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Get faster, more accurate detection of known and unknown threats with a security analytics-powered SOC that intelligently adapts to talent shortages.

Security Operations

Accelerate effective threat detection

Minimize false positives in your SecOps environment with security analytics that work together to enrich threat insights and cross-validate security events.

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Automate effective response

Respond to attacks at machine speed and minimize oversight with security orchestration automation and response. Save your SecOps analysts time by automating threat response and repetitive activities.

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Simplify log management

Confidently address your growing compliance requirements such as PCI, SOX, and HIPAA with ease by streamlining your administrative and reporting processes and leveraging extensive scalability for tailored deployments.

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Peer Reviews

"I think the ArcSight connectors are underrated given it's functionalities to ingest/filter/parse/aggregate the logs."
"A stable and scalable solution with good correlation and parsing."
"Data availability and searchability is great."
"Was a little hesitant at first moving to ArcSight but I really like the way it can scale, it's user interface, and ease of use."
"The best on-prem SIEM solution that lets you do what you want and has good filtering, scalability, and support."
"We immediately get alerts when there is unauthorized access or unknown access, or even positive access. This is where we found the difference between ArcSight and other solutions."

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ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager

Real-time threat detection, analysis, and response in a comprehensive SIEM solution.


ArcSight Intelligence

Intelligent behavioral threat detection for preemptive mitigation of elusive threats such as insider threats and APTs (advanced persistent threat).


ArcSight Recon

AI-powered threat hunting, security orchestration automation and response, and simplified log management for compliance.


ArcSight Marketplace

A virtual store for trusted cyber security apps, add- ons, and best practices.

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ArcSight Security Open Data Platform

SIEM security monitoring that transforms data chaos into security insight.

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ArcSight Security Orchestration Automation and Response

Native security capabilities for faster security operations and enhanced operational efficiency.

MITRE ATT&CK Integration

See how resilient security operations center (SOC) capabilities map to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to mitigate risks and threats. What vulnerabilities exist in your SOC that need to be addressed?


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