesCh3
CODE-SET clause Language Reference8.5
Codecomp utility PG to Writing Programs8.11.5
Codepage environment in National Language Support PG to Writing Programs8.5
_CODESET program
configuring PG to Writing Programs8.11.5
COFF Dialog System Character10.1.1.2 , 20.2
COL special register LR - Additional Topics10.1
Coll0.cbl OO Programming7.1
Coll1.cbl OO Programming7.2
Collating sequence Language Reference10.4.2 , ApB
COLLATING SEQUENCE clause Language Reference6.2.2
Collating sequence for ASCII and EBCDIC PG to Writing Programs8.11.3
MERGE statement Language Reference14.1
SORT statement Language Reference16.4
"collect" method OO Programming7.4 , 17.6
Collections OO ProgrammingCh17
array OO Programming7.1
bag OO Programming7.1
categories OO Programming7.1
CharacterArray OO Programming7.1
Dictionary OO Programming7.1
display mechanisms OO Programming17.4
element comparison OO Programming17.2
framework concept OO Programming7.1
Hashing elements OO Programming17.3
IdentityDictionary OO Programming7.1
IdentitySet OO Programming7.1
iteration OO Programming17.6
iterator methods OO Programming7.4
OrderedCollection OO Programming7.1
sort methods OO Programming17.5
SortedCollection OO Programming7.1
ValueSet OO Programming7.1
Color Dialog System Character3.4
assigning to generic attribute Creating UIs11.2.4
avoiding duplication Creating UIs11.2.2 , 11.2.2
background Creating UIs11.1.3
best match Creating UIs11.3
characters Creating UIsCh11
consistency between modules Creating UIs11.2.2
default in Adis Creating UIs5.4.2.1
finding in system colormap Creating UIs11.3
foreground Creating UIs11.1.3
querying RGB values in map Creating UIs11.2.3
sharing between modules Creating UIs11.1
terminal User's Guide16.4.3.5
translating to RGB Creating UIs11.2.2 , 11.3
Colorize Dialog System Character17.3
Colorize menu Dialog System Character4.2.8
Colorizing applications PG to Writing Programs13.3.2.1
definition Creating UIs11.1.3
finding colors Creating UIs11.2.3
query Creating UIs11.7.2
querying RGB values Creating UIs11.2.3
routines Creating UIs11.2.3
+ 1 effect Creating UIs5.4.2.1
clause Creating UIs7.3.2
NUMBER clause Creating UIs7.3.2 , 7.3.2
number in wide mode User's Guide16.5.3
PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
switching sequences User's Guide16.5.3
COLUMN clause Language Reference9.8
COLUMN NUMBER clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.13
73 to 80 Compatibility Guide5.1.2
screen Compatibility Guide5.2.11
COLUMNS environment variable User's GuideApA
COM-REG special register LR - Additional TopicsCh9
Combined condition Language Reference10.4.3.2
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.8.7
Combined relation condition
abbreviated Language Reference10.4.4
anim Debugging Handbook2.2.1
animserv32 Debugging Handbook2.8.1
animserv32_t Debugging Handbook2.8.1
animserv64 Debugging Handbook2.8.1
animserv64_t Debugging Handbook2.8.1
apptrack AppTrack2.1
cob User's Guide5.1
cobanim Debugging Handbook2.2.1
cobanimsrv Debugging Handbook2.2.1
cobfflst Debugging Handbook6.4.1
cobffnd Debugging Handbook6.2.2
cobmode User's Guide4.3.2
cobrun User's Guide5.3
lmfgetpv LMF Admin Guide2.1.6 , 2.1.7
nolicense AppTrack3.4
stats AppTrack3.3
Command line Dialog System Character2.3
adiscf Creating UIs5.2
cob User's Guide10.2.1 ,
Keyboard Configuration utility Creating UIs6.2
parameters User's Guide13.2.5
running User's Guide13.2
COMMAND-LINE function-name Language Reference12.1 , 12.13
PG to Writing Programs15.5
command_line_accept run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
Migration Guide6.3
