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JAPANESE class condition LR - Additional Topics5.11.1.3
JAPANESE Compiler directive LR - Additional TopicsCh5 , 5.6
User's Guide7.3
accessing native objects Distributed Computing3.2.6
accessing variables Distributed Computing3.2.4
adding COBOL methods Distributed Computing4.2.3
array Distributed Computing5.3
calling COBOL Distributed ComputingCh2
calling from COBOL Distributed ComputingCh3
calling Object COBOL Distributed ComputingCh4
class Distributed Computing3.2.1 , 4.2
data type Distributed ComputingCh5
demonstration program Distributed Computing2.5 , 4.4
domain Distributed Computing3.1
exception handling Distributed Computing2.4.1 , 3.2.5 , 4.2.4
finalizing object Distributed Computing3.2.7
garbage collection Distributed Computing2.2.6 , 3.2.7
handling strings Distributed Computing2.3
instantiating objects Distributed Computing3.2.2
launching applications Distributed Computing1.2.4
method Distributed Computing3.2.3
multi-threading Distributed Computing2.2.1
overloading methods Distributed Computing4.2.3
package Distributed Computing3.2.1
passing data to COBOL structures Distributed Computing4.2.6 , 5.4
static functions Distributed Computing4.2.3
USAGE of parameter Distributed Computing2.2.3 , 2.2.4 , 4.2.5
using with COBOL Language Reference17.1
Migration Guide3.3.1 , 3.4.1
wrapper class Distributed Computing4.2.2 , 4.2.3
Java Native Interface Distributed Computing2.4 , 3.2.6
Migration Guide3.3.1
Java Virtual Machine User's GuideApA
Distributed Computing1.2.1
Migration Guide3.4.1
Java/COBOL application launcher Distributed Computing1.2.4
JavaScript Internet Applications1.4
java_setup script Distributed Computing1.2.1
See Java Native Interface
JScript Internet Applications1.4
Just-in-time debugging Debugging Handbook1.1
invoking Debugging Handbook2.2.2
tutorial Debugging Handbook5.2
Adis options Creating UIs5.4.2.1
JUSTIFIED clause Language Reference8.2 , 8.10
DBCS characters LR - Additional Topics4.14.1 , 5.10.1
Screen Section Language Reference9.16
Adis field option Creating UIs4.1.2
See Java Virtual Machine

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