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-m cob flag
map unresolved symbol User's Guide11.1
/m option Fileshare User's Guide3.2
-m Rebuild option File Handling9.3
Machine Name
CCIAPPC configuration Configuring CCI2.3.2
CCIIPX configuration Configuring CCI3.4.2
CCINAMPU configuration Configuring CCI6.2.2
CCINETB configuration Configuring CCI4.3.2
CCITCP configuration Configuring CCI5.3.2
machinename configuration parameter Distributed Computing6.5.1
override Distributed Computing6.10.4
Main alternate menu Dialog System Character4.2
Main menu Dialog System Character2.1 , 4.1
Adis Configuration utility Creating UIs5.3.1
Animator Debugging Handbook3.1
Mainframe Getting Started1.8
Compiler directives Migration Guide5.3
Mainframe Access
CCI configuration Configuring CCI7.1
fixed port server Configuring CCI7.1.2
Mainframe compatibility
language features Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.1.3
run-time behavior Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.2.3
Mainframe Express
.int file Migration Guide3.1.1
MAKESYN Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Managing multiple run-units PG to Writing Programs14.2
Manual record lock Language Reference10.6.5.1 ,
Microsoft COBOL LR - Additional Topics10.5.1
Manual record locking File Handling5.2.1.1
Map screenset colors map to COBOL system Dialog System Character4.2.8.2
MAPNAME Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference5.2 , 12.4 , 17.1
filenames Migration Guide7.6
Getting Started1.8
line-drawing characters Creating UIs9.2.5
Mapping filenames File Handling3.3
multiple paths File Handling3.3.1
Mark/Unmark Dialog System Character6.1
panel painting Dialog System Character7.2.1
Marking an area Dialog System Character3.1.5
MAS Dialog System Character10.1.1.13 , 20.2
Mass storage file Language Reference3.5.3 ,
Master Index and Glossary Getting Started1.9.2
MAX function Language Reference11.9.29
MAX-ERROR Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
core heap size PG to Writing Programs4.2.8
data item size PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
EXTERNAL data item size PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
nesting PG to Writing Programs4.1.2
number of names PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
OCCURS (Screen Section) PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
parameters in USING phrase PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
program size PG to Writing Programs4.1.1 , 4.1.1
programs loaded PG to Writing Programs4.1.2
record size PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
table dimensions PG to Writing Programs4.1.1
Maximum clients Distributed Computing6.10.3
Maximum size
intermediate results PG to Writing Programs4.2.7
Maximuxm nesting
counting Utilities Handbook3.4.4
maxtimeout configuration parameter Distributed Computing6.5.1
maxtrans configuration parameter Distributed Computing6.5.1
MB Dialog System Character10.1.1.13 , 20.2
MBD Dialog System Character10.1.1.13 , 20.2
MEAN function Language Reference11.9.30
MEDIAN function Language Reference11.9.31
and Data File Editor Utilities Handbook4.12.1
CBL_ALLOC_DYN_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_ALLOC_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_ALLOC_SHMEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_FREE_DYN_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_FREE_MEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
CBL_FREE_SHMEM PG to Writing Programs17.4
free dynamically allocated PG to Writing Programs17.4 , 17.4 , 17.4
library routines PG to Writing Programs14.3 , 17.2.3
setting maximum available User's Guide15.3
Memory leak Distributed Computing2.2.6 , 3.2.7
Memory leaks OO Programming10.6.1.1
finding OO Programming14.2.5
Object-Computer paragraph Language Reference6.2.2
Menu Getting Started1.7.1 , 1.8 , 3.1.1
action bar definition Dialog System Character6.3
Adis Configuration utility Creating UIs5.3
amend field Dialog System Character8.1.2.3
amend pulldown Dialog System Character6.3.5
attribute group Dialog System Character9.5
block Dialog System Character7.1
check digit validation Dialog System Character5.1.7.3
colorize Dialog System Character4.2.8
data group Dialog System Character9.3
date validation Dialog System Character5.1.7.4
dialog definition Dialog System Character10.2
dialog definition alternate Dialog System Character10.3
directory Dialog System Character4.2.3
directory control Dialog System Character4.2.3.10
error message definition Dialog System Character5.2
field naming Dialog System Character8.1
function detail Dialog System Character10.2.5
generate COBOL Dialog System Character12.3
generate prompt Dialog System Character12.1
generate prompt control Dialog System Character12.2
group name Dialog System Character9.2.2
group occurrence maintenance Dialog System Character9.3.4
group selection Dialog System Character9.4
group size maintenance Dialog System Character9.2.4
Keyboard Configuration utility Creating UIs6.3 , 6.3
main Dialog System Character2.1 , 4.1
main alternate Dialog System Character4.2
null validation Dialog System Character5.1.7.5
panel functions Dialog System Character8.1.2.2
panel maintenance Dialog System Character7.2.9
panel painting Dialog System CharacterCh7 , 7.2
panel painting alternate Dialog System Character7.3
panel painting control Dialog System Character7.4
panels Dialog System CharacterCh6
print Dialog System Character15.1
range/table validation Dialog System Character5.1.7.2
range/table validation alternate Dialog System Character5.