command_line_linkage run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
in-line Language Reference3.10.5.1
Comment line Language Reference1.2.1.1 , , 1.2.2 , , 3.10.5
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.6 , 5.4
Comment lines
counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Comment ratio
counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Comment-color CSI toggle Utilities Handbook3.6.1
Comment-entry Language Reference1.2.2 , 2.2.8 , 5.1
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.6 , 5.4
COMMIT Database AccessApD
COMMIT statement Fileshare User's Guide4.1
Language Reference12.8
COMMON clause Language Reference5.2
Common Communications Interface
Configuring CCICh1
Common Gateway Interface
Common program Language Reference3.7.1
commsapi configuration parameter Distributed Computing6.5.1
between programs PG to Writing Programs2.1
between run-units PG to Writing Programs14.2.1
run-unit Language Reference3.7
Communications Distributed Computing6.1
Fileshare Fileshare User's Guide2.1.2.2 , Ch8 , 9.2
Communications Module Migration Guide2.4.11
COMP Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
PG to Writing Programs1.1.3.1
COMP usage Language Reference2.6.4.2 , 8.25
PG to Writing Programs1.1.1
conversion from RM/COBOL Compatibility Guide6.1
Microsoft COBOL LR - Additional Topics10.3.1
redefinition of RM/COBOL Compatibility Guide5.2.5
RM/COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.2.4
Compatibility Guide4.6.1
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.1.7.1
COMP-0 usage
Microsoft COBOL LR - Additional Topics10.3.1
passing between programs PG to Writing Programs4.2.9
COMP-1 usage Language Reference2.6.4.3
RM/COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.2.4
Compatibility Guide4.6.2 , 5.2.8
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.4.8
passing between programs PG to Writing Programs4.2.9
COMP-2 usage Language Reference2.6.4.3
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.4.8
COMP-3 PG to Writing Programs1.1.1
COMP-3 usage Language Reference2.6.4.4 , 8.25
conversion from RM/COBOL Compatibility Guide6.2
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.4.8
COMP-4 usage Language Reference2.6.4.2 , 8.25
efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.1
representation PG to Writing Programs10.2.3
speed PG to Writing Programs1.1.1
COMP-5 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference2.6.4.5 , 8.25
COMP-5 usage Language Reference2.6.4.5 , 8.25
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.1.7.1 , 13.4.8
COMP-6 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
COMP-6 usage
conversion from RM/COBOL Compatibility Guide6.3
redefinition of RM/COBOL Compatibility Guide5.2.5
RM/COBOL LR - Additional Topics11.2.4
Compatibility Guide4.6.3
efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.1
representation PG to Writing Programs10.2.3
speed PG to Writing Programs1.1.1
COMP-X usage Language Reference2.6.4.5 , 8.25
Compare strings PG to Writing Programs17.4
EQUALS PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.4
GREATER PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.4
LESS PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.4
NOT EQUAL PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.4
object references OO Programming10.3.2
RM/COBOL Compatibility Guide5.2.2
Compiler directives Compatibility GuideCh2
data files Migration Guide1.3
debugging Migration Guide1.2.2
DG I COBOL Compatibility GuideCh3
executable code Migration Guide1.2.3
function key list Creating UIs6.1.1
generic attributes with IBM Creating UIs11.5
