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X character position symbol Language Reference8.15
-X cob flag
exclude symbol from output file User's Guide11.1
-x cob flag
create statically linked module User's Guide9.2.2
create system executable file User's Guide11.1
-x Rebuild option File Handling9.3
function 46 File Handling10.5
function 47 File Handling10.5
function 48 File Handling10.5
function 49 File Handling10.5
function 52 File Handling10.5
function 53 File Handling10.5
function 16 Creating UIs10.4.1
function 20 Creating UIs10.4.1
function 21 Creating UIs10.4.1
function 25 Creating UIs3.3
function 6 Creating UIs10.4.1
function 7 Creating UIs10.4.1
function 1 Creating UIs3.3
function 18 Creating UIs3.3
function 22 Creating UIs3.3
function 26 Creating UIs3.3
function 14 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 15 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 44 Creating UIs4.8.2 ,
function 45 Creating UIs4.9.5.1
function 46 Creating UIs4.9.4.2
function 47 Creating UIs4.9.5.2
function 56 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 57 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 58 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 59 Creating UIs4.8.1
function 6 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 76 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 81 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 84 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 85 Creating UIs4.8.2
function 86 Creating UIs4.8.2
X"B0" function 4 Creating UIs3.3
X"E5" Creating UIs3.3
X"F4" - pack byte PG to Writing Programs17.4
X"F5" - unpack byte PG to Writing Programs17.4
X/Open environment variables PG to Writing Programs3.4
X/Open extensions Language Reference1.1
XIF Dialog System Character10.1.1.16 , 20.2
XNIM Compiler directive Migration Guide5.2.1
XOPEN Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference12.1
XOR logic operator PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.5 , 3.5.1 , 17.4
XP Dialog System Character10.1.1.4 , 20.2
XPD Dialog System Character10.1.1.15 , 20.2
XPE Dialog System Character10.1.1.4 , 20.2
XPR Dialog System Character10.1.1.4 , 20.2
XREF Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
integrated preprocessor PG to Writing Programs16.1.1

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