selection Dialog System Character23.18 , 23.19
selection bar Dialog System Character9.2.1
trace Dialog System Character11.2.1
trap screen Dialog System Character11.2
validation Dialog System Character5.1.7
virtual attribute group definition Dialog System Character9.2.3
virtual text group definition Dialog System Character9.2.3
Menu entry
table Dialog System Character18.6
Menu Handler Migration Guide2.2.2
Menu Handler and Application Configuration System PG to Writing Programs13.3.4
Menu on/off Dialog System Character7.4.8
Menu system Dialog System Character2.1.2
compilation limits File Handling16.2
MERGE statement Language Reference6.3.3 , 7.2.1 , 14.1
segmentation LR - Additional Topics3.3.3
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.12
Merging files File Handling8.1
Message OO Programming10.4
Adis ACCEPT Creating UIs5.5
altering Adis Creating UIs5.3.13
binding OO Programming2.1.6
send OO Programming4.2
tracing OO Programming14.2.4
Message area Getting Started3.1.1
Message file
close PG to Writing Programs17.4
open PG to Writing Programs17.4
read PG to Writing Programs17.4
Message log Distributed Computing6.11.1
Message position
altering Adis Creating UIs5.3.12
See Error messages
altering Adis Creating UIs5.3.10 , 5.3.11
controlling User's Guide7.1.4.3
META tag Internet Applications3.7.2.1
Method Language Reference3.6.4 , 17.7
OO Programming11.6
calling Distributed Computing3.2.3
class OO Programming11.4.3
constructor Distributed Computing3.2.2
data OO Programming5.1.4 , 11.6.1
inheritance OO Programming11.3.1
inheritance chain OO Programming11.3.1
instance OO Programming11.5.3
invoking Language Reference3.6.5 , 13.13
Java Distributed Computing4.2.3
new OO Programming10.5
"newClass" OO Programming18.2.1
overloading Distributed Computing3.2.3 , 4.2.3
overview OO Programming2.1.3
parameters OO Programming11.6.1
selector OO Programming2.1.6
state Language Reference3.8.3 ,
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.7.6
Method interface
vocabulary OO Programming13.2.1.2
Method interface definition Language Reference17.8
syntax summary Language ReferenceA.7.7
Method Wizard Distributed Computing1.2.3 , 4.2.3 , 4.3
Method-ID paragraph Language Reference5.6
Method-name Language Reference2.2.3.5
MF Compiler directive Compatibility Guide4.2
User's Guide7.3
MF-CSI tag Utilities Handbook3.6
MF-OO Compiler directive Language Reference17.1
Mainframe Access Configuring CCICh7
mfclient Distributed Computing6.1
connecting client program Distributed Computing6.6
mfclisrv.cfg file Distributed Computing6.5 , 6.5.1
mfclisrv.cpy file Distributed Computing6.4 , 6.6 , 6.7
mfclisrv.log file Distributed Computing6.11.1
mfcobol.jar file Distributed Computing2.2 , 4.2.1
mfcobolrc configuration file PG to Writing Programs13.2.2
mfcobolrc file Getting Started5.1
MFCODESET environment variable User's GuideApA
MFCOMMENT Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Language Reference1.2.1.1 ,
Mfconfig program
See Application Configuration System
MFCSCFG environment variable User's GuideApA
Distributed Computing6.5.3
Mfcsi utility Utilities Handbook3.6
mfcsmgr program Distributed Computing6.10 , 6.10.4
mfcsovrd.cfg file Distributed Computing6.11.3
mfinfocmp utility User's Guide16.6 , 16.6.2
MFLEVEL Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
mflmfdb file LMF Admin Guide2.1.6
MFLOGDIR environment variable User's GuideApA
Distributed Computing6.5 , 6.11.1
mfserver Distributed Computing6.1 , 6.2 , 6.8
connecting server program Distributed Computing6.7
Dialog System program Distributed Computing6.11.5
password Distributed Computing6.10.2
shutting down Distributed Computing6.10.1
Mfsort File Handling8.1
error messages File Handling8.5
examples File Handling8.4
field types File Handling8.3.1.1
fields instruction File Handling8.3.1
input files File Handling8.3.2
instructions File Handling8.3
output files File Handling8.3.2
record instruction File Handling8.3.2.1
workfile File Handling8.2
DB2 Database Access8.3.8
mftic utility User's Guide16.6 , 16.6.1
mftools.cfg configuration file PG to Writing Programs13.2.1
MF_CLIENT_STATE_ALLOCATE routine Internet Applications7.2
MF_CLIENT_STATE_DELETE routine Internet Applications7.2
MF_CLIENT_STATE_EXPIRY routine Internet Applications7.2
MF_CLIENT_STATE_FILE routine Internet Applications7.2
MF_CLIENT_STATE_PURGE routine Internet Applications7.2
MF_CLIENT_STATE_RESTORE routine Internet Applications7.2
MF_CLIENT_STATE_SAVE routine Internet Applications7.2
See Multivendor Integration Architecture
Micro Focus constants Dialog System Character17.2
Micro Focus Panels Dialog System Character4.2.5.1 , 23.17
Microsoft COBOL syntax LR - Additional TopicsCh10
Microsoft COBOL v2
