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Macro/Program Cross Reference Report (MC01) Reference* , *
macros, user-defined
See Customization Facility macros
as custom program functions User's Guide*
at database call control points User's Guide* , *
at standard control points User's Guide*
including in application definition Reference*
invoking in Program Painter program User's Guide* , *
naming conventions Reference*
User's Guide*
program locations for Reference*
User's Guide*
specifying in application definition User's Guide*
Main Menu screen Getting Started*
Reference Summary*
main storage area, CICS Reference* , * , * , *
mapping, field Getting Started*
mapping, fields
See field mapping, Online Express
MARGIN Customization Facility statement Customization Facility Guide*
setting for Customization Facility processing Customization Facility Guide*
masks in data structures Reference*
MAX function
SQL Reference*
MAX function, SQL User's Guide*
MDS messages Error Messages*
MDT (modifed data tags)
CICS Reference*
Menu Item Functions screen Reference Summary*
message switching Reference*
message switching, function in Online Express User's Guide*
specifying User's Guide*
APX (Online Express) Error Messages*
BTC (batch commands) Error Messages*
CB2 (APS/CB2 commands) Error Messages*
CIC (APS/CIC commands) Error Messages*
DB2 (SQL commands) Error Messages*
DCL (APS/IMS commands) Error Messages*
DDI (DB commands) Error Messages*
DE (internal messages) Error Messages*
DEF (internal messages) Error Messages*
DLG (APS/ISPF Dialog commands) Error Messages*
DNA (APS internal module) Error Messages*
DOC (APS painters) Error Messages*
EXP (exporters) Error Messages*
FMP (FMP commands) Error Messages*
HLP(APS/HLP commands) Error Messages*
IDB (APS/IDMS commands) Error Messages*
IMP (importers) Error Messages*
INT (initialization) Error Messages*
ISP (APS/ISPF commands) Error Messages*
MDC (TP commands) Error Messages*
PRM (parameter selection) Error Messages*
PST (APS message report Error Messages*
PTR (APS painters) Error Messages*
RWT (report writing) Error Messages*
SCB (SCB commands) Error Messages*
VSM (APS/VSAM commands) Error Messages*
messages, sending in IMS DC Reference* , *
MFS Function Keys screen Reference*
MFS mapsets
assigning to PF keys Reference*
generating User's Guide*
system literals Reference*
trancode literal values, specifying Reference*
User's Guide*
trancodes, creating Reference*
MFS Trancode Construction screen Reference*
default values, specifying Reference*
User's Guide*
name, specifying Reference*
User's Guide*
MID MOD Reorder screen Reference*
MIN function
SQL Reference*
MIN function, SQL User's Guide*
Misc-User-Paragraphs control point Reference*
MOCK keyword Reference* , *
Reference Summary*
User's Guide* , *
Mock-Up Report (RP01) Reference* , *
See report mock-ups
MOCKUP Report Writer statement Reference* , *
User's Guide*
fill character, specifying Reference*
User's Guide*
MODE keyword
DB-OPEN Reference*
modifiable extended attributes
prototyping under ISPF Reference*
User's Guide*
modified data tag, setting User's Guide*
modified data tags
CICS Reference*
setting Reference*
MODIFY Reference*
See DB-MODIFY call
IDMS DB Reference Summary*
IMS DB Reference Summary*
SQL Reference Summary*
VSAM batch Reference Summary*
VSAM online Reference Summary*
MODIFY keyword
MSG-SW Reference*
database and file records Reference*
table rows Reference*
modifying rows and records Reference*
moving database records to Working-Storage Reference*
MSG-SW call Reference*
IMS DC Reference Summary*
IMS PCBs Reference*
ISPF prototyping Reference Summary*
MSG-SW function, Online Express User's Guide*
specifying User's Guide*

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