key list Creating UIs4.9.2.3
RM/COBOL Compatibility GuideCh4
run-time behavior Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.2.1
selecting key list Creating UIs4.9.2.3
source code Migration Guide1.2.1
undefined results Migration Guide1.4
Compatibility Guide Getting Started1.9.2
Compilation group Language Reference4.2
Compilation listing
-P cob flag User's Guide6.3.1
Compile for animation
-a cob flag User's Guide11.1
Compiler Migration Guide2.4.12
Utilities Handbook2.4.3
Getting Started1.8
and Editor Utilities Handbook7.7.1
called from the Editor User's Guide1.1.2
code addresses Utilities Handbook2.4.3.5
controlling User's Guide5.7
cross-reference listings Utilities Handbook2.4.3.5
define language settings Utilities Handbook7.9.2 , 7.9.2 , 7.9.2 , 7.9.2 , 7.9.2
dialect directive setting Utilities Handbook2.4.3.4
directives User's Guide5.7 , Ch7
error messages User's Guide6.3.2
fast compilation User's Guide6.7
file size limits File Handling16.2
generate phase User's Guide6.4
index key limits File Handling16.2
language Utilities Handbook7.8
language settings Utilities Handbook7.9.2
listing facility Utilities Handbook2.4.3.3
messages User's Guide6.3
output redirection User's Guide6.3.3
pause facility Utilities Handbook2.4.3.2
search sequence User's Guide6.6.1
SORT/MERGE operation limits File Handling16.2
start under Editor Utilities Handbook7.8
syntax-check phase User's Guide6.3
terminating compilation User's Guide6.3.3
tutorial Getting Started3.1.4
Compiler control Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.4
Compiler directive Language Reference3.9.2.5 , 18.2
ACCEPTREFRESH Language Reference12.1
ALIGN Language Reference2.6.4.2 , 12.4 , 17.1
ALPHASTART Language Reference6.2.3
APOST Language Reference2.2.4.3
ASSIGN LR - Additional TopicsCh9
Language Reference6.3.2
AUTOLOCK Language Reference10.6.5.3
BOUND Compatibility Guide4.5
BOUNDOPT Compatibility Guide4.5
BYTE-MODE-MOVE Language Reference10.5.5 , 14.2
CALLFH Fileshare User's Guide2.1.1
CALLSORT Language Reference14.1 , 16.4
CASE Language Reference5.2 , 12.4
CHANGE-MESSAGE PG to Writing Programs7.3.2.2
CHARSET Language Reference6.2.3
CHECKDIV Language Reference10.5.2.1
COBOL370 Language Reference8.25
COMP-5 Language Reference2.6.4.5 , 8.25
CONSTANT Language Reference18.5
COPYEXT Language Reference18.1.1
COPYLBR Language Reference18.1.1
COPYLIST Language Reference18.1.1
CURRENCY Language Reference8.15
DATACOMPRESS Fileshare User's Guide4.6.2.3 , 6.3.1
DATE Language Reference5.9
DB2 Database Access8.5.1
DBCS LR - Additional Topics4.1 , 4.8
Language Reference14.2
DBSPACE LR - Additional Topics4.8 , 5.6
Language Reference14.2
DE-EDIT Language Reference14.2
DEFAULT-BYTE Language Reference5.2 , 7.6
DEFAULTCALLS Language Reference10.2 , 12.4
DG LR - Additional TopicsCh12
Compatibility Guide2.1 , 3.1.1 , 3.2.1
DOSVS LR - Additional TopicsCh9
DYNAM Language Reference12.4
EVALUATE Language Reference18.2.5
FDCLEAR Language Reference16.14
FLAG LR - Additional TopicsCh8
Language Reference3.1 , 10.5.5
FLAGSTD Language Reference5.1
FOLD-CALL-NAME Language Reference12.4
FOLD-COPY-NAME Language Reference18.1.1
IBMCOMP Language Reference2.6.4.2 , 6.2.3 , 8.22 , 8.25 , 12.4 , 17.1
IF Language Reference18.2.6
INTLEVEL Language Reference8.15
JAPANESE LR - Additional TopicsCh5 , 5.6
KEYCOMPRESS Fileshare User's Guide4.6.2.3 , 6.3.1
LIBRARIAN Language Reference18.4.1
LINKCOUNT PG to Writing Programs7.3.2.5
LITLINK Language Reference13.2
MAPNAME Language Reference5.2 , 12.4 , 17.1
MF Compatibility Guide4.2
MF-OO Language Reference17.1
MFCOMMENT Language Reference1.2.1.1 ,
multi-threading Multi-threaded ProgrammingCh4