Adis keys Creating UIs4.9.2.4
Microsoft SNA Server v2.11 Configuring CCIApF
Microsoft SNA Server v3.0 Configuring CCIApE
midconfig configuration parameter Distributed Computing6.5.1
MIDRANGE function Language Reference11.9.32
DG I COBOL applications Compatibility GuideCh3
RM/COBOL applications Compatibility GuideCh4
Migration Guide Getting Started1.9.2
MIME types Internet Applications5.2
mime.types Internet Applications5.2
MIN function Language Reference11.9.33
Min/max record size for file Utilities Handbook3.4.3
Mixed data item LR - Additional Topics4.9.2 , 5.7.2
Mixed literal LR - Additional Topics4.10.2 , 5.8.3
Mixed-language debugging Debugging Handbook1.1 , 2.4
tutorial Debugging Handbook5.5
Mixed-language programming PG to Writing ProgramsCh10 , Ch11
MIXEDLANGDEBUG Animator directive Debugging Handbook4.4
Mkrts script Migration Guide2.4.20 , 4.2
action bar Dialog System Character6.3.1
pulldown Dialog System Character6.3.5.7
Mnemonic-name Language Reference2.2.2.1
Mod CSI line marker Utilities Handbook3.3.3
MOD function Language Reference11.9.34
sharing File Handling5.1
MODE IS BLOCK Creating UIs4.3.3 , 4.3.3
Monitor Multi-threaded Programming2.3.2
Monitor routine
acquire monitor browse Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
acquire monitor read Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
acquire monitor write Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
close monitor Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
convert monitor write to browse Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
create intra-process monitor Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
monitor browse to read Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
monitor browse to write Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release monitor browse Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release monitor locks Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release monitor read Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release monitor write Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
Monitor-pointer Language Reference16.3
MONITOR-POINTER usage Language Reference8.25
MOUSE-ENABLE Dialog System Character17.5
MOVE Dialog System Character10.1.1.17 , 20.2
block Dialog System Character7.1.1
panel Dialog System Character7.2.9.1
MOVE CORRESPONDING statement Language Reference14.2
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.13
Move panel
trace menu Dialog System Character11.2.1.4
Move panel function Dialog System Character10.1.1.20
MOVE statement Language Reference10.5.3 , 14.2
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.15.8 , 5.11.5
RM/COBOL Compatibility Guide5.2.2 , 5.2.8
MOVEPNL Dialog System Character10.1.1.20 , 20.2
MOVETXT Dialog System Character20.2
MOVEVTXT Dialog System Character10.1.1.17
files Utilities Handbook6.6.1
Moving fields Dialog System Character3.1.6
MPID Dialog System Character10.1.1.17 , 20.2
MS Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
.msg file Utilities Handbook7.7.1.3
MTD Dialog System Character10.1.1.13 , 20.2
Multi-processors Multi-threaded Programming1.2
Multi-threaded debugging Debugging Handbook2.5
MULTITHREAD Debugging Handbook4.4
setting breakpoint for thread Debugging Handbook3.3.2
tutorial Debugging Handbook2.6 , 5.6
Multi-threading Internet Applications4.1.1
Getting Started1.8
allocating thread memory Multi-threaded Programming5.2.4
Animator Utilities Handbook2.4.4.3
application Multi-threaded Programming1.3
compiler directives Multi-threaded ProgrammingCh4
deallocating thread memory Multi-threaded Programming5.2.4
handling thread-specific data Multi-threaded Programming5.2.3
introduction Multi-threaded ProgrammingCh1
Java/COBOL Distributed Computing1.2.5 , 2.2.1
library routines Multi-threaded Programming3.3
multi-processors Multi-threaded Programming1.2
operating system Multi-threaded Programming1.1
optimizing program performance Multi-threaded ProgrammingCh4
program attributes Multi-threaded Programming2.1
specifying no multi-threading Multi-threaded Programming2.1.1
synchronization library routines Multi-threaded Programming5.2.2
synchronizing threads Multi-threaded Programming2.3
thread-control library routines Multi-threaded Programming5.2.1
writing multi-threaded applications Multi-threaded ProgrammingCh3
Multi-threading Compiler directives User's Guide7.1.3
Multi-threading routine
acquire monitor browse Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
acquire monitor read Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
acquire monitor write Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
acquire mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
