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-W cob flag
set cob termination error level User's Guide11.1
WAIT License Manager directive LMF Admin Guide2.1.3
WAIT phrase
READ statement Language Reference15.2
WAIT statement Language Reference16.13
for events Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
for thread completion Multi-threaded Programming5.3.2
Wall Data RUMBA Office 95/NT v5.0 Configuring CCIApG
WARNING Compiler directive User's Guide7.3 , 11.1
Language Reference10.5.5
Warning flags Database Access5.1.3
Warning messages
Rebuild File Handling9.9.3
WARNING"2" Compiler directive Utilities Handbook3.1
WARNINGS WARNING (W) Database AccessE.4
watermark file AppTrack3.7
WB Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
WB2 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
WB3 Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
/wd option Fileshare User's Guide3.2
Web browser Internet Applications1.1 , 1.2
Web browsers Creating UIs1.1.1
Web programming Getting Started1.3
Web server
setup Internet Applications6.3
Web share Internet Applications6.4
WEBSERVER Compiler directive Internet Applications5.1.1
check digit validation Dialog System Character5.1.7.3
WHEN phrase
EVALUATE statement Language Reference13.3
SEARCH statement Language Reference16.1
WHEN-COMPILED function Language Reference5.9 , 11.9.55
WHEN-COMPILED special register Language Reference2.2.5
WHENEVER Database Access5.1.4 , ApD
COBSQL Database Access5.1.4.1
DB2 Database Access8.3.9
Wide mode User's Guide16.5.3
and Animator User's Guide16.5.3
PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
and COBTERMINFO environment variable User's Guide16.5.3
PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
number of columns User's Guide16.5.3
PG to Writing Programs11.3.7
terminfo entries User's Guide16.4.3.3
WIDE Profiler directive Utilities Handbook11.4
using in CSI Utilities Handbook3.4.4
demonstration programs Creating UIs7.3.6
error messages Creating UIs7.3.4
initialization Creating UIs7.3.3
need for ANS85 compiler directive Creating UIs7.3.3
restrictions Creating UIs7.3.3
supplementary information Creating UIs7.3.5
support Creating UIsCh7
syntax errors Creating UIs7.3.3
Windowing support Getting Started1.8
Windowing syntax Creating UIs1.1.4 , 7.3
and column 73 Creating UIs7.3.3
and the -P cob flag Creating UIs7.3.3
enabling Creating UIs7.2
overview Creating UIs7.1
portability PG to Writing Programs7.3.1
Windows NT service Fileshare User's Guide3.2 , 6.8
With data OO Programming11.3.2.1
WITH DEBUGGING MODE clause LR - Additional Topics2.1.1 , 2.2.1
Language Reference6.2.1
READ statement Language Reference15.2
WITH LOCK clause
file control entry Language Reference6.3.2
WITH LOCK phrase
OPEN statement Language Reference14.7
READ statement Language Reference15.2
READ statement Language Reference15.2
CLOSE statement Language Reference12.7
WITH phrase options LR - Additional Topics10.4.2 , 10.4.3
Language Reference12.1 , 12.13
WITH ROLLBACK clause Fileshare User's Guide4.1 , 4.1.2
WITH SIZE phrase
START statement Language Reference16.5
Net Express Distributed Computing1.2.3 , 4.2 , 4.2.3 , 4.3
Word-storage mode Language Reference2.6.4.2
mfsort File Handling8.2
Working mode User's GuideCh4
Migration Guide3.2.1
COBMODE User's Guide4.3.1
cobmode command User's Guide4.3.2
configuration files User's Guide4.7
default User's Guide4.4
dual-mode programs User's Guide4.6
finding User's Guide4.2
global User's Guide4.3.2
linking programs User's Guide4.6
local User's Guide4.3.1
setting User's Guide4.3
starting tools User's Guide4.5
Working storage
RM/COBOL Compatibility Guide5.2.10
Working with groups Dialog System Character9.2
ANSI OO Programming2.1.3
Working-Storage Section Language Reference3.8.1 , 7.3 , 8.2
locating Utilities Handbook3.5
World Wide Web Internet Applications1.1
Wrapper class Distributed Computing4.2.2
methods Distributed Computing4.2.3
BEFORE/AFTER PAGE PG to Writing Programs15.5
BEFORE/AFTER TAB PG to Writing Programs15.5
WRITE statement Language Reference16.14
Siemens BS2000 COBOL LR - Additional Topics13.5.23
WRITE-LOCK Compiler directive Language Reference15.5 , 16.14
WRITELOCK Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
WRITETHROUGH Compiler directive User's Guide7.3
Writing multi-threaded applications Multi-threaded ProgrammingCh3
Writing recursive routines PG to Writing Programs3.1.1
Writing to library file Utilities Handbook10.2
Wyse terminal support User's Guide16.5.1

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