NATIVE Language Reference6.2.2 , 6.2.3
NCHAR LR - Additional TopicsCh5 , 5.6
ODOOSVS Language Reference8.14
ODOSLIDE Language Reference8.14
OLDBLANKLINE Language Reference9.5
OLDCOPY Language Reference18.1.1
OOCTRL Distributed Computing1.2.2
Language Reference17.1
OPTIONAL-FILE Compatibility Guide5.2.15
Language Reference14.7
OSVS Language Reference2.6.5.5 , 10.4
P64 Migration Guide3.2.2
PANVALET Language Reference18.4.2
PERFORM-TYPE LR - Additional Topics11.3.9
Compatibility Guide4.4
Language Reference15.1
PROGID-COMMENT Language Reference5.2
QUOTE Language Reference2.2.4.3
RDFPATH Language Reference6.2.4 , 18.2.7
REENTRANT Distributed Computing2.2.1
Multi-threaded Programming2.1.3 , Ch4
Internet Applications5.1.1
REMOVE Compatibility Guide5.1.5
REPOSITORY Language Reference3.3 , 17.1 , 18.2.7
RETRYLOCK Language Reference15.2
REWRITE-LS Language Reference14.7
RM LR - Additional TopicsCh11
Compatibility Guide2.2 , 4.1 , 4.2
SEQCHK Language Reference3.10.1.1
SEQUENTIAL Language Reference3.5.2 , 6.3.2
SERIAL Distributed Computing2.2.1
Multi-threaded Programming2.1.2 , Ch4
SOURCEFORMAT Language Reference1.2.2 , 5.1
STICKY-LINKAGE Language Reference10.2 , 13.2 , 16.3
SWITCH-TYPE Language Reference10.4.2.6
SYMBSTART Language Reference6.2.3
TRACE LR - Additional Topics2.3.1 , 2.3.2
TRUNC Language Reference2.6.4.2 , 14.2
using to optimize performance Multi-threaded ProgrammingCh4
VSC2 LR - Additional TopicsCh8
WARNING Language Reference10.5.5
WEBSERVER Internet Applications5.1.1
WRITE-LOCK Language Reference15.5 , 16.14
XOPEN Language Reference12.1
ZEROLENGTHFALSE Language Reference10.4.2.4
Compiler directives User's GuideCh7
ALIGN OO Programming15.2
PG to Writing Programs1.1.3.2
ALTER User's Guide6.7.2
ANIM Utilities Handbook2.4.6
ANS85 File Handling4.3 , 11.1.1
ANS85 with windowing Creating UIs7.3.3
ASSIGN"DYNAMIC" File Handling3.2.2
CALLFH File Handling7.6.1
CANCELLBR Utilities Handbook10.4
CHECK Utilities Handbook2.4.6
code generation Migration Guide5.2.2
compatibility Compatibility GuideCh2
Compiler User's Guide5.7
COPYEXT User's Guide6.6.1
COPYLBR User's Guide6.6
Utilities Handbook10.4
COPYLIST User's Guide6.7.2
DATACOMPRESS File Handling11.1.5 , 11.5.1
DE-EDIT Creating UIs4.2.1.4
defaults Migration Guide5.1
DIRECTIVES User's Guide10.
efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.3
ENDP PG to Writing Programs16.2
ERRQ Utilities Handbook2.4.3.2
excluded Migration Guide5.2
FCDREG File Handling7.3
for fast compilation User's Guide6.7.2
IDXFORMAT File Handling6.2.1.1 , 11.1.6
IDXFORMAT"4" File Handling2.1.3.3
INTLEVEL PG to Writing Programs7.2
IXNUMKEY File Handling7.2.4.3
KEYCOMPRESS File Handling6.2.1.4 , 11.1.5 , 11.5.2
LIST User's Guide6.7.2
mainframe Migration Guide5.3
migration Migration GuideCh5
NLS PG to Writing Programs8.6
OPT Utilities Handbook2.4.6
OPTIONAL-FILES File Handling11.1.7
P64 PG to Writing Programs6.2 , 6.3 , 6.4
portability PG to Writing Programs7.3.2.7
PREPROCESS PG to Writing Programs16.2
PROFILE Utilities Handbook11.1
QUAL User's Guide6.7.2
QUALPROC User's Guide6.7.2
RECMODE File Handling11.1.8
RETRYLOCK PG to Writing Programs7.3.1
RM File Handling11.1.9
SEG User's Guide6.7.2
SEQCHK Utilities Handbook7.4.1
SEQUENTIAL File Handling2.1.1.1 , 11.1.10
setting Utilities Handbook2.4.3.6 ,
SIGN"EBCDIC" File Handling8.3
size optimization PG to Writing Programs1.1.3.2
specifying User's Guide6.5 , 6.5.2 , 11.1 , 11.1
Utilities Handbook7.8
speed optimization PG to Writing Programs1.1.3.1
syntax User's Guide6.5.1
syntax checking Migration Guide5.2.1
tutorial Getting Started3.3
USE User's Guide10.