acquire semaphore Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
allocating heap memory for threads Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
allocating ID-data area Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
clearing an event Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
close event Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
close monitor Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
close mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
close semaphore Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
close thread-storage area handle Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
convert monitor write to browse Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
create intra-process event Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
create intra-process monitor Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
create intra-process semaphore Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
create thread-storage area handle Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
creating threads Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2 , 5.3.2
detaching threads Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
freeing heap memory Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
get pointer to thread-storage area Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
kill thread Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
lock thread Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
monitor browse to read Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
monitor browse to write Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
open intra-process mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
post event Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
pre-initialized synchronization Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2 , 5.3.2
release monitor browse Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release monitor locks Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release monitor read Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release monitor write Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release semaphore Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
relinquishing processor control Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
request next thread in list Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
resuming suspended thread Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
return pointer to ID-data area Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
start thread list Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
storing thread identifier Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
suspending thread Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
terminate thread list request Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
terminating threads Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
unlock thread Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
wait for event Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
wait for thread completion Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
yield timeslice Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
adapter Configuring CCI4.1.7
I-O-Control paragraph Language Reference6.3.3
Multiple record locking File Handling5.2.2.2
Multiple record locks Language Reference10.6.5.2
file control entry Language Reference6.3.2
Multiple results Language Reference10.5.6
Multiple run-units
concurrency PG to Writing Programs14.1
dynamically allocated memory PG to Writing Programs14.2.1
intercommunication PG to Writing Programs14.2.1
management PG to Writing Programs14.2
named values PG to Writing Programs14.2.1
Multiple screensets Dialog System Character13.2
file control entry Language Reference6.3.2
Multiple-reel file Migration Guide7.2
Multiple-reel files File Handling11.3
header record File Handling11.3.1
MULTIPLY statement Language Reference10.5.4 , 14.3
PG to Writing Programs1.1.2.1
multiple results Language Reference10.5.6
MULTITHREAD Animator directive Debugging Handbook4.4
Multivendor Integration Architecture LR - Additional Topics4.3 , Ch5
multi_close_limit run-time tunable User's Guide14.4
Mutex Multi-threaded Programming2.3.1
Mutex routine
acquire mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
close mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
open intra-process mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
release mutex Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
Mutex-pointer Language Reference16.3
MUTEX-POINTER usage Language Reference8.25

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