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Secure Data

Secure and accelerate
data value

Enterprises today are prioritizing business transformation. With continuous data discovery, insight, and protection solutions, organizations can remove the obstacles, drive monetization of data, and accelerate initiatives such as IT modernization, cloud migration, and privacy compliance.

Know and classify your data

The new data-driven economy requires an holistic data security plan to know and classify your data. Built as a SaaS solution, Voltage File Analysis Suite Data Discovery uses AI-driven analytics to build a rich inventory of data. Dashboards identify and highlight sensitive data with accurate, contextual awareness, and the speed needed when assessing risk. Voltage Structured Data Manager automatically discovers sensitive data across all repositories and acts on it to reduce the data footprint and lower total cost of ownership.

Swift and accurate analysis and classification of data enables appropriate action, such as protection of cloud block storage, audit trails to enable privacy compliance, and defensible deletion to reduce data bloat. Voltage provides classification of all data in the enterprise, going beyond databases and file metadata to include deep inspection to establish risk exposure and action with insight.

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Protect your data

Voltage encrypts or anonymizes data in files, databases, applications, and analytics platforms so that business workflows continue to operate, and data maintains usability and utility in its protected form. If exfiltrated, the encrypted data is useless to the cyber attacker. Voltage neutralized the impacts of data breach, making it a "safe breach". Persistent data security enables privacy, and safely increases data use to drive value for the business.

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Monetize your data

Data provides insight to customer behavior, trends, and opportunities for new products and services. But there are also opportunities for abuse, especially in analytics where data can be combined to identify an individual and expose valuable information to attackers. Voltage Format-Preserving Encryption seamlessly integrates with big data analytics platforms on premises, in the cloud, and in cloud-native services to enable secure analytics on data in its protected form. Analytics teams, DBAs, and business users can safely access high-value data, perform most analytics on encrypted data, and produce faster insights and time-to-value.

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Migrate your data

Enterprises today are both hybrid IT and multi-cloud, and need the protection that travels with high-value data. Companies are rapidly moving from “cloud-first” to “cloud-only” strategies. But security and privacy are major concerns and present obstacles to cloud migration. Cloud Service Providers offer security of the cloud, but security “in” the cloud is the responsibility of the enterprise. Voltage SecureData Integrations for Cloud encrypts or anonymizes data in native cloud services in Azure, GCP, and AWS. Use cases include data protection on ingestion into cloud storage or data lakes (real-time or batch), data discovery, classification, automatic protection, and data visualization. Persistent data security enables the enterprise to safely accelerate to the cloud.

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Share your data

Whether sharing data for analytics, with partners, or service providers, or sending data offshore for development and test, it is common practice to use production data. Yet, most data loss occurs from non-production copies of live production system data. Production copies hold sensitive customer data. Whether ISO, Data Privacy, PCI, or other, best practices for regulatory compliance require live personal data to be anonymized. Voltage Format Preserving Hash provides anonymized data from real production data, to safely enable data sharing and efficiently deliver meaningful results. Population and click-stream analytics, test data management, and other use cases benefit from access to anonymized data with preservation of format, context, date ranges, and referential integrity.

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