Press Release | 6 Jul 2020

Micro Focus Announces Expanded AI-Powered Capabilities for the UFT Family


Functional Testing Portfolio Receives Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Support to Accelerate Test Automation, Improve Resiliency, and Reduce Test Maintenance for Application Teams

Santa Clara, Calif. – July 6, 2020   Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) today announced AI-powered enhancements to the intelligent testing capabilities of the UFT Family, a unified set of solutions designed to reduce the overall complexity of automating the functional testing processes. As businesses place increased emphasis on developing innovative applications that better support users, scaling testing efforts becomes an elusive goal. These new AI-based capabilities ensure application teams can meet growing demands in an effective, efficient and agile way by increasing test coverage and test asset resiliency, and reducing test creation time and maintenance efforts.

The increase in pace and frequency of software releases, the proliferation of operating environments, and the exponential growth in the number of test cases has demanded the use of AI to revolutionize software test automation and positively impact both the efficiency and effectiveness of functional testing. “Over the past two years we’ve steadily infused our existing products with artificial intelligence features. Last June we debuted new AI-based capabilities to help organizations overcome the challenges of mobile testing and this announcement extends the same support to web-based testing,” said Raffi Margaliot, Micro Focus Senior Vice President, Application Delivery Management. “More importantly this customer-centric innovation is available to our extensive customer base, with intelligent tools to accelerate adoption of AI within their existing testing assets.”

Micro Focus AI-powered test automation in the UFT Family enables users to:

  • Streamline automation – Instead of creating multiple scripts for every possible combination and transaction, users only need to compose a single script that will automatically run on multiple platforms and browsers. This reduces the overall time spent on creating and maintaining test assets, while increasing test coverage and allows teams to keep up with the evolving technology landscape and user demands.
  • Consistently improve with little effort – The UFT Family’s AI framework evolves and adapts based on a crowd-sourced feedback mechanism. Customers are invited to expand and refine the AI model’s training data by securely and privately contributing information about their unique user interface paradigms, to constantly improve accuracy of object recognition.
  • Shift testing everywhereA combination of an AI Software Development Kit (SDK) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows technical and non-technical testers to easily write tests and reduces the time and effort of technical testers in the creation/maintenance of automation code.

“To adequately test a new mobile application, we knew that generating and maintaining all the test scripts required for our quality standards was going to be difficult within the required timeframes. With the new UFT One AI-based testing capabilities, we were able to leverage a single set of multi-platform scripts across iOS and Android and reduced mobile test maintenance by an estimated 35%,” said Chris Trimper, Enterprise QA Automation Architect, Quality Assurance Engineering at Independent Health Insurers. “It also enabled us to provide rapid feedback to project teams from CI builds and to focus more on overall quality of the new mobile application.”

On June 18, 2020, independent analyst firm Forrester Research named Micro Focus a “Strong Performer” in The Forrester Wave™: Continuous Functional Test Automation Suites, Q2 2020. Micro Focus also received the highest scores possible in the “product vision” and “innovation roadmap” criteria. According to the report, “Micro Focus has introduced innovation based on AI, ML, and RPA. The new vision of Micro Focus is “shift everywhere,” leveraging a broad suite of tools composed of UFT One, UFT Developer, and UFT Mobile infused with AI and NLP capabilities.”

The Micro Focus UFT Family of functional test automation solutions includes UFT One, UFT Developer, and UFT Digital Lab. These solutions help teams deliver quality applications using intelligent multi-platform functional test automation with AI-based capabilities. They represent just one of the ways Micro Focus helps customers run and transform their business and accelerate application delivery in the race for digital transformation.


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