using User's Guide5.7
WARNING User's Guide11.1
XREF PG to Writing Programs16.1.1
Compiler-directing statement Language ReferenceCh18
Compiling User's GuideCh6
Database Access7.6
OO Programming15.2
a program Utilities Handbook2.4.3
chip-specific instructions User's Guide7.3
cob command User's Guide5.1
DB2 Database Access8.5
demonstration programs using Infomgr Utilities Handbook9.3
DG I COBOL program Compatibility Guide3.1.1
native object code PG to Writing ProgramsCh10
obtaining fastest times for User's Guide6.7
portable terminfo User's Guide16.6.1
programs User's Guide1.1.4 , Ch5
RM/COBOL program Compatibility Guide5.1
to generated code User's Guide5.3
to intermediate code User's Guide5.2 , 5.4
using .int files User's Guide6.7.1
Complete action bar Dialog System Character6.3.1.10
Complex condition Language Reference10.4.3
Components OO ProgrammingCh21
available separately Migration Guide2.2.2
connect OO Programming21.2.3
deleted Migration Guide2.2.1
included Getting Started1.8
make OO Programming21.2.1
omitted Migration Guide2.2
Composite of operands Language Reference10.5.4 , 12.2 , 12.14 , 14.3 , 16.8
Compound SQL
DB2 Database Access8.2
compress configuration parameter Distributed Computing6.5.1
Compressed listing
CSI Utilities Handbook3.5
data File Handling6.2.1.3 , 11.5.1
data and key Fileshare User's Guide6.3
DATACOMPRESS File Handling11.1.5
duplicate keys File Handling6.2.1.4 , 11.4.2
dynamically calling a routine File Handling11.5.4.3
key File Handling11.5.2
KEYCOMPRESS File Handling11.1.5
keys File Handling6.2.1.4
leading characters File Handling6.2.1.4 ,
linking a routine File Handling11.5.4.3
Micro Focus routines File Handling11.5.4.1
routines File Handling7.8
run-length encoding File Handling11.5.1
trailing nulls File Handling6.2.1.4 ,
trailing spaces File Handling6.2.1.4 ,
Compression options Utilities Handbook4.10.1
See COMP usage
See COMP-1 usage
See COMP-6 usage
Computational numeric field Dialog System Character5.1
See COMP usage
See COMP-0 usage
See COMP-1 usage
See COMP-2 usage
See COMP-3 usage
See COMP-4 usage
See COMP-5 usage
See COMP-6 usage
See COMP-X usage
COMPUTE statement Language Reference10.5.4 , 12.9
PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.1
multiple results Language Reference10.5.6
Computer-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
COMS85 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CON Dialog System Character10.1.1.2 , 20.2
Concat operator
DB2 Database Access8.3.7
Concatenation expression Language Reference2.2.4.5
Concealed fields
ACCEPT statement Compatibility Guide5.2.14
Concepts OO ProgrammingCh2
classes OO Programming2.1.2
inheritance OO Programming2.1.4
messages OO Programming2.1.6
methods OO Programming2.1.3
objects OO Programming2.1.1
polymorphism OO Programming2.1.5
CONCURRENCY Database Access4.5
Concurrency support PG to Writing ProgramsCh14
Condition Language Reference10.4
evaluation rules Language Reference10.4.4.1
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.8
Condition-name Language Reference2.2.2.1 , , 2.5.1 ,
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics5.11.1.1
Condition-name condition Language Reference10.4.2.5
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.8.4
Condition-name rules Language Reference8.26
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.14.10
Conditional compilation Language Reference18.2.1 , 18.5
example LR - Additional Topics6.7
Conditional expression Language Reference10.4
constant Language Reference18.2.3
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.15.1 , 5.11.1
Conditional functions Dialog System Character10.1.1.16 , 20.2
Conditional sentence Language Reference3.9.2.2
Conditional statement Language Reference3.9.2.1
efficiency PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.4
Conditional values
defining Utilities Handbook4.9.1
Conditional variable Language Reference8.12 , 8.26 , 16.3
Conditions PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.4
counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
Configuration Dialog System CharacterCh15
application Getting Started1.8
CCIAPPC Configuring CCICh2
CCIIPX Configuring CCICh3
CCINAMPU Configuring CCICh6
CCINETB Configuring CCICh4
CCITCP Configuring CCICh5
Client/Server Binding Distributed Computing6.3 , 6.5 , 6.11.3 , 6.11.6
development tools Getting Started2.4 , Ch5
DLC over 802.2 Configuring CCIApI , ApJ
file handling File HandlingCh6
Fileshare Client Fileshare User's Guide2.1.2 , 3.1
Fileshare Manager Fileshare User's Guide6.6.2
Fileshare Server Fileshare User's Guide2.2.1 , 3.2 , 6.8
run-time User's GuideCh14
Configuration file Dialog System CharacterCh17 , 17.1
ADISCTRL Creating UIs2.6
attributes tag PG to Writing Programs13.3.2.1
color PG to Writing Programs13.3.2.1
comment indicators PG to Writing Programs13.3.3
comments PG to Writing Programs13.3.3
error messages PG to Writing Programs13.4.2
