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CICS Reference Summary*
IMS DC Reference Summary*
Backward function, Online Express User's Guide*
specifying User's Guide*
specifying as target User's Guide*
batch programs
See programs, batch
See programs, batch, Program Painter
Before DB Access control point Reference*
Before Loop control point Reference*
Before-Send-Para control point Reference*
BEGIN Customization Facility statement Customization Facility Guide*
BEGIN statement Reference Summary*
See DB-BIND call
BIND call
IDMS DB Reference Summary*
bind options, SQL Reference*
Bind, SQL options User's Guide*
binding SQL Installation Guide* , *
BLANK Customization Facility statement Customization Facility Guide*
blank lines
in Customization Facility macros Customization Facility Guide*
suppress in output Reference*
BLANK WHEN ZERO Report Writer clause Reference*
User's Guide*
BLL cells Reference*
blocks of records
See repeated record blocks
BMS mapsets
first line of, setting Reference*
User's Guide*
generated name Reference*
generating User's Guide*
generating, multiple-map mapsets User's Guide*
multiple-map Reference*
names, overriding Reference*
User's Guide*
brackets, evaluation
setting Customization Facility Guide*
using Customization Facility Guide*
BROWSE keyword
DB-PROCESS Reference*
browsing APS components Reference Summary*
BTC messages Error Messages*
built-in functions Reference Summary*
SQL Reference Summary*
business name User's Guide*
bypass field edits Reference* , *
User's Guide*
bypassing field edits Reference* , *
screen fields Reference Summary*

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