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Privacy and Compliance

Accelerate trust and compliance in data privacy and security

Implement a single framework for global data privacy and protection—with critical capabilities from data discovery to disposition—delivered in one solutions portfolio. Establish a cyber-resilient framework to serve your privacy and compliance requirements now and into the future.

Understand the privacy impact of data in transit and at rest

In today's era of global privacy legislation, understanding the flow, use, and storage of data is key to compliance. You need effective tools to find data within the scope of privacy policy, automate tagging and metadata enrichment, identify data subject information, and assess risk. Voltage provides discovery, analysis, and classification of all your data, unstructured and structured. Deep inspection with contextual awareness establishes risk exposure and applies data lifecycle policies to act on data with insight. Continuous real-time analytics and guided optimization enable privacy compliance and reduce risk while delivering cost savings.

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Govern with data and identity-based policy controls

How do you address legal preparedness for regulatory compliance, respond to data subject requests, and reduce risk of breach? The answer is data and identity-based policies that govern provisioning, entitlement and role management, rights remediation, privileged access, and access management. With Voltage, automated policies move data to more secure locations, defensibly dispose of data, and protect high-value targets so that access permissions cannot be modified. Voltage identity and user behavioral analytics also provide insight into current entitlements and usage monitoring to ensure continuous data governance.

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Ensure compliance with protected data-in-use

Data is in constant movement across hybrid IT, shared with third parties, and transferred internationally. The challenge is to persistently protect high-value data wherever it is, while enabling usability to drive business value. Standards-based, data-centric encryption and anonymization deliver persistent security and privacy wherever data resides, moves, and is used. Voltage data protection enables secure data use with proven scalability in cloud, analytics, and information sharing use cases, while supporting the requirements of privacy, PCI, HIPAA, financial, and other global and industry regulations.

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    Technology readiness assessment

    Answer the questions on this survey to discover the areas of greatest opportunity for improving your data privacy readiness and compliance.

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