examples PG to Writing Programs13.3.4
for keys Creating UIs4.9.2.6
Infomgr Utilities Handbook9.4.2
location PG to Writing Programs13.2.1
mfcobolrc PG to Writing Programs13.2.2
mftools.cfg PG to Writing Programs13.2.1
run-time User's Guide14.2
structure PG to Writing Programs13.3
tag PG to Writing Programs13.3
tag indicators PG to Writing Programs13.3.1
tag names PG to Writing Programs13.3.2
working mode User's Guide4.7
Configuration options
COMMITFLUSH File Handling6.2
CONVERTSTATUS File Handling6.2
DATACOMPRESS File Handling6.2
DATAFILE File Handling6.2 , 6.2
EXPANDTAB File Handling6.2
FASTREAD File Handling6.2
FHREDIR File Handling6.2
FILEMAXSIZE File Handling6.2
IDXDATBUF File Handling6.2
IDXFORMAT File Handling6.2
IDXNAMETYPE File Handling6.2
IGNORELOCK File Handling6.2
INDEXCOUNT File Handling6.2
INSERTNULL File Handling6.2
INSERTTAB File Handling6.2
KEYCHECK File Handling6.2
KEYCOMPRESS File Handling6.2
LOCKTYPE File Handling6.2
NAMEOPTIONS File Handling6.2
NFSFILELOCK File Handling6.2
NODESIZE File Handling6.2
NOSEQCHECK File Handling6.2
OSVSREWRITE File Handling6.2
READSEMA File Handling6.2
Migration Guide3.5.3
RELDATBUF File Handling6.2
RETRYLOCK File Handling6.2
RETRYOPEN File Handling6.2
RETRYTIME File Handling6.2
SEQDATBUF File Handling6.2
SKIPLOCK File Handling5.2.3 , 6.2
SPACEFILL File Handling6.2
STRIPSPACE File Handling6.2
SUPPRESSADV File Handling6.2
TRACE File Handling6.2
TRACEFILE File Handling6.2
WRITETHRU File Handling6.2
Configuration parameters
ASCII VALUE Dialog System Character17.4
BEEP-EOF Dialog System Character17.5
BEEP-EOS Dialog System Character17.5
BEEP-INVALID Dialog System Character17.5
CONTROL BLOCK ANSI-CONSTANTS Dialog System Character17.2
CONTROL BLOCK MF-CONSTANTS Dialog System Character17.2
CUA-PALETTE Dialog System Character17.3
CURSOR-LARGE Dialog System Character17.5
DATA BLOCK FLAGS EIGHTY-EIGHTS Dialog System Character17.2
DATA BLOCK INDEXED BY CLAUSE Dialog System Character17.2
DATABLOCK Dialog System Character17.5
DATEFORM Dialog System Character17.5
DBCS Dialog System Character17.5
DECIMAL-POINT Dialog System Character17.5
EMPTY-DATE-BLANK Dialog System Character17.5
IGNORE-NUMERIC-SETCUR Dialog System Character17.5
NO OF PRINT LINES ON A PAGE Dialog System Character17.4
NOCLEAR-PATH Dialog System Character17.5
NOECHO-CHARACTER Dialog System Character17.5
PALETTE Dialog System Character17.3
SHADOW Dialog System Character17.5
SIGN-TRAILING Dialog System Character17.5
SUPPRESS-CURSOR-RIGHT Dialog System Character17.5 , 17.5
SUPPRESS-TO-BWZ Dialog System Character17.5
TERMINAL DOS8 Dialog System Character16.1.1
TERMINAL GENERIC8 Dialog System Character16.1.2
TIMEOUT-SAVE-DATA Dialog System Character17.5
Configuration Section Language Reference6.2
Configuration System
See Application Configuration System
Adis Creating UIs2.6 , 4.1.3
Utilities Handbook2.5.1
Adis at run time Creating UIs4.8.1
copyfile search extensions in Editor Utilities Handbook7.9.4.1
CSI options Utilities Handbook3.6
file search extensions in Editor Utilities Handbook7.9.4
Infomgr Utilities Handbook9.4
Configuring applications
See Application Configuration System
Configuring CCI book Getting Started1.9.2
CONFIRM (C) Database AccessE.4
CONFIRM Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Conformance Language Reference3.6.6
CONNECT Database Access7.4 , ApD
Connect components OO Programming21.2.3
Connect ODBC
DB2 Database AccessC.2
dBASE Database AccessC.3
INFORMIX Database AccessC.4
OpenIngres Database AccessC.5
Oracle Database AccessC.6
Sybase Database AccessC.7
Text Database AccessC.8
Connecting to a database Database Access7.4
Connection string attributes Database AccessC.3.3
DB2 Database AccessC.2.3
INFORMIX Database AccessC.4.2
OpenIngres Database AccessC.5.2
Oracle Database AccessC.6.2.1
Sybase Database AccessC.7.2
text Database AccessC.8.2
Connections supported
DB2 Database AccessC.2.7
dBASE Database AccessC.3.14
INFORMIX Database AccessC.4.6
OpenIngres Database AccessC.5.6
Oracle Database AccessC.6.7
Sybase Database AccessC.7.6
text Database AccessC.8.9
CONSOLE PG to Writing Programs15.5
CONSTANT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference18.5
Constant conditional expression Language Reference18.2.3
Constant-name Language Reference2.2.2.1 , , 2.5.1
rules Language Reference8.26
counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
MF or ANSI Dialog System Character17.2
Constructor method Distributed Computing3.2.2
Contention Internet Applications3.2
Context-sensitive word Language Reference2.2.2.1
Continuation of line Language Reference1.2.1.2 ,
CONTINUE statement Language Reference12.10
name Internet Applications3.4
transferred between segments LR - Additional Topics3.1.1.3 , 3.1.3
trap field Dialog System Character11.1.1.1
value Internet Applications3.4
Control block Dialog System Character3.2.1 ,
ANSI copyfile Dialog System Character11.
fields Dialog System Character11.1.1.1
level-88s Dialog System Character17.2
MF copyfile Dialog System Character11.
CONTROL BLOCK ANSI-CONSTANTS configuration parameter Dialog System Character17.2
CONTROL BLOCK COMPATIBILITY configuration parameter Dialog System Character17.2
CONTROL BLOCK MF-CONSTANTS configuration parameter Dialog System Character17.2
CONTROL clause LR - Additional Topics1.4.8 , 1.4.22
Language Reference9.9
CONTROL FOOTING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.21 , 1.4.21 , 1.4.22
CONTROL HEADING phrase LR - Additional Topics1.4.22
Control key support User's Guide16.5.2
Control param
trap field Dialog System Character11.1.1.1
Control sequence
DISPLAY statement Compatibility Guide5.2.3
Control sequences
DISPLAY statements Creating UIs4.2.2.2
key Creating UIs4.9.2.6
DG I COBOL applications Compatibility GuideCh3
Java and COBOL data Distributed Computing5.2
RM/COBOL applications Compatibility GuideCh4
Conversion Series Utilities Migration Guide2.4.13
Conversion utility
translation file Dialog System Character16.2.1
browse monitor to read Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
browse monitor to write Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
CGI program to NSAPI Internet Applications5.1
monitor write to browse Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
Convert color to RGB value Creating UIs11.7.2
Converting data types Database Access3.1
COBSQL Database Access3.1.1
Converting files File Handling9.6
INSPECT statement Language Reference13.12
CONVERTRET Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CONVERTSTATUS configuration option Migration Guide7.8
CONVSPACE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Cookie Internet Applications3.7 , 3.7.2
expiry Internet Applications3.7.2.1
handling Internet Applications3.7.3
receiving Internet Applications3.7.2.2
return date for expiry field Internet Applications7.2
sending Internet Applications3.7.2.1
used in CSI Utilities Handbook3.4.4
CSI line marker Utilities Handbook3.3.3
panel Dialog System Character6.2.5
Copy from block Dialog System Character7.1.3 , 7.2.7 , 23.1
COPY libraries User's Guide6.6
COPY limits PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
Copy path
Compiler User's Guide6.6.2
with windowing syntax Creating UIs7.3.3
COPY statement User's Guide6.6
Language Reference18.1.1
DG I COBOL LR - Additional Topics12.3.2
example LR - Additional Topics6.4 , 6.5
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.6.1
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.6.1
Copy to block Dialog System Character23.1
Copy to stack Dialog System Character8.
COPY-files Dialog System Character3.2.1
COPYEXT Compiler directive User's Guide6.6.1 , 7.3
Language Reference18.1.1
Copyfile Dialog System CharacterCh12
Client/Server Binding Distributed Computing6.4 , 6.7
Compiler User's Guide6.6
defaults Dialog System Character17.2
extensions User's Guide7.3
generating Dialog System CharacterCh12
displaying structure Utilities Handbook3.4.4
edit Utilities Handbook7.5.12.3
for display attributes Creating UIs11.2.1
structure Utilities Handbook3.1
COPYLBR Compiler directive User's Guide6.6 , 7.3
Language Reference18.1.1
Utilities Handbook10.4
COPYLIST Compiler directive User's Guide6.7.2 , 7.3
Language Reference18.1.1
Core dump debugging Debugging Handbook1.1 , 2.2.3
tutorial Debugging Handbook5.3
Core file User's Guide14.4
Core heap size PG to Writing Programs4.2.8
core_on_error run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
Migration Guide6.3
Correcting protection violations PG to Writing Programs5.4
CORRESPONDING phrase Language Reference10.5.3
PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.1
MOVE statement Language Reference14.2
Corrupt indexed files File Handling9.5
Coru PG to Writing Programs14.2
COS function Language Reference11.9.8
UNSTRING statement Language Reference16.11
CP preprocessor Database AccessApE
COPY statement Database AccessE.2 , E.2.1
copyfile expansion Database AccessE.2
CP directives Database AccessE.4
CP error messages Database AccessE.5
limitations Database AccessE.1.1
REPLACE notification Database AccessE.3
.CPB Dialog System Character12.1 , 12.1
CR character position symbol Language Reference8.15
intra-process events Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
intra-process monitor Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
intra-process semaphore Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
thread-storage area handle Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
threads Multi-threaded Programming3.4.2 , 5.3.2 , 5.3.2
virtual colormap Creating UIs11.7.2
CREATE INDEX statement
dBASE Database AccessC.3.8
Create named values PG to Writing Programs17.4
applications User's Guide1.2 , 3.3
core files User's Guide14.4
generated code files User's Guide5.3
intermediate code files User's Guide5.2 , 5.4
new object instance OO Programming10.5 , 11.6.3
shared library files User's Guide5.6
system executable files User's Guide5.5
Creating 64-bit program
from 32-bit programs PG to Writing Programs6.2
Creating 64-bit programs PG to Writing ProgramsCh6
Creating a file Utilities Handbook4.10
Creating a screenset Dialog System Character3.1
Cross-platform Internet Applications1.1
Cross-session debugging Migration Guide3.5.1
Debugging Handbook2.7
CRT STATUS clause Creating UIs4.9.2.1 , 6.1.1
example LR - Additional Topics6.6
Special-Names paragraph Language Reference6.2.3
CRT status key Language Reference6.2.3
CRT-UNDER Creating UIs4.2.2.3 ,
cs character position symbol Language Reference8.15
See COBOL Source Information
access from Editor Utilities Handbook3.2.1 , 3.2.2 ,
check messages Utilities Handbook3.1
Compiler directive Utilities Handbook3.1
configuring options Utilities Handbook3.6
display Utilities Handbook3.3
exiting from Utilities Handbook3.5
functions Utilities Handbook3.5
locate stack Utilities Handbook3.5
printing a report Utilities Handbook3.5
query display Utilities Handbook3.3.1
csi.dat Utilities Handbook3.5
Ctrl key Dialog System Character19.2 , 20.2
Getting Started1.10.2
disable Ctrl+Break Creating UIs3.3
simulation Creating UIs4.9.4
Ctrl key portability PG to Writing Programs7.4.7
CUA-PALETTE Dialog System Character17.3
CUA-PALETTE configuration parameter Dialog System Character17.3
Special-Names paragraph Language Reference6.2.3
CURRENCY Compiler directive Language Reference8.15
Currency sign Language Reference6.2
Currency sign and National Language Support PG to Writing Programs8.5 , 8.7 , 8.7.8
Currency symbol Language Reference8.15
CURRENCY-SIGN Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Current users view AppTrack3.2
CURRENT-DATE Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
CURRENT-DATE function Language Reference11.9.9
CURRENT-DATE special register Language Reference2.2.5
current_day run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
current_month run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
current_year run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
ACCEPT position Creating UIs5.4.2.1
CBL_GET_CSR_POS Creating UIs3.3
CBL_SET_CSR_POS Creating UIs3.3
control using Adis Creating UIs4.2.1.1 , 4.5
down function in Adis Creating UIs6.5
left function in Adis Creating UIs6.5
right function in Adis Creating UIs6.5
up function in Adis Creating UIs6.5
Cursor addressing User's Guide16.5.3
CURSOR clause
Special-Names paragraph Language Reference6.2.3
Cursor functions Dialog System Character10.1.1.2
CURSOR IS clause Creating UIs4.5
Cursor keys Dialog System Character19.2
CURSOR-LARGE configuration parameter Dialog System Character17.5
Cursors Database AccessCh4
closing Database Access4.4
CONCURRENCY Database Access4.5
declaring Database Access4.1
dynamic SQL Database Access6.4
opening Database Access4.2
positioned DELETE Database Access4.6
positioned UPDATE Database Access4.6
retrieving data Database Access4.3
SCROLLOPTION Database Access4.5
using Database Access4.7
Cut to block Dialog System Character7.2.6
Cut to stack Dialog System Character8.
Cutting Dialog System Character23.1 , 23.1

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